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Admire the beauty of Ninh Binh Mountain Mountain

Coming to Ninh Binh, the scenery and scenery here make tourists not surprised by the beauty of it. Ninh Binh Mountain also possesses an enchanting beauty with a unique natural landscape, shocking the Creator’s heart. Let’s discover beauty here with VietNampeace!

Discover the beauty of Ninh Binh Mountain Mountain

Introduction and the most outstanding features of Non Nuoc mountain

Non Nuoc Mountain, also known as Duc Thuy Son, was renamed by Tran Han in Tran dynasty. He named it so meaning that the bird returned to bathe in the silver river. Is a beautiful mountain located in Ninh Binh city to the southeast. Located between Non Nuoc and Ninh Binh bridges and right on the junction of Van and Day rivers.

Vẻ đẹp của núi non nước (ảnh Collection)

The beauty of the mountains (photo Collection)

The peak is also relatively flat, if you want to reach the top, you must go through 100 stone steps and are divided into 5 levels. Up to the top of the mountain, visitors can admire the immense river scenery, beautiful clouds, the heart calms down to dispel the fatigue of everyday life. The trees here are very green, very convenient for guests to rest, relax and entertain.

This is a mountain with many of the best poems of our country with more than 100 bays with 40 petroglyphs of historical celebrities of our country such as Le Thanh Tong, Truong Han Sieu … Also classified as National historical site in 1962.

Non Nuoc Pagoda and Truong Han Sieu Temple together with Non Nuoc Mountain are a famous tourist destination for spiritual culture in Ninh Binh.

Wind floor at the top of Non Nuoc Ninh Binh mountain

Built in the fourteenth century and located in the middle of the mountain of Non Nuoc. The wind floor is also a place for Truong Han Sieu with other Taoists and writers to sit and recite poetry. Once upon a time during the Ly dynasty, there was a towering Reishi tower, and after Truong Han Sieu described this famous tower with the name of the article: “Linh Te tieu ky”. Currently this tower is no more but Ninh Binh is planning to deploy the construction of a new tower on Nui Nuoc mountain.

Lầu đón gió trên đỉnh núi non nước(ảnh Collection)

Floor welcomes the wind on the mountain top of the country (Photo Collection)

Truong Han Sieu temple is located at the foot of Non Nuoc mountain

The temple was built right at the foot of Non Nuoc mountain in Duc Thuy Son park. Every year, it is often the place to award cultural and study encouragement here.

Truong Han Sieu temple is designed in the style of a nail. On the top of the temple are two dragons flanking the moon. Gian Bai Đường was located on both sides of the bowl. The last hall of the harem is a bronze statue of Truong Han Sieu.

Temple of the immature

An ancient temple was inaugurated during the reign of King Ly Nhan Tong and right at the foot of Non Nuoc Ninh Binh mountain. Recently, the pagoda has been remodeled more spaciously but still retains the sacredness of this ancient temple. Right from the Ly dynasty, the pagoda appeared in the tower. The worshiping Buddha has one main Buddha image and some secondary Buddha images. But until the eighteenth century it was separated into two separate architectures: pagodas and towers. In the Tran dynasty, the “Linh Te” tower was broken but in 1337, it was rebuilt and from the time of rebuilding the tower, the writers wrote poems by default on the mountain bay:

“Tower of pearl-shaped tower

Mirror light miraculous hair ”

Every year, millions of domestic and foreign tourists visit Non Nuoc Pagoda. From a distance, visitors will admire the peaceful and quiet scenery of the Vietnamese countryside.

Thuy Son Park

The park is located in a very beautiful terrain, charming scenery is located at the foot of Non Nuoc mountain. Ninh Binh people and tourists not only come to the park to visit, entertain, relax, play games, sightseeing … but also visit. Because in the park outside the monument area, there are also temples of heroic martyrs, heroic statues and Non Nuoc pagodas.

Ninh Binh is growing in strength in tourism, proving that this place has great landscapes that are nowhere else to be. Non Nuoc Ninh Binh mountain is like a rare blue pearl with shimmering, wonderful and peaceful landscapes of the countryside.


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