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What does Ben Tre play? – An enthusiastic swing location for this summer.

Summer is coming again, the playing season is coming again, if you do not know how to gather friends to have fun and experience here, do not miss these extremely attractive Ben Tre attractions!

What is tourism in Ben Tre?

1. Con Phung tourist area

With the natural conditions of the river area, the fertile soil and lush trees, Ben Tre quite develops the type of garden tourism, immersing in nature.

khu du lịch cồn phụng

Con Phung tourist resort (Photo Collection)

  • Address at Hamlet 10, Tan Thach Commune, Chau Thanh District, Ben Tre Province.

Con Phung or Con Tan Vinh is an oasis in the middle of the Tien River with an open architecture that is extremely suitable for travelers who love to explore. Coming here you will be sitting on a boat watching the river enjoying coconut water, cool and sweet fruits here.

Cool space, all year round are ripe fruit alternately, in addition you can also participate in many games such as crocodile fishing, slapping ditch to catch fish, …

khu du lịch cồn phụng

Visit here by small boats (Photo Collection)

khu du lịch cồn phụng

Have fun here (Photo Collection)

Source: https://www.vntrip.vn/cam-nang/du-lich-con-phung-ben-tre-23328

2. Con Quy tourist area

Been exploited since 60 years of the twentieth century, Con Quy is one of the famous tourist destinations of Ben Tre.

khu du lịch cồn quy

Con Quy tourist area (Photo Collection)

Con Quy is located along the Tien River, between Tan Thach and Quoi Son communes, Chau Thanh district, Ben Tre province, 23 km from the center of Ben Tre city along the river.

Coming to this place, you can enjoy the charming scenery of the river region and the melody of the folk music which has been recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of humanity.

khu du lịch cồn quy

Photo Collection

Rows of coconuts on the shores, water hyacinths floating in the river, luxuriant orchards, will all be here. In addition, you also have the opportunity to enjoy extremely delicious fruits right in the garden, Western-style dishes such as catfish cooked with sour and sour soup with water spinach, red snapper steamed with termite mushrooms and pumpkin buds, etc.

3. Lan Vuong tourist area

This is an emerging tourist area with lots of young people coming here to gather friends to have fun.

khu du lịch lan vương

Lan Vuong tourist site in Ben Tre (Photo Collection)

  • Address in Hamlet 2, Phu Nhuan Commune, Ben Tre Province is only 90 km from Saigon.

Lan Vuong tourist area is a fun and picnic place suitable for young people who like to explore water games. With a cool space with gardens, sweet fruits, canoes, … this is definitely an ideal place for young people to have fun this summer.

khu du lịch lan vương

Have fun here (Photo Collection)

khu du lịch lan vương

Enjoy Western specialties here (Photo Collection)

In addition, here you can also participate in cultural exchange activities, buy handicrafts, enjoy Western food, …

Source: https://www.vntrip.vn/cam-nang/khu-du-lich-lan-vuong-62518

4. The garden of Cai Mon and Cho Lach

Still known as a coconut land, but with a mild climate, Ben Tre also has many other fruits such as durian, rambutan, grapefruit, mango …

miệt vườn cái mơn

Enjoy spoiled fruits here (Photo Collection)

Especially when coming to Cai Mon garden in Cho Lach district, you will be delighted to enjoy the fruits right in the garden extremely fresh and manually picked. These days with family or friends coming here to have fun and enjoy the sweet-smelling fruits here, nothing really fun.

miệt vườn cái mơn

Ripe fruit season here (photo Collection)

Source: https://www.vntrip.vn/cam-nang/vuon-trai-cay-cai-mon-63834

5. Vam Ho bird sanctuary

Located in the communes of My Hoa and Tan Xuan of Ba Tri district, Ben Tre province, this is the home of about 84 species of birds and many wild plants in the mangrove forest: nipa, mangrove, reeds, …

vườn chim vàm hồ

Have fun here (Photo Collection)

Along both sides of the river, the road leading to Vam Ho has many trees such as guava, chopsticks, sugarcane, rice, soursop … In addition, there is a closed farm, with many kinds of fruit trees grown naturally. . Coming here not only to watch the birds, visit the orchard here but also enjoy the pancakes – typical cakes of the West.

vườn chim vàm hồ

Vam Ho Bird Park (Photo Collection)

6. Forever Green Resort

This is a high-class resort with an area of over 21 hectares with a restaurant, hotel, spa, conference room, pool, …

du lịch bến tre

The campus is here (Photo Collection)

  • Forever Green is located in Phu Khuong hamlet, Phu Tuc commune, Chau Thanh district.
  • Information about the resort here.

There are 4 river tours, many garden tours, 3 gardens right in the resort for guests to visit, there are folk games, amateur music, children’s playground … with bold regional characteristics. West, satisfying all the needs of travelers.

du lịch bến tre

Green space (Photo Collection)

du lịch bến tre

Games here

7. Lang Be tourist area

Another place for you to have fun this summer. Lang Be resort is located at 81B / 6B An Khanh, Chau Thanh, Ben Tre.

khu du lịch làng bè

Games here (Photo Collection)

Like Lan Vuong tourist area, this is a suitable place for water sports experiences and games. The games go rope across the river, slap ditch to catch fish, swing coconut boat, go to the monkey bridge .. Very popular here

khu du lịch làng bè

Photo Collection

Also come here, do not forget to ignore the Western delicacies such as coconut tofu salad, fried fish with fried fish, grilled chicken with salt and chilli, ….

khu du lịch làng bè

After having fun, visitors can enjoy the little fingers here (Photo Collection)



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