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Admire Ha Giang season flower triangle circuit

The climate changes seasonally, making the landscape of Ha Giang rocky year-round strange to tourists. Especially in the late fall, when the mountains are covered with the purple-pink color of a tiny flower – a triangle flower . If you have the opportunity to “travel on the water” to Ha Giang in the triangular flower season , you will surely be satisfied with the beauty and tranquility here.

Ideal “flower hunting” time

If anyone asks Ha Giang tourism which season is the most beautiful , the answer must be in late autumn, when the triangular flower fields blossomed all the way. At the beginning of October, the terraced fields will be changed from the bright yellow of ripe rice to the light pink of triangle flower buds. By mid-October, some flower buds were in bloom, mixed with the green of the leaves. From then to November, the whole sky and earth were dyed with tiny rose petals.

Chiêm ngưỡng Hà Giang mùa hoa tam giác mạch

From October to November of the solar calendar, the triangular flower blooms, coating the new coat with rocky highlands. (photo collection)

Chiêm ngưỡng Hà Giang mùa hoa tam giác mạch

Stone grass with leaves, leaves and flowers (photos collected)

The vascular triangle tree has a fairly short life span, only about two months. So, if you are planning to admire the triangular vein of Ha Giang, between October to the end of November or early December is the most ideal time. Usually, by mid-December, it will be difficult to see the full flower.

Chiêm ngưỡng Hà Giang mùa hoa tam giác mạch

Flower color changes with each growth period of the tree. (photo collection)

Seeing the triangular veins is always an indispensable activity in many of our travel destinations in Ha Giang as well as most backpackers in the late fall. However, few know that this beautiful little species is a very important food crop for indigenous people.

Chiêm ngưỡng Hà Giang mùa hoa tam giác mạch

The triangular triangles bring life to the mountains and hills during the cold season (photo collection)

The triangular triangle is also known as rye, buckwheat, triangular, slopes, food and medicinal plants of many Asian countries, does not like water and is suitable for arid places like the Ha Giang plateau. . Here the vascular triangle is grown by the Mong or Lo Lo people of the Dong Van plain to make cakes, soak wine, make medicine, etc.

Chiêm ngưỡng Hà Giang mùa hoa tam giác mạch

Not only beautiful, but also the triangle is a source of food for the people here when it comes to winter.

Location to see vascular triangle flowers

And at the end of autumn, it is easy to find barley petals in Ha Giang, but drawing from the travel experiences in Ha Giang , there are the following famous flower viewing spots that will make everyone dream about the dream. of heaven and earth: z

Sung La: Sung La is a commune of Dong Van district, the main inhabited place of the Mong and Lo Lo ethnic groups, who first planted triangles in this land. Therefore, up to the ninth lunar month, the whole rocky mountains are covered with endless triangular flower beds. This is considered the most beautiful vascular triangular flower viewing spot in Ha Giang, a familiar destination for many professional paparazzi.

Chiêm ngưỡng Hà Giang mùa hoa tam giác mạch

The field of flowers is immense. (photo collection)

Pho Bang : Pho Bang is one of the two towns of Dong Van District, bordering to the west of Sung La, located on Dong Van rock plateau, 117km from Ha Giang city. This is a familiar destination for many tours of Ha Giang with ancient and peaceful beauty. Coming here, the triangular flower hills located on high mountains interspersed with rose fields will make this land like a fairy-tale place.

Chiêm ngưỡng Hà Giang mùa hoa tam giác mạch

Triangle flower at Pho Bang – Dong Van – Ha Giang. (photo collection)

Lung Cu : The northernmost region of the country in Dong Van district, famous for the Lung Cu flagpole, is also the land of brilliant triangular flower beds. Although there is no majestic mountain scenery like the three points above, the triangle vascular flowers here are grown a lot, and the flowering season can last until December or early January of the solar calendar.

Chiêm ngưỡng Hà Giang mùa hoa tam giác mạch

Flower field under the flagpole. (photo collection)

Lung Tao : Also located in the mountains of Dong Van, adjacent to Sung La, but Lung Tao has not been exploited much tourism because the road is quite rugged. But that is why it is soaked with rustic wild beauty. Lung Tao has many triangular flower hills but is mainly planted along the rocky slopes, and it is quite difficult to take souvenir photos. But if you want to admire the beauty of Ha Giang with the triangular flower season, this is an ideal place.

Chiêm ngưỡng Hà Giang mùa hoa tam giác mạch

Seeing the triangular flower on the Lung Tao cliffs, though somewhat dangerous, will be the opportunity to fully admire the beauty of the hills. (photo collection)

Xin Man : Although Dong Van is the most famous area for cultivating triangular flowers, in the western part of Ha Giang province, Xin Man district is also an ideal place to see this flower.

Chiêm ngưỡng Hà Giang mùa hoa tam giác mạch

A corner of the sky full of flowers in Xin Man. (photo collection)

In addition, according to Ha Giang travel experience of VietNampeace, there are also beautiful flower viewing locations such as Meo Vac district, Triangular flower field in Thach Son Than (Quyet Tien commune, Quan Ba district), at the foot. Ma Phi Leng pass (Meo Vac district) or roads along streams, waterfalls, … Although there are not many immense flower fields, but the carpet of flowers mixed with grass leaves in the middle of the late autumn sky is cold enough to disturb. anyone.

Chiêm ngưỡng Hà Giang mùa hoa tam giác mạch

A roadside triangle flower branch. (photo collection)

Ha Giang – the barren land in the northernmost part of the country – at the end of autumn it is like changing a new color with the pink purple of the petals, which has attracted many tourists. Triangular flower season in Ha Giang is also the most beautiful tourist season of the year in this stone country. Anyone who loves traveling should once in a lifetime come to this place to admire the charming and rustic beauty.


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