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Ban Than rapids check-in point quality for backpackers

Quang Nam tourism will always be attractive to new places, tourists and Ban Than rock rapids are also a favorite destination for backpackers. You will see many unique and strange rocks that look very similar to the romantic Ly Son island.

Ghềnh đá Bàn Than huyền ảo (Ảnh ST)

The magical Ban Than Rock rapids (Photo ST)

Tam Hai Commune, Nui Thanh District, Quang Nam Province is famous for its many beautiful beaches, including Bai Rang, which nobody knows about, only 6 kilometers away from this beautiful rocky cliff.

Trên nền xanh của nước biển nổi lên những vách đá sắc đen như than với những vân, đường nét kỳ lạ (Ảnh ST)

On the blue background of the sea, black coal-like cliffs emerge with strange patterns and lines (Photo ST)

There are many ways to go to Ban Than to reach the rocky rapids, the shortest route if coming from Da Nang, then you drive the National Highway 1A to Tam Ky then turn left towards Tam Thanh beach, you continue on Arrive at Tam Tien ferry of Tam Hai commune, hire a boat to go to rapids. And the distance from Tam Ky city to the rapids is 40 kilometers, the way will be longer. If you want to take a more beautiful path with white sand along and willow trees very long, then go towards Da Nang – Hoi An, take a ferry and then run along the coastal road to Tam Thanh beach, go to the ferry terminal Tam Tien. You will be able to go from Danang to Nui Thanh district then turn left to Hai Ky port, go straight to Tam Quang ferry.

Trên nền xanh của nước biển nổi lên những vách đá sắc đen như than với những vân, đường nét kỳ lạ (Ảnh ST)

On the blue background of the sea, black coal-like cliffs emerge with strange patterns and lines (Photo ST)

The way to Ban Than rock rapids need to go to the ferry terminal, travel by ferry or you can take a boat to get to Ban Than beach where beautiful rocks are waiting for you to explore. The ferry will take you to Tam Hai island commune, where more than 2,000 households are living and working. This place is still quite deserted because not many people know, tourism has not been developed so you will find quite untouched when you first come here.

Di chuyển bằng tàu thuyền hoặc phà để ra được ghềnh đá Bàn Than (Ảnh ST)

Transportation by boat or ferry to get to Ban Than rock rapids (Photo ST)

Many documents recording the other name of Ban Than is Bang Than, this name is given by people here because the rocks here if looking from a distance, the remote will see all black like a coal and there are very many stone statues have a flat surface like table top, so the name Ban Than was born from that.

Vẻ đẹp hoang sơ giao hòa giữa đá, sóng khiến nơi đây thu hút nhiều du khách hơn đến khám phá (Ảnh ST)

The unspoiled beauty of the rock and the waves make this place more attractive to discover (Photo ST)

Ban Than rocky cliff has two blocks of Ong Deo and Ba Che lying close to the sea, creating a unique and interesting shape, large and stacked blocks with gaps in between. If you’ve ever visited the beautiful Ly Son island of Quang Ngai, you will feel quite similar to To Vo Gate, right? According to some locals have shared, this stone cluster has recently collapsed, so many tourists come here, want to once admire but be pity because there is no longer that rock cluster to see anymore. But it’s okay, there are many interesting shaped rocks for you to enjoy such as whale-like shape, devil face, sea monster or mushroom spreading or watching the rocks lying under the clear sea water. The sunlight shines on, the colors shine beautifully.

Ngắm hoàng hôn nơi đây cho bạn những cảm nhận vô cùng thú vị (Ảnh ST)

Watching the sunset here gives you an interesting experience (Image ST)

Đá ở nơi này dưới sự xâm thực của sóng biển và qua thời gian, đã tạo thành vô vàn hình thù lạ mắt và độc đáo (Ảnh ST)

Rocks in this place under the erosion of ocean waves and over time, have created countless strange and unique shapes (Photo ST)

Find yourself a flat rock, close to the cool sea water, drop your legs, sit down to rest and admire the relaxing must know. If you are passionate about photography, there will be plenty of places for you to create great photos. Not only is it completely black, there are also places where the rocks are still in other colors such as yellow, red, brown, etc. Looking at the rapids in general, you will surely wonder why nature has them. It is possible to arrange these rocks so cleverly, because they are really wonderful, very beautiful and very wild. Due to the erosion of the sea, there are small puddles weaving between the countless rock crevices making the scenery even more beautiful.

Những bức ảnh với cảnh sắc trời biển tuyệt đẹp (Ảnh ST)

Photos with beautiful ocean views (ST photos)

After visiting the boring observation at Ban Than rocky cliff, you can move to the beach to have fun or sit back and relax in the green coconut palms, with broad foliage, covering the sultry sunshine of the Central, sitting there, looking out on the waves, patting the beach, overlooking the towering rock in the middle of the sea, feeling the sea breeze blowing, rustling the coconut leaves, how comfortable it is, how much the burden turns Where are you going?

Hay trên một khối đá cao và nguy hiểm với bức ảnh chất lừ như thế này (Ảnh ST)

Or on a high and dangerous block of rock with a cool image like this (Image ST)

Ngoài màu đen huyền đặc trưng, đá ở Bàn Than còn sở hữu nhiều màu sắc khác nhau: nâu, vàng, đỏ… (Ảnh ST)

In addition to the characteristic black color, the stones in Ban Than also own many different colors: brown, yellow, red … (Photo ST)

Or explore the nearby coral reef about 10 km long, with the abundance of many species of products gathered there such as snail, lobster, tiger shrimp, squid, … Watching the sunset on the Ban Than beach is also an activity you can experience. Watching the sun set, the last ray of sunlight faded away, the whole sky tinged with the sunset and the wilderness of rapids made you smaller in the middle of this vast, vast nature. The scenery is beautiful, but looking at it and never getting bored, it is still regrettable until the sun is gone.

Những tán dừa rợp bóng xanh mát (Ảnh ST)

Shady coconut trees shaded (Photo ST)

If you want to find a place that can go on a walk, can relax, can check-in more quality, surely you can not miss the destination of Ban Than rocky rapids in Nui Thanh, Quang Nam! Beautiful, wild nature is waiting for you to explore and experience it.


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