Discovering the Magnificent Bàn Than Rock Reef Over 400 Million Years Old

July 16, 2020 7 mins to read

The Bàn Than Rock Reef is a natural masterpiece, captivating travelers with its poetic beauty and unique rock formations. It’s one of those “must-see” spots when exploring Quang’s Land. With its stunning natural scenery, intriguing rock formations, and clear blue waters, Bàn Than Rock Reef has become a popular tourist destination in Quang Nam, attracting visitors from far and wide. For more information on exploring this enchanting location and planning your visit, check out Let’s delve into what makes this place so unique!

1. Exploring Bàn Than Rock Reef

1.1. Origin of the name Bàn Than Rock Reef

Bàn Than is one of the charming tourist destinations in Quang Nam, beloved by many visitors. The name “Bàn Than” refers to the characteristics of the rock formations here. “Bàn” means a flat surface, while “Than” denotes black color, “black as coal.” Roughly speaking, it refers to the flat, glossy black rocks shimmering like coal under the sunlight, hence the locals’ name for them, Bàn Than.

1.2. Where is Bàn Than Rock Reef located?

Bàn Than Rock Reef is situated in Tam Hai commune, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province. It’s approximately 40km southeast of Tam Ky city center. The reef lies amidst vast expanses of water, bordered by the sea on one side and on three sides by rivers. Considered a masterpiece of nature’s craftsmanship, Bàn Than boasts a unique beauty amidst the lush natural landscape, making it a sought-after tourist spot.

1.3. Ticket prices for visiting Bàn Than Rock Reef

When visiting Hoi An, where should you go? Just a 2-3 hour drive from Hoi An, Bàn Than Reef is one of those dazzling check-in spots you shouldn’t miss when in Quang Nam. Currently, there’s no admission fee for visitors here. You can enjoy your time and take photos without worrying about expenses.

2. When is the best time to visit Bàn Than Rock Reef?

For travel in Quang Nam in general, destinations like Hoi An Ancient Town, My Son Sanctuary, Bàn Than Reef, etc., are best visited in the summer, roughly from May to August. This period offers good weather, plenty of sunshine, and clear blue waters, perfect for sightseeing, exploring, swimming, and photography. You can still visit during other months of the year, but it’s advisable to check the weather forecast to avoid rainy or stormy days when boat trips to the islands may not be possible.

3. How do you reach Bàn Than Rock Reef in Quang Nam?

From Da Nang to Bàn Than Rock Reef:

From Da Nang city, take National Highway 1 to Tam Ky city, then turn left towards Tam Thanh beach. Continue to the Tam Tien ferry terminal in Tam Hai commune. Here, you can charter a private boat or join group ferry trips to reach Bàn Than Cape.

From Tam Ky city to Bàn Than Rock Reef:y

Head to Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province, from Tam Ky city. From there, turn left towards Hai Ky port, then continue straight to the Tam Quang ferry terminal. You can rent a boat or ferry to Bàn Than Rock Reef here.

4. What makes Bàn Than Rock Reef in Quang Nam attractive?

4.1. Admire the underwater landscape at Bàn Than Rock Reef

Travel experiences from Hue to Da Nang to Hoi An show that Bàn Than is one of the must-visit destinations in Quang Nam with breathtaking scenery. Amidst the vast expanse of endless blue sky and sea, black rock blocks stacked layer upon layer create an enchanting underwater painting that captivates visitors.

This place also holds the multicolored beauty of the underwater world with extensive coral reefs, diverse marine life, etc. Additionally, you can explore the unique beauty of Hon Dua, Hon Mang, Hon Da Chim, etc.

4.2. Bàn Than Rock Reef boasts unique rock formations

Over the years, under the erosion of waves and winds, the rocks at Bàn Than Reef have been sculpted into unique and beautiful shapes. These rocks come in countless strange forms, resembling whale-shaped rocks, giant mushroom-shaped rocks, rocks shaped like demon-faced fish, mythical sea creatures, etc.

4.3. Instagram-worthy check-ins at Bàn Than Rock Reef

Bàn Than is a hotspot for young people to take stunning photos and a favorite spot for couples to capture their love moments. With myriad unique rock formations covered in lush green moss, set against the blue sky and sea backdrop, Bàn Than offers countless picturesque corners for photography. The contrast between the greenery and the black rocks, with waves crashing against them, creates an artistic scene for professional photographers to unleash their creativity.

