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Back to Can Tho to travel the garden in My Khanh tourist village

River tourism, returning to the garden has long been an attractive destination for those who want to return to the traditional culture or want to experience the river life. Catching this trend, My Khanh tourist village has developed extremely successfully the model of river and garden tourism and has become a favorite destination for many tourists.

Làng du lịch Mỹ Khánh

My Khanh tourist village – famous tourist destination in Can Tho (Photo: @ nh.oanhoanh3101)

My Khanh tourist village in Can Tho

Has a very favorable geographical position, located right in the key tourist region of the Mekong Delta, in Phong Dien district, only 10km from the center of Can Tho city. Not only that, the culture of the flooding season is further highlighted here by My Khanh village located in the middle of two extremely famous floating markets: Cai Rang and Phong Dien, very convenient for a boat ride. The river and hundreds of boats full of rich and fresh produce are all cultivated by the people here. My Khanh is also the place where the cultural elite gather, not only has the floating market, the cuisine is also a special feature that impresses visitors when visiting this place. From all kinds of agricultural products, horticulture fruits with the essence of alluvial water, to the rustic dishes of the Southern region are meticulously cared for by the locals.

Con đường dẫn đến vựa trái cây

The road to the fruit bowl (Image: @ xuanthuy2010)

Cây trái tươi ngon được chăm sóc bởi người dân địa phương

Fresh fruit trees are taken care of by the local people (Image: @ haha.080794)

Ẩm thực phong phú

Rich cuisine (Image: @ngotristan)

Mỗi món ăn đều mang đậm hương vị của miền sông nước

Each dish has a strong flavor of the river region (Image: @ uyenhuynh91)

To serve visitors, My Khanh also has a large 350-seat hall with a fleet of boats and boats ready to serve tourists visiting the floating market or surrounding areas in a way that only returns to the region. In this river, you will only experience. Along with it is a series of different programs to promote the culture here such as: visiting the ancient houses of the South, traditional craft villages, fruit orchards to the music of “Don ca tai tu” – a feature Beautiful culture has had a long history here. My Khanh Village also has a lot of different services for the entertainment purposes of tourists such as horseback riding, crocodile fishing, boating, monkey circus or electric taxi … Especially, the service try “A day to be a landlord” which offers lots of favorite visitors.

Thử cảm giác trèo thuyền trên sông nước

Try the feeling of climbing on a river (Image: @ carospe261)

Những lớp nhà tranh

Layers of cottages (Image: @ liee.n)

Một ngày làm điền chủ tại làng du lịch sinh thái Mỹ Khánh

One day as a farmer at My Khanh eco-tourism village (Photo: mykhanh.com)

Ao nước trong làng

Pond in the village (Photo: @ ntdung.02)

Khung cảnh đậm chất miệt vườn của làng du lịch Mỹ Khánh ở Cần Thơ

The poetic scenery of My Khanh tourist village in Can Tho (Image: @ meo.iiw)

The applicable entrance ticket price is 50,000 VND / person for adults, 30,000 VND / person for children over 1m2, excluding other services. In addition to the system of extremely well-built guest rooms but still ensuring the full characteristics of the regional culture, My Khanh tourist village also cooperates with other gardeners to develop a homestay system to serve near guests. far away, both at home and abroad wishing to stay here.


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