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Bai Tu Nham a masterpiece from nature must definitely explore

Phu Yen – the land of “yellow flowers on green grass” is famous for its clean, green beaches and Tu Nham Beach is also among them. Here in addition to the blue sea, golden sunshine, pure white sand – all the features of Phu Yen beach, it is also adorned with vast sand dunes spread over a very unique pristine area that makes you admire and I am impressed.

Từ Nham là bãi biển dài, rộng bậc nhất tỉnh Phú Yên, với chiều dài khoảng 8km, rộng từ 100 – 200m (Ảnh Collection)

Tu Nham is the longest and widest beach in Phu Yen province, with a length of about 8km and a width of 100 – 200m (Photo Collection)

With a length of 8 km long beach, 100-200m wide, Tu Nham Beach is about 7km east of National Highway 1A, adjacent to the west of Xuan Dai Bay, Xuan Thinh Commune, Song Cau District, here is one of the top wide and long beaches in Phu Yen province. This place is really considered a masterpiece of creation by the process of accretion lasting millions of years to form the beach connecting the island, sand dunes are gradually deposited and expanded towards the sea, just like that. day after day they land to the island creating an eye-shaped arc you’ll see from the satellite very clearly. The characteristics of these beaches will be white, smooth sandy beaches, turquoise-blue sea water with gentle, not violent waves.

Nơi đây vẫn còn khá hoang sơ với biển xanh trong như ngọc và bãi cát chạy dài hút tầm mắt (Ảnh Collection)

It is still quite pristine with the clear blue sea and long sand beach attracts the eye (Photo Collection)

Một góc yên bình hoang sơ nơi đây (Ảnh Collection)

A pristine peaceful corner here (Photo Collection)

Traveling here is extremely simple, 70km north of Tuy Hoa city, you go along Highway 1A and then turn into the road running along Xuan Dai Bay, through the Dong Tranh mountain range and then go another 7km to see The beach is here. To see all of this vast landscape, you can climb the nearby Tu Nham Sand Cave , on top of it, when you look down, you will have a clear view of the whole scene, surrounded by two rocky mountains, with the starting point being Vinh Mountain. Hoa, the last point is Ong Dien cape, the arc shaped beach is like a crescent moon – instead of shining in the high sky, it appears beautiful in Phu Yen beach.

Hình ảnh bãi Từ Nham nhìn từ vệ tinh ( Ảnh Collection)

Photos of Tu Nham beach from satellite (Photo Collection)

Đường đi đến bãi Từ Nham Phú Yên rất dễ đi (Ảnh Collection)

The way to Tu Nham Phu Yen beach is very easy (Photo Collection)

In Tu Nham, there are two beaches: Front beach and Back beach, you should ask locals if you don’t know the way to 2 beaches, the previous beach has no sand beach but only a rocky beach, quite small, surrounded by many stones. and seaweeds are very nice, you can see on the shore there are lots of funny and varied shapes of coral reefs instead of fine white sand, and the latter beach has a blue beach full of white sand and golden sunshine. See the blue sea of one color from Tu Nham Phu Yen beach , along with the mountains covered with green trees, the pure white of sandy beaches, clear sky clouds that make you flutter in your mind, just want to record remember this moment forever because no camera can describe the dreamy scene at that time. Seeing the eyes, you have to run right to the sea to immerse yourself in the clear, cool blue water and see the sand beneath your feet, take a bath, splash in the sky, and get tired and will lie down on the sand, sunbathing, relaxing, looking up at the blue sky, listening to the sound of the waves, the sound of the wind bringing the smell of the sea, feeling refreshed!

Đồi cát Từ Nham (Ảnh Collection)

Tu Nham Sand Dunes (Photo Collection)

Nơi đây trông thẳng ra biển Đông đầy nắng gió, bãi biển đẹp và hoang sơ, với mặt biển rộng, thoáng cùng những dãy đồi cát, bãi cát trắng mịn (Ảnh Collection)

It looks straight to the East Sea full of wind and sunshine, beautiful and unspoiled beach, with wide and open sea surface, along with sandy hills and fine white sand (Photo Collection)

Walking in the lush casuarina groves, you will see the small road that is flanked by lush poplar forests, you will come to the fishing village of Tu Nham village , the people here are very friendly, likable and hospitable, you You can rest for a while at a homestay, listen to them tell stories about the sea or introduce certain seafood dishes you must eat when you arrive, you can enjoy duck on the way to visit. Fishing village, duck meat is very fragrant but not chewy, eaten with papaya salad, dipping fish sauce and enjoying the delicious taste of the dish. Most of the fishermen use small baskets or small boats to fish, shrimp or squid near the shore.

Con đường dẫn đến làng chài với rặng dương xanh tốt hai bên (Ảnh Collection)

The road leading to the fishing village with lush greenery on both sides (Photo Collection)

Làng chài thôn Từ Nham (Ảnh Collection)

Tu Nham Village Fishing Village (Photo Collection)

Người dân địa phương đánh bắt cá, tôm chủ yếu bằng thuyền thúng và ghe nhỏ (Ảnh Collection)

Local people catch fish and shrimp mainly by basket boats and small boats (Photo Collection)

Món vịt ở đây rất thơm ngon ăn kèm với gỏi đu đủ, chấm nước mắm đậm đà là tuyệt vời (Ảnh Collection)

The duck dish here is very delicious, served with papaya salad, and the dipping sauce is awesome (Photo Collection)

This place is quite wild because the sea is far away from the daily life of the local people, so when you visit Tu Nham beach , you will have almost private space to watch, have fun, feel the natural scenery. Naturally beautiful. Grab your backpack and go to this beautiful land to have more great experiences for yourself!


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