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1 day in Dalat should go

If you’ve ever walked on the misty land of Da Lat, no one will forget the charm, shy as the twenties of this beautiful city. Dalat dreamed, peaceful, clear with chilly breeze, but still full of fragrant flowers. What if one day to explore Dalat? Rest assured, feel free to go right now because there are already suggestions of Vntrip already

Valleys love

  • Address: 05 – 07 Mai Anh Đào. P8. TP Da Lat
  • Ticket price: 250,000 VND / adult; VND 100,000 / child
  • Opening hours: 7am -17pm

Thung lũng tình yêu là phải ngập tràn tình yêu. Ảnh: ST

Valley of love is full of love. Photo: ST

It is often said that Dalat is the city of love. Having happiness, having fun even Dalat also witnessed the tears of falling of the couple. If you have the opportunity to come here with your lover, do not miss the chance to travel in Love Valley – a sweet paradise for couples with extremely interesting activities.

Bạn có thể di chuyển bằng tàu hoả đi tham quan thung lũng

You can travel by train to visit the valley

Valley was originally built for nobility excursions and hunting, built during the French colonial period. This place has an extremely large area, cool space, so if there is only 1 day to explore Dalat, this place is also not a bad place. You can also rent a jeep, horse-cart or duck around the lake to make it less tired.

Covering the whole valley is peaceful, sweet and romantic with thousands of colorful flowers racing along the road. Discovering dreaming Dalat is no more ideal place than here.

Mê cung tình yêu 

Maze of love  

This place is full of charming young elements with unique heart-shaped works such as love mazes, love locks, love trees, etc. Standing on the top of Vong Canh hill you can watch. full of sweet dreamlike beauty of Valley d’Amour.

Bậc thang dẫn lên thung lũng

Stairs leading up to the valley

In addition, there are many interesting activities such as paintball shooting, sports games, canoe on the lake etc … that you should participate. A small note is the Valley road is very wide, many steps, grass so you should wear soft sole shoes, low heels to facilitate moving and avoid slipping!

Visiting Da Lat Japanese strawberry garden

Address: 263 Mai Anh Đào street, ward 8, Đà Lạt city.

Just one day exploring Dalat, why not visit the strawberry garden – the specialty of this fog country? Mr. Hung’s strawberry garden is located close to the valley of love, planted on Japanese hydroponic technology on a rig made from wood. The strawberries are well-cared for, naturally ripe with an eye-catching red. The berries are large, sweet and evenly colored, surrounded by green foliage, but small beams of light illuminate the garden.

Những quả dâu tươi ngon, chín mọng thích mắt. 

The fresh, ripe berries like the eyes.

Caregivers will guide you to pick strawberries carefully, making sure that the standards do not hurt the tree much. The rows of strawberries are lined up in an easy-to-pick line. You can eat in the garden (in a certain amount) and buy on demand. Depending on the time, the price of strawberries and ticket prices may increase, but range from 20K – 50K / 1 sightseeing ticket and 300K – 500K / 1kg of strawberries. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy and hand-pick these clean strawberries as a gift!

Đừng quên check -in những bức ảnh cực đẹp tại đây nhé. 

Do not forget to check -in the beautiful photos here.

Dalat Pedagogy College

Address: 29 Yersin, ward 10, Da Lat city

Opening hours: From Monday to Saturday are open from 11h30 to 13h and after 16h30. Particularly Sunday: open all day

Kiến trúc đẹp tựa đang ở trời Âu xa xôi. 

Beautiful architecture is like in Europe far away sky.  

With ancient architecture bearing bold European, Dalat Pedagogy College looks extremely outstanding among the city of thousands of flowers. It is also recognized as a national monument. The school is built into separate classrooms and lecture halls, arranged in a unique arc to form a large school yard in the middle.

Tổ chức sân khấu ca nhạc buổi tối của ca sĩ Hà Anh Tuấn

Organizing the evening music stage by singer Ha Anh Tuan

The type of bricks used to build the school is red ceiling tiles transported from Europe, the roof is covered with tiles taken from France. Therefore, the quality of the school is still quite good, except that some of the rotten roofs have been quickly repaired and replaced by the school.

High striking bell tower right in the lecture hall is a bright spot that attracts a lot of tourists to visit. On campus, there are typical flowers of Da Lat to bring a fresh and fresh space for the school.

Không gian mang đậm nét hoài cổ

Space bold nostalgia

1 day exploring Dalat will be more wonderful if you come to Dalat Pedagogy College! However, please pay attention to the opening hours of the school for visitors so as not to miss your trip!

What to eat in Dalat?

Not only are there many beautiful scenes, there is also an extremely rich and diverse cuisine waiting for you to explore. The dishes here converge enough flavors of North, Central and South to be modified a bit to better suit the atmosphere of Dalat. Just one day exploring Dalat, you should not miss the unique dishes here

Wet chicken pie

Address: 28 Tang Bat Ho, City. Da Lat

Price range: 20K-100K

The wet cake is white and soft, mixed with topping including shredded chicken, chicken heart, young egg, herbs, fried onion and sprinkle some pepper on top. Comes with a small bowl of fish sauce to eat by itself according to each taste. This is a quite strange dish that is worth you to enjoy.

Bánh ướt lòng gà.

Wet chicken pie.

Tao En Ngo chicken hotpot

Address: 5 Đường 3/4, Tp. Da Lat

In the chilly coldness of Da Lat city, sitting next to a hot pot with smoke and a little spicy is nothing but right. Chicken leaf hot pot here converges all flavors: the spicy of chili, the sweet of mushrooms, the broth with a bit more sour and sour of bamboo shoots. The chicken in the hotpot is a lot, accompanied by two crispy round crackers that smell like coconut. If you’re feeling uncomfortable flu in your body, then eat this dish is the number of dzach there.

Lẩu gà lá é

Chicken leaf hotpot é

Roasted soy milk combo with milk

Address: Lam Vien Square, Da Lat Market

Price: 10K – 20k

Going to Dalat without eating rice paper and drinking soy milk is considered as having not come to this country. Rice paper is baked crispy but still ensures toughness and not cracked. Topping is required by the customer but will usually have eggs, dried shrimp, onions, cheese, sprinkled with a layer of spicy chili sauce or fat leopard mayonnaise. When eating, remember to drink with a glass of hot soy milk to dispel the cold of this mist.

Bánh tráng nướng. 

Grilled rice paper.

Your trip will be more perfect if you find a suitable resort. Dalat hotel is infinite but suitable for your pocket or the places you want to visit is not important.

If you are interested in the above suggestions of Vntrip, do not hesitate to book immediately LaDalat hotel to relax and explore Dalat in the most convenient way. The hotel is located right next to the beautiful love Valley and Hung garden, so it is more convenient for travel, especially when you do not have transportation available. Refer to the link here for more details about the hotel as well as exclusive promotions exclusive to Vntrip!

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