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Ba Lang tourist area – where buried the special beauty of Can Tho

Stepping into Ba Lang tourist area, you will admire the beauty of the fruit garden that makes people ecstatic. Enjoying the scenery in Ba Lang helps visitors have more interesting experiences and better understand the life of the Mekong River region.

Khu du lịch Ba Láng - Cần Thơ (Ảnh Collection)

Ba Lang – Can Tho tourist site (Photo Collection)

1. Location of Ba Lang tourist area

Vẻ đẹp của khu du lịch Ba Láng (Ảnh Collection)

The beauty of Ba Lang tourist area (Photo Collection)

Located just 8 km to the south of Can Tho city center, Ba Lang tourist area is chosen by many people as a destination in its travel. If you are in the center of the city then follow Highway 1A to return to Soc Trang and then cross Cai Rang Bridge to reach this tourist area. The location is quite close to the city and has many unique features that make this place attract a large number of visitors to have fun.

2. Overview of Ba Lang tourist area

Vẻ đẹp trong khu du lịch Ba Láng (Ảnh Collection)

Beauty in Ba Lang tourist area (Photo Collection)

As a tourist area of about 4.2ha wide. This place has a poetic beauty that will make visitors have moments of relaxing relaxation. Visiting the poetic scenery, hustle at the tourist area will give you interesting experiences and more love this place. Choose this resort to come to have fun, you will surely have interesting experiences with your loved ones when admiring the scenery in the resort.

3. Outstanding features of Ba Lang tourist area

Cầu tre ở khu du lịch Ba Láng (Ảnh Collection)

Bamboo bridge in Ba Lang tourist area (Photo Collection)

Referring to Ba Lang tourist area , you will not forget to remember a tourist area with beautiful lotus lake to raise animals. When it comes to blooming season, this place is filled with the beauty of the lotus forest that will help you have moments of relaxation.

Vườn trái cây trong khu du lịch Ba Láng (Ảnh Collection)

Fruit garden in Ba Lang tourist area (Photo Collection)

Immerse yourself in this poetic setting, though you are feeling tired with life, the mood is also much softer. In Ba Lang tourist area, there are 2 swimming pools for adults and children so coming here you will have fun with your loved ones underwater. The hot sunny days are immersed in the cool water, it is a great thing for you.

Hồ bơi trong khu du lịch (Ảnh Collection)

Swimming pool in the resort (Photo Collection)

The beauty of the resort also has to mention the outdoor stage, along with the barn, who are carefully cared for by the managers. Along with that are very special mini hotels that will give you extremely interesting experiences. Ba Lang resort is a favorite resort and you will definitely love this place.

Động vật ở trong khu du lịch Ba Láng (Ảnh Collection)

Animals in Ba Lang tourist area (Photo Collection)

Coming to this tourist area, you also have the opportunity to enjoy the eye-catching fruit gardens with a combination of garden economy and tourism so it has a very own beauty.

Vườn trái cây ở khu du lịch (Ảnh Collection)

Fruit orchards in tourist area (Photo Collection)

Tourists who have been to this place for fun have been surprised by the beauty of the resort. You will have an enjoyable experience when visiting this beautiful waterfront tourist area.

Vườn trái cây thơm ngon ở khu du lịch (Ảnh Collection)

Delicious orchards in the tourist area (Photo Collection)

Ensuring anyone who has been to this place to play will never forget its beauty. Ba Lang tourist area is currently one of the ideal destinations for those who are traveling to Can Tho. Therefore, you can arrange your play schedule to come here once.



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