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10 delicious and famous Nha Trang seafood restaurants can’t miss

Coming to Nha Trang, besides exciting fun activities, this is also an opportunity for you to enjoy cuisine in this place. Nha Trang seafood is considered fresh and very diverse compared to other places. But to find a place to enjoy delicious, nutritious and cheap seafood will take you a lot of time. So, let’s follow VNTRIP.VN to discover delicious seafood restaurants in Nha Trang.

TOP the best seafood restaurants in Nha Trang

1. Seafood in Nha Trang fishing village

This is considered as a tourist destination as well as an attractive gastronomic area on the sea. To get out there, you can canoe or move by fishing boats of the fishermen here. As a farming area for fishermen, the seafood here is very diverse and fresh.

Hải sản làng chài Nha Trang (Ảnh ST)

Seafood in Nha Trang fishing village (Photo ST)

Thưởng thức hải sản tươi ngon ngay trên bè (Ảnh ST)

Enjoy delicious fresh seafood right on the raft (Photo ST)

You will be spoiled for choice with your own favorite ingredients. After choosing the right ingredients, the kitchen will prepare the dishes for you. Your job now is just enjoying the sea and waiting for your interesting dishes to be presented.

2. Bo Ke Seafoods in Nha Trang

  • Address: 42B Cù Lao Trung, Tp. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Located on the Bo Ke Thap Ba neighborhood, this Nha Trang seafood restaurant is also an interesting place that you should visit. The view of the restaurant overlooking the sea, will be a great feeling when you just enjoy the fresh seafood dishes and watch the poetic sea view here.

Quán Bờ Kè nằm hướng ra biển (Ảnh ST)

Bo Ke Restaurant is located towards the sea (Photo ST)

With the raw materials of raw seafood exploited in each region of this place, the shop will bring you attractive dishes, with extremely reasonable prices.

3. Nhat Phong Seafood Restaurant 3

The plus point of the restaurant is quite large space, the sea breeze blowing so gorgeous, from the shop can look straight to the sea. Nice view, large space suitable for gathering places with friends.

Món ăn ở quán khá đa dạng (Ảnh ST)

The food in the restaurant is quite diverse (Photo ST)

Coming to the restaurant, you will enjoy the fresh, diverse, and very strange seafood dishes such as: vinegar-dipped shark, grilled stingray or other attractive dishes such as grilled lobster, grouper hotpot …

4. My family’s popular seafood

  • Address: No. 4, Ngô Quyền, Tp. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Located on Ngo Quyen street, Nha Trang city. Dining locations in Nha Trang with delicious and cheap criteria, this is considered a destination that attracts a lot of tourists because of the extremely reasonable price, very suitable for students or backpackers who want to save costs. . Cheap but not inferior quality at all. Quality from raw materials to the way of processing. The menu at the restaurant is quite diverse with such as oysters, squid, scallops … The famous delicacies here can be mentioned right away are small abalone, dried shrimp, grilled garlic clams and garlic.

Bạn nên thử những món nướng ở đây (Ảnh ST)

You should try the grilled dishes here (Photo ST)

5. Sea breeze in Nha Trang

  • Address: 10 Pham Van Dong (Roundabout At The Foot Of Tran Phu Bridge), Tp. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

When coming to the restaurant, you will be a bit afraid because the shop is quite small, worried that the menu will not be rich, or the processing is not delicious. Do not worried! This is a famous address in this region and also a focal point for buying seafood, so the seafood here is much richer, and it is very cheap, only about 150k / item. So that you can enjoy more items that cost very affordable.

Hải sản gió biển Nha Trang giá hợp lý và ngon (Ảnh ST)

The food here is reasonably priced and very delicious (Photo ST)

6. Long Vu snail shop

  • Address: 133 Thap Ba, Tp. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

The name is so familiar with food connoisseurs, dubbed the top 10 places to eat and drink. Although the shop has a small area, sitting a little bit wrong, but the owner and the staff here are very friendly, hospitable, always welcoming, smiling, giving visitors to the shop a comfortable and close feeling.

Quán có đa dạng các loại hải sản cho bạn lựa chọn (Ảnh ST)

The restaurant has a variety of seafood for you to choose (Photo ST)

What makes the attraction of the food here is the sauce. According to the owner, this is a homemade sauce recipe so there is no unique flavor.

7. 6 Ngo Si Lien Nha Trang Seafood Restaurant

  • Address: 6 Ngo Sy Lien, P. Van Thang, Tp. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

As the name given to this restaurant attracts visitors by friendly service, the restaurant space is very simple. You should choose a table outside the sidewalk, spacious and airy because the restaurant is quite crowded, sitting in a slightly disordered house. The menu here is also quite rich with a full range of shellfish, snails, crabs, squid … Especially to mention the dish of shellfish salad, the blend of a little sourness of vinegar, a little pungent onion, wrapped up with rice paper and served with pineapple peanut sauce.

Quán khá đơn giản nhưng lại rất đông khách (Ảnh ST)

The shop is quite simple but very crowded (Photo ST)

Món ghẹ cũng vô cùng hấp dẫn (Ảnh ST)

Crab is also extremely attractive (ST photo)

8. Ocean beach seafood

  • Address: 102 Trần Phú, Tp. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa.

The price of seafood here such as shrimp, crabs, crabs … is sold according to the price, but the price is still quite reasonable, not too much different from the general ground here. The seafood here is fresh, processing is also quite attractive, so the number of customers coming here is very crowded, so if you intend to visit this restaurant, you should take advantage of coming to the shop a bit early to be able to relax to choose dishes or get advice. enthusiastic staff from the bar.

Đồ ăn ngon, giá cũng hợp lý (Ảnh ST)

The food is delicious, the price is reasonable (ST Image)

9. Xuan Anh Seafoods in Nha Trang

  • Address: 9C Tháp Bà, Tp. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Another address is quite a lot of tourists come to when coming here. It will be flawed if you do not visit this restaurant when coming to Nha Trang. As one of the restaurants with a large number of visitors. The shop owns very good and quality seafood dishes. At this point, you should try the rustic barbecue, which is processed quite simply without using too much seasoning to make the most delicious and natural dish like tu hai, nhum, oysters… How to make fish salad? It is also very interesting.

Hải sản Xuân Anh Nha Trang rất nổi tiếng với những món nướng (Ảnh ST)

You should try the grilled dishes here (Photo ST)

10. Wearing seafood along the coast

Finally, when wandering on the beach, you can also easily encounter the peddles of seafood peddlers. The food sold here is not too diverse, mainly grilled or steamed dishes from shrimp, boats, oysters or pineapple …. These seafood loads will help you enjoy seafood dishes in the simplest and most simple way, right at the beautiful beaches of Nha Trang.

Những gánh hàng hải sản được bán tại bờ biển (Ảnh ST)

The loads of seafood sold at the coast (Photo ST)

Hải sản chủ yếu được nướng hoặc hấp (Ảnh ST)

Seafood is mostly grilled or steamed (Photo ST)

Nha Trang promises to be a destination for you to have great experiences when going to beautiful places, enjoying delicious food. Hoping that the sharing of delicious seafood restaurant addresses in Nha Trang will help you add to the list of places to have fun and eat and drink that you should visit when coming to this beautiful coastal city.


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