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Bao Lam Pagoda quiet beauty calm Phu Yen

Bao Lam Phu Yen Pagoda also has another name – Buu Lam Pagoda, which is one of the famous tourist attractions in Phu Yen. Located in Lien Tri hamlet, Binh Kien commune, Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province, Bao Lam pagoda attracts many Buddhists and visitors every year because of its quiet and peaceful beauty.

Bao Lam Pagoda – Phu Yen (Photo: Collection)

Behind the ancient appearance, peaceful and peaceful is a whole ups and downs past full of events of the temple. Bao Lam Temple was founded under King Minh Mang by the 38th Patriarchate Lam Dao.

Before 1945 – an unforgettable historical milestone of the Vietnamese nation, the Bao Lam Buddhist Studies Association established by the pagoda was the place to train the majority of Buddhist disciples throughout the province. After the national liberation in 1945, the locality borrowed the main hall to build an office building, while the eastern and western houses were kindergartens. Since then Bao Lam Buddhist Studies Association stopped working, all valuable treasures of the temple must be sent to Khanh Son pagoda for retention.

A view of Bao Lam pagoda (Photo: Collection)

Bao Lam Phu Yen Pagoda was restored in 1949 after being devastated by a typhoon, most of the original architectural materials were destroyed and lost. Later, the temple was once again destroyed under the storm of bombs and storms of the French colonialists. The abbot and the Buddhist monks and nuns at that time had to rely on them in a small place not far away.

In 1956, Bao Lam pagoda was newly rebuilt on the new ground, belonging to Lien Tri hamlet, Binh Kien commune, about 500m from the original place. There built a precious lotus lake which is also the origin of Buu Nien pagoda.

In 1974, the new abbot, Thich Nguyen Tu, relocated the temple to the old site and rebuilt the solemn palace as today.

The main hall of Buu Nien temple (Image: Collection)

In 1999, the Buddha Shakyamuni meditation on a lotus was built behind the main hall, 50 meters away. The statue is 18m high and turns to the south.

Statue of Sakyamuni Buddha behind the main hall at Bao Lam Phu Yen pagoda (Photo: Collection)

In 2004, a bell tower of 12 meters high and Dai Hong Chung, weighing 1.5 tons, were started construction at the temple.

Dai Hong Chung – Bao Lam Temple (Image: Collection)

In 2006, the temple’s main hall was restored and rebuilt according to an ancient architecture with an area of up to 240m2 in order to meet the space for Buddhist monks and nuns to come to the ceremony.

The main hall of Bao Lam pagoda (Photo: Collection)

In 2010, Bao Lam pagoda built another gate of Tam Quan, Di Lac and Dien Da.

Maitreya Palace at Bao Lam Pagoda – Phu Yen (Photo: Collection)

Buu Lam Pagoda is one of the famous tourist destinations in Phu Yen . Coming to Bao Lam Phu Yen pagoda, visitors like to be found in a holy place of tranquility keep many valuable spiritual values.



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