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Bai Tranh is a very different sea paradise of Nha Trang

Speaking of Nha Trang, almost everyone remembers the beautiful beaches stretching along this central strip of land and Bai Tranh is also one of those beaches. Not only can you take a bath in the cool water, but you will also experience the excitement of the famous recreational activities here and there.

Bãi Tranh (Ảnh ST)

Bai Tranh (Photo ST)

The name of Bai Tranh has many provinces with the same name, so you will hardly know where Bai Tranh is the most famous and most beautiful. This article can help you learn about the beauty of an attractive beach. Located in Nha Trang Bay, located on the romantic island of Hon Mieu, with a coastline of 500m, the beach stands out with blue water, one side is pristine white sand, one side is a gravel beach amidst the cloudy scenery. the surrounding mountains and sky create a wild but no less poetic feature.

Bãi sỏi (Ảnh ST)

Pebbles (Photo ST)

Coming here, you will have hours to dive under the clear blue water, let the waves rush to the shore or take a walk along the sand, lie in the sun on the sand to watch the clouds, the sea and the sea to listen to the wind. blowing vi vu through the green coconut grove or walking on the gravel beach, feel the coolness of the pebbles transmitted through the legs, but if the sun is at its peak, do not go for a walk, the pebbles are sunlit. It will heat up the body and it will feel hot on the feet.

Tắm biển thỏa thích dưới làn nước biển trong, xanh và sạch (Ảnh ST)

Bathing delight in the clear, blue and clean sea water (Photo ST)

If possible, watch the sunrise and sunset at Nha Trang Beach, you are so beautiful! When the sun’s rays on the vast ocean began to appear, it was also the time when the fishing boats began to set sail, the sky was clear, the waves were very gentle or when the boat returned after a long day of sailing. on the high seas, the sun was tinged with the color of red and gradually descended to the bottom of the sea, a peaceful scene appeared, making you just want to look forever, no camera can describe it all. beautiful nature.

Nghỉ ngơi ở những ghế bố trên bãi biển của KDL Bãi Tranh Nha Trang (Ảnh ST)

Resting in the dad’s beach chairs at Nha Trang KDL Beach (ST Image)

This place is also famous for Bai Tranh beach resort, which is a relaxing, relaxing and entertaining place of the beach with many recreational activities on the beach such as parasailing, which will be admired by beaches and mountains from above, The water motor will let you enjoy the speed like a racing car, thrilled with ice surfing on the surface of the sea, visiting corals by glass-bottomed boat or more realistic than scuba diving to see the coral. ho. In addition, the thoughtful, dedicated to customers of professional staff, giving customers the comfort and comfort with the services of the resort there.

Trải nghiệm tốc độ cùng mô tô nước (Ảnh ST)

Experience the speed with a water motor (ST Image)

The ticket for Bai Tranh Nha Trang when visiting the resort is 30,000 VND / adult and 20,000 VND / child, and if children are under 1m, they will be free of charge. You can comfortably visit, relax on the beach with the chairs arranged or join the thrilling games here! You can also visit the nearby Tri Nguyen Aquarium to explore the diverse species of ocean animals.

Dù kéo sẽ cho bạn trải nghiệm ngăm nhìn núi biển từ trên cao cực thú vị (Ảnh ST)

Parachute towing will give you a great experience of watching the mountains from above (Image ST)

After hours of fun, bathing or taking a long walk, you will definitely feel the need to a vacation destination and eat something delicious to fill your empty stomach. You will find there are small huts made of bamboo and grass, creating a sense of nature and cooler, you can stay there to have energy for the next game. Feel the sound of the sea waves, the birds singing, the leaves rustling by the cool breeze blowing in from the sea.

Thủy cung Trí Nguyên (Ảnh ST)

Tri Nguyen Aquarium (Photo ST)

Bai Tranh in Nha Trang is very famous for special dishes such as fish noodle, which is particularly delicious because the broth is cooked with bones from fresh fish bones to bring a fresh, sweet taste not everywhere or noodle soup with jellyfish and fish noodles. beams, do not forget to enjoy the super delicious Ninh Hoa spring rolls, whole cake, wet cake, attractive duck cake with harmonious color, white of rice flour, yellow color of burnt shrimp combined nicely, bringing flavor rustic yet delicious c

Bún cá thơm ngon bổ dưỡng (Ảnh ST)

Delicious and nutritious fish noodles (Photo ST)

Nem Ninh Hòa (Ảnh ST)

Nem Ninh Hoa (Photo ST)

Bánh bèo hấp dẫn với màu trắng của bột gạo, màu vàng rộm của tôm cháy sẽ tròn vị hơn với chén nước mắm ngọt cay xé lưỡi (Ảnh ST)

Attractive duck cake with white color of rice flour, yellow color of burnt shrimp will be more round with cup of sweet and spicy fish sauce tearing tongue (Photo ST)

Come to Bai Tranh to feel the wild but poetic natural beauty, you! Surely you will have a very interesting trip with vacation to say is extremely relaxing always. Pick up your backpack and go!


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