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Bai Goc destination not to be missed in Phu Yen

Speaking of Phu Yen, it is impossible not to mention the stretching beaches with pure white sand hills and Bai Goc is also one of them with its own tranquility that adorns the natural picture here.

The blue sky was clear with each wave crashing against the shore (Photo Collection)

Located in the north of Bai Tien, Bai Mon and Dien Cape, you will not take too much time from Highway 1A, through Vung Ro village, Dai Lanh cape and about 15 kilometers more through Bai Mon, Bai Tien is there. You can see the original beach appearing with rare wild beauty.

Sometimes it’s just minutes to enjoy the fresh sea breeze, or to watch the immense sea with the gentle waves in front of you, also feel very satisfied (Photo Collection)

When you come to this place, you should take the time to watch the sun in the early morning, slowly rising the water, the yellow rays gradually playfully dancing on the top of the wave. You will also see images of fishing boats going out to sea, ice skating on the waves, promising a passionate new day of labor at sea. Or enjoy the sunset at sunset, the sun dyed red, gradually disappearing, it feels like diving into the sea. It is a pity that not seeing one of the two seascape is the ideal location to feel the beauty of that natural mother.

The road stretches along the coastline (Photo Collection)

Mountain scenery surrounding the beach (Photo Collection)

Bai Goc is quite pristine with a blue sky, white moon clouds ripple on the blue sky, airy, cool by the blue sky and sea, smooth white sand, gentle slope. , walking on the sand and listening to the murmuring waves, enjoying the panoramic view of this cloudless sky is nothing more wonderful. A feeling overwhelmed by an all-green space: blue, blue and green together, will bring you moments of relaxation, tranquility, every aspect of life does not seem You can find it here.

White sandy areas with gentle slopes (Photo Collection)

Peaceful and peaceful moments replaced all the chaos of life when you came here (Photo Collection)

In addition to the beautiful poetic scenery, the peaceful and poetic scenery, the dishes coming from this place are also very rich with extremely many fresh seafood caught by fishermen on the sea from the night and return at dawn. . You will experience a crowded, squat market with buyers and sellers of fresh seafood such as crayfish, fresh squid, succulent crab, king crab or mackerel with sparkling silver scales, etc. Go to the market early to buy yourself some fresh seafood because the squatting market takes place very quickly and enjoy the best taste of the sea! You will feel jealous why nature is so favored for this place when not only the beautiful scenery but also the delicious food are always so.

People return after a night floating in the sea with a lot of fish caught (Photo Collection)

The quick squatting session took place early in the morning (Photo Collection)

A batch of fresh fish caught by fishermen (Photo Collection)

The bright red squid dish attracts visitors to enjoy (Photo Collection)

Walking on the sand and listening to the murmuring waves, enjoying the panoramic view of this cloudless sky is nothing more wonderful (Photo Collection)

Bai Goc beach is still wild and quiet in the immense beauty (Image Collection)

If you want to have time to rest, relax, relieve tired of work or life and in a new place, do not miss this interesting destination. Bai Goc with calm beauty in the immense space, the undulating mountains in the distance, identical messages, lush green trees are always moving freshly to catch the cool breeze from the sea. . The natural blend of everything makes this place have a very special beauty, surely you will have sweet and unforgettable moments when visiting this place.


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