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Fansipan Legend Cable Car, beautiful moments for life

Fansipan Legend Cable Car is the longest three-wire cable car system in the world 6292.5m and this cable car is a bridge for the dream of “Conquering the roof of Indochina” for all ages from the elderly to children. does not stop at the bloody young people determined to conquer the majestic peaks of nature bestowed.

Cáp treo Fansipan Legend có gì hấp dẫn?

Introducing Fansipan Legend cable car

The cable car operates with the ideal time from 7:30 to 17:30 daily at Hoang Lien Station – Fansipan Station and starts from Muong Hoa valley to the end is Fansipan peak in Sapa town, Lao Cai. In particular, each cabin of the cable car can accommodate up to 35 guests, the transport capacity of about 2,000 guests / hour helps time conquering Fansipan peak as fast as dreaming. The cable car attracts many visitors to Sapa to experience because it has been recognized by Guiness as the tallest and longest, most modern three-wire cable car in the world, first installed in Asia. This monumental construction is carried out by two world-famous cable cars, Doppelmayr and Garaventa, and is designed and constructed very closely by Sun Group and they are capable of withstanding the heat and all the severe weather and withstand strong winds on high, ensure safety for travelers.

Cáp treo Fansipan Legend là công trình được tổ chức Guiness ghi nhận

Fansipan Legend Cable Car is a work recognized by Guiness

Fansipan Legend Cable Car satisfies the desire to see a picture of Muong Hoa valley from above with terraced fields, afternoon smoke, houses in the village … enjoy the feeling of conquering Hoang Lien National Park and Hoang Lien mountain range. Duplicate messages like the same message lost in the future scene. It can be said that visitors will experience the feeling of gliding through the white clouds floating in the air and hidden below is a lush green of trees, leaves and charming mountains, like Step into a vivid ink painting picture. Close your eyes and take a small breath, visitors will feel the fresh air will cool the tired hearts, forget the reality, leaving only the feeling of relaxation between nature, clouds and mountains .

Fansipan Legend cable car has nothing attractive?

Được mệnh danh là thành phố trên mây, cáp treo Fansipan Legend chinh phục hầu hết du khách trong và ngoài nước

Dubbed the city on the cloud
Fansipan Legend cable car conquers most domestic and foreign tourists

“City on the Cloud” is the second “most standard” name that people love to name for Sun World Fansipan Legend and yes, when visitors travel by Fansipan Legend Sapa cable car will admire the whole Sapa looming amid the mist, between the sea of clouds and the majestic and romantic mountains. The higher you go, the more sunlight passes through the clouds, the more you marvel at a marvelous scenery, in front of a spiritual community in the clouds of the Northwest Northwest, gathering beautiful indescribable moments of cloud hunting!

Du khách ngỡ ngàng trước một bức tranh núi rừng hũng vĩ, kỳ bí của Sapa

Tourists are surprised by a picture of majestic, mysterious mountains of Sapa

When traveling by Fansipan Legend cable car, visitors are not bored because the cable car is a bridge for other works stretching to the top of the mountain including the Sun Cultural Fansipan Legend spiritual cultural complex. This system was built in the style of pure Vietnamese ancient pagoda architecture such as Bao An Thien Tu, Bich Van Thien Tu and Kim Son Bao Thang Tu. Along the side of the mountain, there is Vong Linh Cao Dai, the sacred Stupa, the Great Buddha Statue of Amitabha, Quan The Am Bodhisattva, and the Arhat Road, which is also sacred and equally majestic.

Bao An Zen Temple

Bringing the colors of the ancient relics of wooden architecture such as Boi Khe Pagoda, Thay Pagoda … very simple, warm right from Fansipan Legend cable car station .

Từng ngọn nắng xuyên mây làm toàn cảnh núi rừng bừng sáng

Each sunlight through the clouds brightens the whole landscape of the mountains

Bich Van Thien Tu

After admiring Vong Linh Cao Dai, visitors continue to move to the sky gate and to Bich Van Thien Tu, the height here is 3,025m and is designed in the form of steps, terraces, tiers, temples. To worship, worship … and is the first stop of the cable car system.

Dai Hong Chung watchtower

This is quite a marvelous work because it is located at an altitude of 3,000 m and every little piece of green stone, restored tiles to every detail to move here is not easy, Dai Hong Chung Tower is hidden. In the cloud layer with the eight-roofed bell tower in the middle of the mountain will satisfy the most discerning travelers.

Những công trình linh thiêng được sắp đặt khéo léo hòa mình vào thiên nhiên hoang dã

These sacred buildings are cleverly arranged in the wild nature

Kim Son Bao Thang Tu

Unlike the ingenious wooden materials that brought Dai Hong Chung guard tower into the nature of the mountains, Kim Son Bao Thang Tu put on a new shirt color in the direction of “internal and external.” Considered a pagoda style with two long corridors connecting the front house to the back house, it can be the ancestor’s house or the monk’s house and the full house is Tien Duong, the To’s house, the Three Jewels, the side corridor, the three sides and even stone tower. Kim Son Bao Thang Tu is also called the highest place of this spiritual community.

Nào, cùng chinh phục nóc nhà Đông Dương ngay thôi!

Come on, conquer the roof of Indochina soon!

Great statue of Amitabha Buddha

The final point is the Great Buddha Amitabha, where visitors can travel to the Kim Son Bao Thang complex near Mount Fansipan by mountain climbing train or can experience each step by foot by walking on foot. about 100 stone steps. Great monument of Amitabha Buddha with a height of 12.5 m and to complete this statue requires 50 tons of copper and is the steel material used to frame deformation deformation in all weather conditions on high. Not only that, each panel is also machined according to mechanical pressure techniques and each decorative line is exquisite and according to the art of the Tran Dynasty.

Fansipan Legend cable car fare

In order to create conditions for all tourists, both domestic and foreign, to admire Fansipan peak and have moments to live on the cloud nine, Fansipan Legend cable car ticket is currently 700,000 VND / adult and children from 1m – 1m3 is 500,000 VND / child, free for children under 1m accompanied by adults. When reaching the height of 3,000 m, visitors coming down the cable car will have two options to conquer Mount Fasipan: take the stairs or use the train service to the top for a ticket price of 150,000 VND / person.

Đừng bỏ lỡ những khoảnh khắc tại chốn bồng lai tiên cảnh cùng một nửa kia của bạn nhé!

Do not miss the moments at the first place with your other half!

All that Fansipan Legend cable car desires is to contribute to create the most complete experience for visitors when visiting Sapa with beautiful and beautiful clouds through the clouds of Vietnam. And don’t forget to book a Sapa hotel at VietNampeace.vn to get the most deals.


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