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Ban Thach projection village a peaceful place in Quang

The mat weaving industry is one of the oldest traditional handicraft villages in Quang Nam and referring to Ban Thach mat village is remembering the image of the mat, the murmuring murmur and the papyrus with colorful and green colors, red, purple, yellow and earth and sky of this beloved country.

Dọc ven bờ sông Thu Bồn những bãi cói bạt ngàn xanh mướt (Ảnh ST)

Along the banks of the Thu Bon River, the lush, green rushes of rushes (Photo ST)

Located 5 km east of Nam Phuoc town, you will come to Duy Vinh commune, Duy Phuoc district of Quang Nam province and see along the two banks along the peaceful Thu Bon river. sedge beach, jute beach, shoulder-height high, inclined to the wind. Seagrass, jute is the main material to weave into flower mats, cotton mats, white mats, floating mats, … both durable and strong, although different in the processing of raw materials or weaving methods, but basically the sedge yards , jute bowls are grown along this river are taken as raw materials.

Người dân hớn hở gặt cói đem về nhà (Ảnh ST)

People happily reaped the rush to take home (Photo ST)

Discover how the people here create stunning mats! The steps below will make you admire the truly skillful hands of the villagers weaving Ban Thach mats , as the painters paint a colorful picture. The first is to pick up the sedge in the yard and carry or drive the car home, continue meticulously sitting and splitting the sedge into small fibers and taking them to the sun in the sun for 5 consecutive days. Do not think that the rush is done, you have to check whether the dried rush yarn is too dry, if it is too dry, the weaving will not give the high strength of the mat, the drying must also pay attention. After drying, it is time to dye the rush, before dyeing you have to choose the strands to dye, usually the most dyed colors here are red, blue, yellow, purple and indispensable original color is ivory white . In order for the dye to be accurate and difficult to fade, people have to cook the color, then dip in small beams into the dyeing pot (barrel). above. Next is the exposure to the sun under the sun without being too soft by being easily moldy and also not too sunny by being brittle or broken. Woven mats will be smoother if the strands are still long, unconnected. Before weaving, the weave is green, but after weaving it is exposed to the sun, it will produce a lighter white color.

Sợi lác cho vào nhuộm màu (Ảnh ST)

Brown yarn for dyeing (Image ST)

Sợi lác sau khi được nhuộm phẩm màu sẽ đem đi phơi (Ảnh ST)

The colored fiber after being dyed will be exposed to drying (Photo ST)

Next, the mat weaving stage is quite picky, if you want to weave, you need to prepare the loom (also known as go) and woven, they are made from areca or old bamboo, straighten the tree to get a loom. . When weaving, there must be two people, one put the shuttle, thread the yarn was woven into the go and the other pulled the loom, both have to coordinate smoothly to produce a perfect work. Then use a large, sharp knife down the projection head to be square and need to be pinned with jute rope so that the fibers will not be pulled out and will be difficult to weave. On average, with 1.2-1.6m woven mats, it will take up to three hours each, a hard working day, the worker can weave 3-4 pieces. Especially in the weaving way of Ban Thach village, it is dyed for yarn from the beginning, then it is woven into delicate patterns, bright patterns and many topics and colors, as in other places, weaving. After that, I printed on the pattern of flowers, branches and stains.

Sợi nhuộm xong không được phơi dưới ánh nắng quá gắt vì dễ giòn gãy hay ánh nắng quá dịu vì dễ ẩm mốc (Ảnh ST)

The dyed yarn should not be exposed to excessive sunlight due to brittleness or too mild sunlight because it is easily moldy (ST Image).

Những cây cói với đủ màu sắc rực rỡ xanh, đỏ, tím, vàng hòa cùng màu đất trời của xứ Quàng thân thương (Ảnh ST)

The sedge plants with colorful vibrant green, red, purple, yellow mixed with the sky and sky of the beloved Land of origin (Photo ST)

This mat weaving career began to form in the early of the sixteenth century, the narrative narrated by the people of Thanh Hoa, Thai Nguyen and Nghe Tinh while evacuating down the Yunnan area to Thang Hoa government, now Quang Nam noticed the earth. should have stopped here to build a business. There was a time when the show was still a tribute to the imperial court and mandarins. But fading away until the country was completely liberated, the Party Committee and people began to restore and develop. Chieu Ban Thach increasingly rich, diverse in color or design, with the dexterity of the hands, the skilled craftsmen have created images such as My Son, Hoi An Bridge pagoda, Ban Braille embossed. Thach Duy Vinh with many kinds of mats such as chrysanthemum mats, purple sims, mattress mats, … are very popular, choosing to order. Previously, in the 80s, in Eastern European countries and the Soviet Union, Ban Thach mats appeared there and so far more than 30 countries around the world, at major festivals such as Hue Festival, Impression. My Son or Ba Thu Bon bumper held annually also has the presence of Ban Thach mats in the display booths.

Khi dệt cần phải hai người phối hợp nhịp nhàng, tỉ mỉ, cẩn thận (Ảnh ST)

When weaving, two people need to coordinate rhythmically, meticulously, carefully (Photo ST)

Chiếu dệt xong được đem phơi cho khô hẳn trước khi đem bán (Ảnh ST)

Finished woven mat is dried to dry before being sold (Photo ST)

A special feature that is only available here is that the market only sells mats in Quang Nam. Fair here very early, only 4-5 am to start the busy market, bustling, with so many people from the quadrangle to the market to buy and sell, because the early meeting market should sometimes have to come an hour earlier than you can to buy the most beautiful mats or the simple rush materials. When the first rays of sunrise appeared, mixed with the silhouette of the seller, the sound of bikes creaking or the sound of a motorbike with loads of goods were sparkling, eye-catching mats with many patterns. and the color. Every day, the market in Ban Thach mat village consumes up to 8,000 mats, wholesale, retail and transport to many places from the South to the North. Being a resident of Quàng, it is indispensable for Ban Thach mats every summer to contribute to beautify and beautify a part of life and spiritual culture of the people here. In recent years, there are many tourists visiting this village, they will witness the people make their own mats or directly make the mats themselves with the enthusiastic guidance of their relatives. friendly, hospitable and buying hand-woven mats for use or as a gift, will be an interesting experience for anyone who has ever been here.

Khung cảnh nhộn nhịp đông vui, náo nhiệt ở chợ làng chiếu Bàn Thạch (Ảnh ST)

The bustling, crowded and bustling scene at Ban Thach village market market (Photo ST)

Chợ phiên ở đây mở sớm nhất xứ Quảng (Ảnh ST)

Fair opened here earliest in Quang (Photo ST)

If you come to Quang Nam tourism, come to Tra Nhieu river, where there are wide winding rivers and poetic natural scenery, you should visit Ban Thach mat village – a destination hard to miss. of tourists on the journey to discover traditional Quang villages in general and Vietnam in particular as well as participate in a crowded, busy fair market to learn and give yourself a new experience about the village. This traditional job!


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