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10 Quang Tri specialties must eat once in a lifetime.

Quang Tri specialties are rustic and simple, which makes people unforgettable as the land here. Those who are far away from home, diners who have enjoyed the food here, surely he can not forget the taste of the Cauldron bowls, Mai Xa mussel vermicelli bowl, … rustic but bold taste.

Porridge Cauldron Bed

Đặc sản Quảng Trị - Cháo Vạc Giường

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Called porridge, but the Vac Ca porridge is very special, at first glance, everyone thinks it looks like a soup or crab noodle soup because they are all made from rice flour or wheat flour, but the taste is completely different. all that.

Quang people often call the food with a rustic name as fish porridge, while diners come and call it the cute name of Porridge Bed Porridge because the fiber is shaped like a bed cauldron here.

Visiting Quang Tri without tasting the flavor of this porridge is a pity. Visit the bar and enjoy it. A long pinch of soft flour, a few slices of crispy fried yellow fish, some green onions, some spicy peppers along with the sweet fish fragrant broth, blended to give the taste of porridge Cauldron. .

Bun Mai Mai Xa Quang Quang Tri

Đặc sản Quảng Trị - Bún hến Mai Xá

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Mai Xa mussels vermicelli, a familiar and simple dish, has become Quang Tri specialties thanks to its delicate taste.

Making a special feature of the mussel vermicelli in Mai Xa is the main ingredient of “great-grandson”. At first glance everyone thinks great-grandchildren and mussels are one, but when you enjoy you will immediately recognize the difference. Great-grandchildren meat that is darker than mussels, is rich in nutrients.

Those who have tasted the great-grandmother processed by Mai Xa people will never forget the wonderful taste of this dish. Onion yellow and then put great-grandchildren to stir-fry, add water, add a little ginger a little spicy hot pepper spicy aromatic food to warm the heart away from home to there. Therefore, this mussel noodle dish is also remembered by people as a part of childhood, a simple but warm time.

Phuong Lang Wet Cake Quang Tri

Referring to Phuong Lang, people not only remember the village with peaceful scenery, but also remember the delicious wet cake known as “Phuong Lang wet cake”.

Đặc sản Quảng Trị - Bánh ướt Phương Lang

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Also made like other types of wet cakes, cakes are made from rice as the main. But what makes the difference here is the technique of baking. Sell water-based coatings on a layer of moderate thickness, until ripe can be picked out and stacked. It is important that the baker should know when the bread is good enough, that the bread should not be too thick or thin.

When enjoying, remember to separate each layer of bread and roll with soft pork belly and some fresh raw vegetables. Serve with it is dipping sauce. Sour, sweet, spicy sauce will awaken your taste buds to every “centimeter”. Please also enjoy VietNampeace.

Gio An Lettuce (Salad Lettuce)

Called “Lieta Gio An” is due to vegetables grown in Gio An commune, Gio Linh district, Quang Tri province. Come to Gio An, remember to try this vegetable. This vegetable is very “precious” due to being grown and nurtured from wells thousands of years old. With this vegetable, Gio An people have devised many delicious ways of processing such as: cooking soup with fresh shrimp, boiling fish sauce or making dishes mixed with beef. Often the salads finished with beef are preferred. Deep fried marinated beef is stir-fried with fried onions to fire, creating a charming aroma. Sweet and sour water mixed. Hard boiled eggs to bring sliced. When you eat, you just arrange vegetables on a plate, add some beef, sprinkle a few slices of eggs and water to mix, so you can enjoy this nutritious, strange mouth.

Đặc sản Quảng Trị - Rau liệt Gio An

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Buffalo meat in Trang Tri area

Đặc sản Quảng Trị - Thịt trâu lá trơng

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Buffalo buffalo meat is worthy of the Quang Tri specialty dish thanks to the harmonious combination between young buffalo meat and leaves. Trang leaves grow throughout the land of Quang Tri, it may not be an exaggeration to say that this dish bears the breath of Quang land.

Buffalo meat can be processed into many groups, but grilled buffalo meat and fried buffalo meat are the two dishes that are most welcomed by customers. People who want to enjoy the aromatic pristine meat taste should try grilling, people who like the rich taste should try stir-fried dishes. Each dish has a unique style, if possible, you should try both to feel the Quang Tri flavor. In particular, it is cool to enjoy the hot buffalo leaves, which is still nothing.

Quang Tri jackfruit

Jackfruit delicious dishes only in Quang Tri. The dish is made from many fresh ingredients such as jackfruit, tofu, peanuts, dong pieces, raw vegetables, pig skin, …

Đặc sản Quảng Trị - Mít Thấu

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Next are some Quang Tri specialties as a suitable gift .

Jelly Cake

Bánh đúc rau cau

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Cast jelly cake, a delicious dish, brings high nutritional value but the price is very “cheap seeds”. This dish is first known in Cua Tung town, Vinh Linh district, Quang Tri province.

The main ingredient of the main dish is jelly. Seaweed has the same color, nutrients and flavor as seaweeds, so it’s easy to eat but good for health.

Remember to chew yourself a few cups of jelly pudding after a day of sightseeing here to energize the following fun days

Quang Tri Whistles

Đặc sản Quảng Trị - Bánh Tu Huýt

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Cake is made from potatoes, finely ground cassava after drying. The secret to making this delicious Hu Huo cake is that you have to choose fresh, shiny potatoes and cassava without being wormed or crushed.

Bread flour

Bánh bột lọc Quảng Trị

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Peeling the layer of smooth green leaves wrapped outside the cake, holding the piece of bread into the bowl of spicy and sour fish sauce, you will feel the richness of the meat blended in the cool crunchy layer of bread. Taking another sip of sauce is great.

This dish can be enjoyed as the crust does not cause discomfort.

Hemp leaves little cakes

Bánh ít lá gai Quảng Trị

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Cake with thorns leaves is a traditional specialty of Quang Tri indispensable in the holidays here. When eating, there is a feeling of plasticity and flexibility; The fragrant aroma of hemp leaves blends the sweetness of bean paste and glutinous rice. Little spiny leaves bring bold rustic features, idyllic as the people here. Simply that alone is enough to make Quang Tri people miss their hearts when they go away.



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