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11 places to check in very beautiful when to Phu Yen

Phu Yen is a way for you to fully enjoy an extremely enjoyable holiday. If you are planning to choose Phu Yen to explore and record extremely happy moments together, do not miss the 16 “extreme” check-in locations right here !!!

1) Embankment of Xom Ro


Embankments are located along Xom Ro, Dong Tac, Phu Dong Ward, Tuy Hoa City, especially by the square concrete boulders and the natural stones covered with lush green moss. This place is one of the famous check-in places for young people to Phu Yen.

2. Ganh Den Lighthouse

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The famous lighthouse is in An Ninh Dong commune, Tuy An district, more than 30 km north of Tuy Hoa city. Ganh Lights is a type of door light, which helps boats operate in Phu Yen waters, orienting to enter and exit Xuan Dai Bay (Phu Yen) and Clumsy (Phu Yen). It attracts visitors by ancient rocks surrounding the lighthouse, creating a mysterious, ancient feeling.

3. Ganh Ong


Ganh Ong – Bai Xep (An Chan commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen) is a place associated with the scene of the children flying kites under the breathtaking scenery of the film I see yellow flowers on the green grass . Ganh Ong – Bai Xep is like a picture of natural vitality and tranquility with green, poetic steppe, cacti ranges growing all over the hilly roads, clear blue sea with white foam embracing the sand Smooth under the bright sunlight.

4. Rock Disk


This famous scenic spot is peaceful on the coast of An Ninh Dong commune, Tuy An district. From a distance, Da Dia Reef is like a giant honeycomb with prismatic blocks lined up in a row, neatly reaching out to the sea. This is one of the “virtual living” spots of young people when they come to Phu Yen.

5. Nhan Tower

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The tower was built by the Cham people in the Ba river delta around the 12th century. The tower has a quadrilateral shape with 4 floors, about 23.5 m high. Each side of the tower foot is 10 m long. Through the devastation of time and war, many parts of the tower were badly damaged, but thanks to the restoration and restoration of the government of Phu Yen province, the tower was restored to its original and brought a new beauty. Nhan Tower is located on Nhan Mountain, reflecting on the great Da Giang creating charming paintings.

6. O Loan lagoon

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O Loan lagoon beautiful scenery emerged from the film I saw yellow flowers on the green grass became an attractive and attractive tourist destination. O Loan lagoon has an area of 1,570 km, known as a brackish water lagoon located close to the seafront with rustic and peaceful beauty. Located close to the foot of Quan Cau pass, looking down from the pass, the lagoon is shaped like a phoenix spreading its wings over the region.

7. Xuan Dai Bay

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Xuan Dai Bay is located at the foot of Gang slope, located in Song Cau Town, Phu Yen Province. In the bay, there are many beautiful beaches and beaches such as La, Vung Su, Chao and many islands and peninsulas such as Ong Xa islet, Nhat Tu Son island, Da Mai cape, Tai Ma cape …

8. Dai Lanh Lighthouse


Dai Lanh Lighthouse was built by the French in 1890, inside it is a wooden staircase of 110 steps. This is one of the oldest lighthouses in Vietnam with a special architecture, including a rainwater sump and a solar battery system to ensure the light is always on and has never been turned off for hundreds of years. The majestic lighthouse is the bright spot of the Easternmost homeland.

9. Cu Lao Roofs


The Roof islet is like the Robinson island of An Hai commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province. Although located not far from the mainland, this is definitely an interesting place to discover the unspoiled beauty of Phu Yen that few people know about.

10. Bai Mon Beach


Bai Mon is only about 400 meters long, sandwiched between two mountains to form a bow and gentle slope. The foot of the mountain is rugged rocks, protruding into the sea. On the western side of Mon beach, there is a stream flowing through the cliffs, through the primeval forest of Northern Deo Ca, flowing towards the beach and merging into the endless ocean. With charming scenery, this place is also one of the favorite places for tourists to explore Mon beach.

11. Van Hoa plateau


Van Hoa plateau is about 40km north of Tuy Hoa city. From Tuy Hoa City, follow National Highway 1A to the North to Hoa Da hamlet, then turn left to follow DT 643 to the West for about 25 km to reach Van Hoa plateau. The best time to visit the Van Hoa plateau is during Tet, because at this time, along the road to the plateau, the wildflowers blooming, making both sides of the road stand out, they make me happy. The road becomes more romantic and romantic.


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