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Arrive in Sa Pa, discover the form of village tourism

In Sapa, visitors will visit and learn more about the life and customs of many ethnic groups living in the villages here. The most prominent is the description of Van, Cat Cat, Ho, Ban Ta Phin, Pho and Den villages which are attractive tourist destinations that will help tourists understand more about Sapa.

Ta Van

Ta Van commune is about 10 km from Sa Pa town on trails located halfway up the hills. The road to Ta Van village gives visitors a sense of immense delight when watching the beautiful natural scenery with azalea bushes blooming with the same color as the morning sun. , the green terraced fields, the mop swaying in the wind, the birds singing and the sound of gurgling streams, all sculpting a unique picture of nature at the tourist attraction Sa Pa .

Bản Tả Van

Ta Van (Collection of photos)

Come to Ta Van village, meet Giay people who are the main residents living in the village, like Tay people, Thai people or Nung people, Giay people have language, customs and marriage to funerals, festivals same. Visitors will learn more about the main occupation of wet rice cultivation, art carvings, patterns on silver of indigenous people here.

In addition, visitors can also sit in the real estate houses and enjoy the specialties of Sa Pa tourist destination such as grilled stream fish, sticky rice of Van Ban iridescent, Bac Ha armpits pork, winning cooking. with horse meat … When night falls, it is time for visitors to immerse themselves in the jubilant and bustling atmosphere of the festival, folk games of the Giay such as: throwing longer, beating oats, Come Cong, Root Poem …

Standing on Ta Van village in the early morning, breathing the atmosphere in the lane, visitors will find the soul very relaxed, gentle in front of the natural beauty surrounding this land.

cat Cat village

Ban is located at the foot of the majestic Fansipan mountain, about 2km from the center of Sapa town. Coming here, visitors will learn about the life of the Mong people and see the beautiful Cat Cat waterfall. In the middle of the hills, the peaceful space will be interesting when visitors listen to the flute, the sound of the leaves of the forest leaves, the sound of the lips of the boys in the area with the girls with flexible dances. identity of the Mong people.

Bản Cát Cát

Cat Cat Village (Photo collection)

Visiting the village on Saturday and Sunday during a self-sufficient travel, visitors can also visit the market of the people, where they exchange goods, meet, talk, love, sing and eat. . It is flawed to come here without enjoying the unique and delicious dishes such as clones cooking bamboo shoots, braving, pork, buffalo sipping firewood and sipping a cup of spicy but full of warm corn flavor. pressure.

Ban Ho

Located about 30 km from the center of Sapa town to the southwest. Coming here, tourists will not be surprised and surprised at the picturesque scenery with undulating hills, stretching terraces, clear streams … In addition, visitors can experience life under the the stilt house is made of wood in the forest, watching the traditional rituals and dances of the people in the village.

Bản Hồ tươi đẹp

Beautiful Lake (Collected photos)

Walking and learning more about traditional brocade in the center of Ho village, visitors will be overwhelmed by the towels and fabrics woven by the Tay woman into beautiful costumes and many decorative products. . Brocade weaving not only brings lovely souvenirs, but today is also for tourists everywhere to visit, admire the ingenuity through the hands of high mountain women in this tourist destination . .

Coming to Ban Ho, visitors will surely not want to leave before the warm, sincere feelings of the indigenous people, which is the moment that brings a feeling of a peaceful and simple life in the mountains.

Ta Phin

Ta Phin village is about 13 km from Sapa town, going to the northeast. This is a locality inhabited by the Dao and H’mong ethnic groups.

Visitors will see images of Dao women with interesting costumes with red towels covering their hair with a part of their forehead and eyebrows shaved, blue and black clothes with lots of embroidery patterns. red and white on the necks and sleeves are selling brocade, or specialty goods of the mountains.

Bản Tả Phìn bình yên

Peaceful Ta Phin (Photo collection)

Tourists coming to Ta Phin village – a prominent place to visit Sa Pa should not miss the opportunity to bathe in a water tank with more than 10 types of tobacco to have good effects on the health of the body, a form in the exciting activities of the Dao people to eliminate diseases such as colds, flu, rheumatism, arthralgia, muscle fatigue, sciatica, bringing smoothness to the skin, blood circulation.

Guests are welcome to relax with the typical aroma of forest tobacco leaves, all thoughts are dispersed by the warmth of the water, in addition, visitors also get a full body massage as required.

Ban Pho

Ban Pho is a commune of Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province. Visitors will not be attracted to the architecture of the houses here, the houses are made to cling to the mountainside, the main raw material of wood but strangely durable, entering these houses by the furnace. The fire was always hung by the homeowners who hung the wild meat hanging from the kitchen, dimmed, and tried to bring it out with Pho corn wine at the tourist attraction of Sapa to invite visitors to visit their houses.

Bản phố nhìn từ trên cao

View from above (Photo collected)

Taking a sip of Pho wine, visitors will never forget its special and pungent taste, the wine is used to make Hang De stream water to cook, besides corn soaked in cold winter fog with millet seeds and has a scent called rosy seeds used to make yeast. Coming to Pho village, tourists do not forget to buy some wine here as gifts or party with friends when returning home.

Sitting on the porch of the villagers, sipping a cup of corn wine in the street, overlooking the hilly landscape, the image of the rural women wearing loose skirts, ripped breasts with fancy patterns, leggings pounding rice, plucking corn, the boys in burly black clothes complement the firewood, visitors will feel the peaceful taste, harmony, the essence of the villagers and the natural beauty of the mountains and forests during the self-tour. his residence.

Ban Am

Ban Den is located in Ban Ho commune, Sa Pa district, Lao Cai province, about 30 km from the center of Sapa town to the southwest coordinates. Come to Ban Den, which helps visitors to mingle with nature, plants and flowers, cultivate knowledge about the culture and daily life of many ethnic groups living here such as Mong, Dao, Tay , Giay and Nung.

It was quite interesting and surprised for visitors to communicate with many Den people, finding out that they can speak English and French fluently. In addition, visitors can also see two very beautiful streams on either side of the village: the Hoa stream, the other is the Lavi stream, both separated from the Hoa stream – the charming scenery of Sapa. Standing far away, looking at the banks of the stream, the village’s girls sat there embroidered everyday, the sound of birds chirping to bring a vivid picture difficult to meet.

Bản Dền từ trên cao nhìn xuống

Looking down from above (photo collection)

Visitors can also take very nice souvenir photos at the cotton fields, strawberry planting in the village.

Come to Sa Pa, take part in the form of village tourism to feel the pure taste of the mountains, mingle with the villagers in festivals, enjoy delicious food, drink new specialties of corn wine of this tourist attraction Sapa .

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