4.4. Enjoy the sunset, sunrise, and beach bathing at Bàn Than

Perched on the beautiful rocks of Bàn Than Reef, you can see the sun slowly setting into the sea. The sad beauty amidst the vast sky and water exudes a poetic charm. Besides admiring the sunset, catching the sunrise here is equally magnificent. The tranquil, refreshing morning atmosphere will bring you joy and happiness.

You can also swim in the sea, stroll on the beautiful An Hoa beach, and learn about the simple life of the people in Quang.

5. What should you remember when visiting Bàn Than Rock Reef?

When traveling to Bàn Than Rock Reef, Tam Hai, Nui Thanh, and Quang Nam, remember to keep a few small tips in mind for a complete trip:

– Along the way to Bàn Than, you can visit nearby attractions like Tam Thanh Mural Village, Tam Thanh Beach, and Mother Thuy’s statue.
– Stay updated on the weather forecast before you go to avoid rainy or stormy days.
– Prepare necessary items for your trip, such as raincoats, sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses. Wear sneakers or comfortable shoes for easy movement.
– Bring motion sickness medicine and insect repellent.
– Remember to bring essential personal documents, water, and some snacks.
– Maintain cleanliness during your visit. Remember to clean up the trash and packaging if you eat or drink.
– Be careful when walking on slippery rocks or climbing high rocks, as it can be dangerous.
– If you’re from another province visiting Quang Nam for tourism in Hoi An, exploring Bàn Than Reef, and other tourist spots, choose a conveniently located accommodation with good services for a complete trip and experience upscale resort services and convenience in traveling between attractions.

In conclusion, the Bàn Than Rock Reef stands as a testament to the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, drawing in travelers from all corners with its majestic landscapes and unique geological features. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a photography enthusiast, or simply seeking a serene getaway, this remarkable destination in Quang Nam promises an unforgettable experience. For further insights, tips, and guidance on planning your exploration of Bàn Than Rock Reef and other hidden gems in Vietnam, visit Embark on your journey of discovery and immerse yourself in the splendor of Vietnam’s natural wonders.

Ghềnh đá Bàn Than huyền ảo (Ảnh ST)

The magical Ban Than Rock rapids (Photo ST)

Trên nền xanh của nước biển nổi lên những vách đá sắc đen như than với những vân, đường nét kỳ lạ (Ảnh ST)

On the blue background of the sea, black coal-like cliffs emerge with strange patterns and lines (Photo ST)

Trên nền xanh của nước biển nổi lên những vách đá sắc đen như than với những vân, đường nét kỳ lạ (Ảnh ST)

On the blue background of the sea, black coal-like cliffs emerge with strange patterns and lines (Photo ST)

Di chuyển bằng tàu thuyền hoặc phà để ra được ghềnh đá Bàn Than (Ảnh ST)

Transportation by boat or ferry to get to Ban Than Rock Rapids (Photo ST)

Vẻ đẹp hoang sơ giao hòa giữa đá, sóng khiến nơi đây thu hút nhiều du khách hơn đến khám phá (Ảnh ST)

The unspoiled beauty of the rock and the waves make this place more attractive to discover (Photo ST)

Ngắm hoàng hôn nơi đây cho bạn những cảm nhận vô cùng thú vị (Ảnh ST)

Watching the sunset here gives you an interesting experience (Image ST)

Đá ở nơi này dưới sự xâm thực của sóng biển và qua thời gian, đã tạo thành vô vàn hình thù lạ mắt và độc đáo (Ảnh ST)

Rocks in this place under the erosion of ocean waves and, over time, have created countless strange and unique shapes (Photo ST)

Những bức ảnh với cảnh sắc trời biển tuyệt đẹp (Ảnh ST)

Photos with beautiful ocean views (ST photos)

Hay trên một khối đá cao và nguy hiểm với bức ảnh chất lừ như thế này (Ảnh ST)

Or on a high and dangerous block of rock with a cool image like this (Image ST)

Ngoài màu đen huyền đặc trưng, đá ở Bàn Than còn sở hữu nhiều màu sắc khác nhau: nâu, vàng, đỏ… (Ảnh ST)

In addition to the characteristic black color, the stones in Ban Than also own many different colors: brown, yellow, red … (Photo ST)

Những tán dừa rợp bóng xanh mát (Ảnh ST)

Shady coconut trees shaded (Photo ST)

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