Non Nuoc Mountain – Admire the True Beauty of a National Heritage Site

July 18, 2020 6 mins to read
Non Nuoc Mountain is a unique national heritage site, standing majestically at the confluence of the Day and Van rivers. This place is also known as a poetry museum, with over 40 poems by various literary figures engraved on the mountain. This destination will surely fascinate those passionate about exploring the nation’s history.

1. Introduction to Non Nuoc Mountain

1.1 Non Nuoc Mountain – Ninh Binh’s Poetry Museum

The historical site of Non Nuoc Mountain (formerly Duc Thuy Son) is located at the confluence of the Day and Van rivers in Thanh Binh ward, Ninh Binh City. This place is not only known as the “Scenery of the Mortal Realm” but also referred to as the “Poetry Museum,” with over 40 poems by famous writers engraved on the rock walls.

Non Nuoc Mountain in Ninh Binh is also a mountain many literati choose for composing poems. Today, about 30 poems engraved by kings, officials, literary figures, and poets are still preserved on the rocks. Notably, the poem composed by Truong Han Sieu and engraved on the rock is the one that gives the mountain its name.

1.2 Linked to Historical Events

Non Nuoc Mountain is closely linked to many historical events of the country from different periods. The event where Empress Dowager Duong granted a dragon robe to Le Hoan on the banks of the Van River at the foot of Non Nuoc Mountain led to the transfer of power from the Dinh dynasty to the Early Le dynasty.

Located strategically beside the Day and Van rivers, National Highway 10, and at the confluence of many major roads, Non Nuoc Mountain has become associated with some of our country’s most significant historical events.

In the past, Duc Thuy Son was a beautiful landscape and a mighty military fortress dominating the North-South waterways. During the resistance against the French and the Americans, many fierce battles involving revolutionary soldiers like Luong Van Tuy and Giap Van Khuong took place on this mountain.

2. What to Explore at Non Nuoc Mountain?

2.1 183 Stone Steps

When visiting Ninh Binh, don’t miss the scenic beauty of Non Nuoc Mountain. Here, you’ll learn more about the landscape, the expansion of the Hoa Lu citadel, and the geological changes in Ninh Binh over time.

Especially during the end of the year and festivals, though the weather might be slightly chilly, you can easily enjoy the fresh air and admire the beauty of the mountainous forests. Climbing the 183 stone steps to the mountain top, adorned with lush trees, allows you to witness enchanting rivers, stunning clouds, and the sky from above. On the summit, there’s a monument to the young revolutionary soldier Luong Van Tuy and a pavilion from the 14th century – where Truong Han Sieu sat with other scholars to converse and compose poetry.

2.2 Non Nuoc Pagoda

This is an ancient pagoda situated at the foot of Non Nuoc Mountain. This pagoda is a historical relic that witnesses the regime transition from the Dinh dynasty to the Le dynasty. Besides appreciating the ancient poems carved on the rock walls by esteemed scholars, visitors can also feel the beauty and vitality of the Day River surrounding the pagoda. This river has witnessed many historical periods.

Not only is it a beloved destination for locals, but millions of tourists from domestic and international destinations also visit Non Nuoc Pagoda annually. From a distance, tourists can admire the tranquil and peaceful scenery of the Vietnamese countryside. It would be best not to miss this destination after exploring Non Nuoc Mountain.

2.3 Wind Pavilion

Built in the 14th century and positioned atop Non Nuoc Mountain, the Wind Pavilion is where Truong Han Sieu and other scholars and literati gathered to compose poetry. In ancient times, during the Ly dynasty, there was also a lofty Linh Te Tower here, which Truong Han Sieu immortalized in his poem “Linh Te Tower Inscription.”

2.4 Truong Han Sieu Temple

Visiting Hours: 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Truong Han Sieu Temple is located at the foot of Non Nuoc Mountain, next to the Day River, so it always enjoys a cool climate, surrounded by lush greenery. This temple is built to honor the cultural figure Truong Han Sieu. The temple is designed as “Dinh,” with two dragons flanking the moon.

Cultural and educational awards in Ninh Binh are often conferred here annually. During Tet (Lunar New Year), the temple holds calligraphy events and distributes calligraphy to students and local residents. Therefore, tourists flock to the temple to request calligraphy and offer incense for their families.

3. Tips for Visiting Non Nuoc Mountain

– The entrance fee for Non Nuoc Mountain is 5,000 VND/person. Admission to Truong Han Sieu Temple, the Wind Pavilion, and Non Nuoc Pagoda is free.

– The ideal time to visit Non Nuoc Mountain is on the last day of the year or during Tet. During this time, you can enjoy the cool, fresh air and admire the beauty of the ancient temple. However, it can be pretty crowded, so handle your belongings carefully and consider visiting early in the morning to enjoy the fresh air and avoid the crowds.

– The attractions at Non Nuoc Mountain are places of worship and solemnity. Therefore, be respectful and avoid any disrespectful behavior. Choose modest and appropriate attire.

Non Nuoc Mountain bears witness to the rich history of our ancestors. It promises to offer you genuinely fascinating experiences during your journey. Indeed, those passionate about exploring history and cultural values will delight in setting foot on Non Nuoc Mountain.

In conclusion, Non Nuoc Mountain is more than just a scenic marvel; it’s a living testament to Vietnam’s vibrant history and cultural richness. From its ancient poetry-engraved cliffs to the serene temples and pavilions nestled amidst lush greenery, every corner of Non Nuoc Mountain holds a story waiting to be discovered. As you embark on your journey to explore this historical gem, let be your guide, offering insights and tips to make your experience truly unforgettable. Whether you’re drawn by the allure of ancient poetry or the tranquility of sacred temples, Non Nuoc Mountain promises a captivating adventure that will leave you in awe of Vietnam’s timeless beauty and cultural heritage. So, pack your bags, embark on this enriching voyage, and let Non Nuoc Mountain reveal its wonders to you, courtesy of

Vẻ đẹp của núi non nước (ảnh Collection)

The Beauty of the Mountains (photo Collection)

Lầu đón gió trên đỉnh núi non nước(ảnh Collection)

Floor welcomes the wind on the mountaintop of the country (Photo Collection)

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