Explore the Beautiful and Famous My Khanh Ecotourism Garden in Can Tho

July 17, 2020 6 mins to read

My Khanh Ecotourism Garden is a widely mentioned destination in Can Tho. What makes this newly popular tourist spot unique and appealing to travel enthusiasts? Let’s delve into the details and uncover the secrets right here on Vietnampeace.com through this incredibly detailed article.

1. Where is My Khanh Ecotourism Garden located?

– Address: 335 Lo Vong Cung, My Khnh Commune, Phong Dien District, Cần Thơ City
– Opening hours: 24/24

My Khanh Ecotourism Garden is the hot destination in Can Tho, covering an expansive area of over 50,000 square meters. Situated at 335 Lo Vong Cung, Nhon My hamlet, My Khanh commune, Phong Dien district, this tourist area is gaining attention.

2. How to get to My Khanh Ecotourism Garden

The route to My Khanh Ecotourism Garden is considered quite convenient, providing you with various transportation options. If you’re coming from Saigon, follow the Phu Lam roundabout and proceed along National Route 1A. Alternatively, if you’re taking the Trung Lương expressway, just follow National Route 1A to reach Can Tho. Additionally, you can purchase bus tickets at the Western Bus Station. Reputable bus companies like Son Nguyen, Vu Linh, or Thanh Buoi are trusted by many. Ticket prices are reasonable, ranging from 100,000 VND to 120,000 VND per person. Once you arrive in Can Tho, you can rent a motorbike, take a taxi, or hop on a bus to reach Mỹ Khánh Ecotourism Garden. Moreover, you can explore other famous attractions like Ninh Kieu Quay, Tay Do Night Market, or Cai Rang Floating Market. Especially, if you visit Can Tho in November, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating Can Tho Lantern Festival.

3. What Makes My Khanh Ecotourism Garden So Appealing?

My KHanh Ecotourism Garden is a favorite among many for its picturesque charm, deeply rooted in the water-rich landscapes of the Mekong Delta. It’s safe to say that this tourist destination is an ideal spot for you and your family to enjoy a relaxing, comfortable, and peaceful weekend getaway. The place promises to offer you a plethora of captivating experiences, so be sure to include this gem in your travel handbook.

3.1 Unique Southern Vietnam Ancient House Architecture

In My Khanh Ecotourism Garden, the vast and lush grounds are adorned with a unique blend of gardens interspersed with ancient houses and green canal pathways, creating a vibrant natural panorama. The ancient houses are a focal point that cannot be missed when visiting My Khanh Ecotourism Garden. Exploring these ancient houses allows you to delve into the distinctive architecture of the people of Southern Vietnam dating back to ancient times. Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the lifestyle, customs, and culture of the ancient Mekong Delta residents. Additionally, it’s a chance to marvel at valuable wooden artifacts, both materially and spiritually significant, within the unique ambiance of these houses.

3.2 Experience a Day as a Farm Owner

Beyond its scenic beauty, My Khanh Ecotourism Garden offers many engaging activities. One such activity is immersing yourself as the owner of a Western-style farm, living a day in traditional style. Have you ever tried exploring on a horse-drawn carriage? Or simply strolling through your plantation with a guide, shielded from the sun – how would that feel? Vietnampeace.com is confident that these experiences will be truly unique and memorable.

3.3 Immerse Yourself in the Melodies of Southern Vietnamese Folk Music at My Khanh Ecotourism Garden

Southern Vietnamese folk music, known as “đờn ca tài tử,” is a highly acclaimed traditional cultural art form in the Mekong Delta region. Recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage representative of humanity in 2013, this art form is a treasure. At Mỹ Khánh Ecotourism Garden, you can indulge in the soulful tunes of talented musicians at a very reasonable cost. The current ticket price for performances is around 500,000 VND per hour.

3.4 Explore and Savor Fruits in the Garden

You cannot miss the lush fruit orchards in the Mekong Delta. Like many other tourist spots in the region, My Khanh Ecotourism Garden boasts a diverse fruit garden with over 20 different fruit tree varieties like mangoes, plums, lychees, jackfruit, and durian. If you have a sweet tooth for fruits, this is paradise. Visit this ecotourism garden and savor the goodness.

3.5 Visit Traditional Craft Villages

The Southern Mekong Delta is home to many ancient traditional craft villages. Among them, the noodle soup (hủ tiếu) village stands out, with a history of over 100 years. To offer visitors a deeper understanding of Cần Thơ’s culture, this craft village has been incorporated into the My Khanh Ecotourism Garden experience.

3.6 Engage in Various Exciting Activities

Apart from the aforementioned highlights, My Khanh Ecotourism Garden offers dynamic activities such as rowing boats, fishing, canal paddling, and learning rice cultivation like a real farmer.

– Crocodile Fishing: For thrill-seekers, this game allows you to try catching a potentially dangerous animal. The bait costs only 5,000 VND/piece, making it an adventurous experience.

– Pig Racing: If you’ve heard of pig racing in Vung Tau, you can witness a similar competition here. Simply pick the pig you think will reach the finish line first, and if correct, you receive a prize from the organizers. The betting ticket price for each race is 20,000 VND.

– Canal Paddling: An impressive and somewhat messy game, this requires at least 15 participants not afraid of getting dirty.

– Electric Bumper Cars: A favorite among children, suitable for families with little ones.

4. What to Eat When Traveling to My Khanh Ecotourism Garden?

My Khanh Ecotourism Garden also captivates visitors with its local dishes embodying the essence of Cần Thơ. If you prefer an upscale, tranquil ambiance, you can visit restaurants like My Khanh, Thuy Ta, or Luc Giac to enjoy dishes like hotpot for 200,000 VND, grilled fish, or specialties such as snake, bat, and desserts like Grilled Sticky Rice Banana of Can Tho. On the other hand, if you appreciate a closer connection to nature, explore the simple, thatched-roof stalls within My Khanh Ecotourism Garden for renowned local dishes like fermented fish hotpot and wild vegetable dishes, both delicious and unique.

So, Vietnampeace.com has just introduced you to My Khanh Ecotourism Garden. With the intriguing information shared above, you’re undoubtedly eager to explore this destination, right? What are you waiting for? Set a date with your friends and head to Can Tho now!

Làng du lịch Mỹ Khánh

My Khanh tourist village – a famous tourist destination in Can Tho (Photo: @ nh.oanhoanh3101)

Con đường dẫn đến vựa trái cây

The road to the fruit bowl (Image: @ xuanthuy2010)

Cây trái tươi ngon được chăm sóc bởi người dân địa phương

Fresh fruit trees are taken care of by the local people (Image: @ haha.080794)

Ẩm thực phong phú

Rich cuisine (Image: @ngotristan)

Mỗi món ăn đều mang đậm hương vị của miền sông nước

Each dish has a strong flavor of the river region (Image: @ uyenhuynh91)

Thử cảm giác trèo thuyền trên sông nước

Try the feeling of climbing on a river (Image: @ carospe261)

Những lớp nhà tranh

Layers of cottages (Image: @ liee.n)

Một ngày làm điền chủ tại làng du lịch sinh thái Mỹ Khánh

One day as a farmer at My Khanh eco-tourism village (Photo: mykhanh.com)

Ao nước trong làng

Pond in the village (Photo: @ ntdung.02)

Khung cảnh đậm chất miệt vườn của làng du lịch Mỹ Khánh ở Cần Thơ

The poetic scenery of My Khanh tourist village in Can Tho (Image: @ meo.iiw)

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