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Attendance for Ha Giang tourist destination

Here are some attractive tourist destinations for Ha Giang and your travel.

Hà Giang mùa hoa

Ha Giang flower season (Photo collection)

1. Dong Van rock plateau

Dong Van rock plateau is located in 4 districts of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van and Meo Vac with an area of 2356 km2 at an average height of 1000 – 1600m. It is 80% limestone, traces of the development of earth stratigraphy.

Cao nguyên đá

Stone Plateau (Photo collection)

The area is home to many fossils of animals, this tourist attraction in Ha Giang has a life expectancy of up to 600 million years, the rainy season lasts from April to September and is considered a global geological park. The first of Vietnam. Natural stones lying alternately as an exquisite arrangement of nature will be an impressive stop for visitors.

2. Dong Van Ancient Street

Located in the town of Dong Van, surrounded by four surrounding mountains and forests, 40 ancient roofs interspersed with each other, creating a wild picture that is hidden behind the dense fog of the mountains.

Phố cổ Đồng Văn

Dong Van Old Quarter (Photo collection)

Established and in the early 20th century, Dong Van ancient town was inhabited by Mong, Tay and Chinese families, after that, residents of other localities came to form a population group. populated. This tourist attraction in Ha Giang is not only beautiful by the imprint of the time but also imbued with Chinese architecture, in the dreamy atmosphere of the Khèn of the young man or the dance of a girl.

3. Lung Cu flagpole

If Mui Bai Bung is the last landmark of the S-shaped land strip, the Lung Cu flagpole is known as the beginning of the country. Lung Cu flagpole is located on the top of Lung Cu (Dragon Mountain), this place is a field of immense corn, so the people here have named this vast sky.

Cột cờ Lũng Cú

Lung Cu flagpole (Photo collection)

Experiencing ups and downs, through accretion, to this day, Lung Cu flagpole is still a sacred tourist destination in Ha Giang .

4. Charismatic Valley Is

Sung La Valley in the town of Dong Van, on the 4C Highway, known as a paradise of alpine flowers, like a charming picture, the most prominent are triangular flowers, cauliflower, alternating the fields of corn glisten, blending in the golden sunshine.

Thung lũng hoa tam giác mạch

Triangular flower valley (Photo collection)

If you have the opportunity to visit Sung La Spring, visitors will witness an attractive natural setting, see the intense vitality of Ha Giang tourist attraction which is harsh.

5. Ma Pi Leng Pass

As one of the most dangerous passes in Ha Giang, located on the road of Happiness linking the town of Dong Van and Meo Vac, the Ma Pi Leng Pass possesses soaring and rugged rocky mountains, tangerine clouds, creating a spectacular natural spectacle.

Đèo Mã Pí Lèng

Ma Pi Leng Pass (Photo collection) |

Pass road has many kinked sections, below the abyss, is really a challenging road to explore.

6. Lung Tam brocade weaving village

Lung Tam brocade weaving village is one of the famous tourist destinations in Ha Giang , producing many famous products in a region.

Làng dệt thổ cẩm Lùng Tám

Brocade products of Lung Tam village attract many tourists (Photo collection)

Brocade village of Lung Tam by Hop Tien cooperative, Lung Tam commune, Quan Ba district, each product contains a whole upland cultural space but also the enthusiasm and affection of each citizen.

7. Quan Ba double mountain

The image of the smooth green twin mountains at Ha Giang tourist attraction must be no stranger to visitors, located in the southwest of Dong Van Plateau Geopark, Quan Ba double mountain is referred to as “Da Lat””. of the North.

Núi đôi Quản Bạ

Quan Ba Double Mountain (Photo collection)

At the foot of the twin mountains is the Quan Ba rice field, which cannot be mixed with the four seasons. Not only that, covering the space here is the color of illusion, legend.

8. Hoang Su Phi

Hoang Su Phi consists of 6 communes namely Ban Luoc, San Sa Ho, Ban Phung, Ho Thau, Nam Ty and Thong Nguyen. It is known as a prominent place to watch ripe rice in Ha Giang, including a charming golden ripe rice carpet. opens up before visitors. This is the last point in Ha Giang where rice is ripe, although the road is more difficult, but it is also an impressive destination for visitors.

Hoàng Su Phì

Hoang Su Phi (Collected photo)

Coming to this tourist destination , visitors will be able to take pictures freely among the terraced fields, you can also go to highland markets, enjoy attractive wine.

9. The Cat King Palace

Meo Palace is also known as the Vuong mansion, located in Xa Phín commune, Dong Van district, which is ranked as a national monument.

Dinh thự Vua Mèo

Cat King Palace (Collected photos)

The Cat king mansion not only hides historical stories but also a dense and attractive architectural layer.

The above tourist destinations in Ha Giang will bring you a complete journey of discovery. You just need to organize your time and pack your stuff!


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