Discover Tranquility amidst the Bustle: Exploring Chop Chai Mountain and Bao Lam Pagoda in Phu Yen

July 19, 2020 7 mins to read

In recent years, Phu Yen has been gradually attracting more attention from the public thanks to its beautiful and majestic nature, with mountains, rivers, seas, and plenty of delicious eateries. Among the famous tourist destinations in Phu Yen, one cannot overlook Chop Chai Mountain – Bao Lam Pagoda.

1. Chop Chai Mountain stands tall like a majestic pyramid

Let’s start this introduction with a little question for you. Test your knowledge or gauge your guessing skills.

What is another name for Chop Chai Mountain?

A. Nu Son
B. Quy Son
C. Hon Co Rua
D. Nui Troi Danh

Did you drop any answers, A, B, C, or D? If not, congratulations! You got it right. All four names are different “nicknames” for Chop Chai Mountain; it’s quite a mountain with many names, right?

Chop Chai Mountain is called Quy Son (Turtle Mountain) or Hon Co Rua because its shape resembles a turtle crawling on a rice field. As for the name “Troi Danh” (Heaven’s Strike), it’s just a loving nickname that the people of Phu Yen gave to this mountain. The reason is that there are many transmission towers on the summit, so during the rainy season, this place is often struck by lightning. We think it’s an adorable and witty name! What do you feel?

You’ll easily spot this majestic mountain rising like a green pyramid from Tuy Hoa City. On cloudy days, the mountain will hide behind layers of gentle mist, creating an incredibly surreal scene. Chop Chai Mountain boasts many natural wonders like Bat Cave, with a width of 5 meters and a mysterious depth, or the four temples “guarding” at the foot of the mountain.

1.1 How to get to Chop Chai Mountain – Bao Lam Pagoda Phu Yen

Chop Chai Mountain is located in Binh Kien commune and Hoa Kien commune, on the outskirts of Tuy Hoa City.

From the center of Tuy Hoa City, head straight on Mau Than Street for about 2.6 kilometers to get here. At the end of the road, if you want to go to Chop Chai Mountain, turn right onto Nguyen Tat Thanh Street. Then, when you see a road on your left, turn into it. From there, it’s just about 4 kilometers more along that road to reach Chop Chai Mountain. If you’re heading to Bao Lam Pagoda, turn left onto Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, and from there, just a little further, you’ll arrive at Bao Lam Pagoda.

1.2 What’s fun about exploring the peak of Chop Chai Mountain?

The journey to conquer the peak of Chop Chai Mountain is not too difficult, as it’s only about 400 meters above sea level. The path is quite steep but manageable. If you’re into mountain climbing for sightseeing, don’t miss out on Chop Chai Mountain! Standing on the summit, you’ll see a vast expanse of fields, hills, expansive skies, and the bustling city of Tuy Hoa. It’s a priceless view you wouldn’t want to miss! When exploring Phu Yen, don’t skip this place!

2. Bao Lam Pagoda Phu Yen and things you may not know

2.1 Brief Introduction to Bao Lam Pagoda

Bao Lam Pagoda, also known as Buu Lam Pagoda, is an ancient temple in Tuy Hoa City, Phu Yen. To be as serene as it is today, the pagoda has gone through many ups and downs. The pagoda has been beautifully renovated, with exquisite architectural structures adorned with intricate carvings. As soon as you step into the pagoda, you’ll feel the solemn and venerable atmosphere as if all weariness is dispelled, and you’re filled with tranquility and peace. This pagoda attracts many visitors for sightseeing and prayers every year.

2.2 History of Bao Lam Pagoda

Bao Lam Pagoda was built during the reign of King Minh Mang by the 38th generation of the Lam Te lineage, Huy Dao Trung.

Before 1945, the pagoda established the Bao Lam Buddhist Study Association. This was where most of the temple’s students were trained throughout the province. After the country was liberated in 1945, the local authorities borrowed the place for their headquarters, while the East and West rooms were used as kindergartens. Since then, the Bao Lam Buddhist Study Association has ceased its activities, and all precious artifacts from the pagoda have to be transferred to Khanh Son Pagoda for safekeeping.

1949 Buu Lam Pagoda was renovated after a severe storm caused heavy damage. Most of the original architectural structures were destroyed and lost. Later, the pagoda was once again devastated during a bombardment by French colonialists during the war. All the abbots and Buddhist disciples had to flee to a nearby small temple.

In 1956, Bao Lam Pagoda was rebuilt at a new location in Lien Tri Hamlet, Binh Kien Parish, about 500 meters from the original site. Here, the pagoda also built a precious lotus pond – the source of the Buu Nien pagoda. In 1974, the new abbot, Thich Nguyen Tu, moved the pagoda back to its original location and rebuilt the main hall, which is as majestic as it is today.

2.3 Why does Bao Lam Pagoda attract so many tourists?

When you visit Bao Lam Pagoda, you’ll feel the serene and peaceful atmosphere and pray for peace for your family and loved ones. There’s also an 18-meter statue of Buddha on a white lotus pedestal facing the sea. You’ll see many other architectural structures like stone lions and meticulously carved dragon statues. Being close to the mountains and forests, the air here is incredibly cool and fresh.

3. What do tourists say about Chop Chai Mountain – Bao Lam Pagoda Phu Yen?

“The abbess of the pagoda is very friendly. Talks gently despite being old, probably around 70++.” The Oros shared about Bao Lam Pagoda. Most other comments also highly praise this pagoda for its unique and beautiful architecture and its solemn and peaceful atmosphere.

“The view from the top is stunning when you look down at the city and the rice fields and out to the sea and the distant mountains. There’s a military area at the top where you cannot take photos or videos. As long as you keep your camera facing the breathtaking panorama, you won’t be bothered by the soldiers. The location is very peaceful. The sound of the wind blowing through the trees and the birds singing soothes your soul. A must-visit when in Tuy Hoa.” Healthy Mind highly appreciates the scenery of Chop Chai Mountain.

4. Notes for visiting Chop Chai Mountain – Bao Lam Pagoda Phu Yen

– If you go during the rainy season, remember to stay away from tall transmission

poles, as they are often struck by lightning.
– The area above the peak of Chop Chai Mountain is a military security zone, so civilians are not allowed to approach.
– The best time to visit Chop Chai Mountain is at sunrise because when dusk falls, your view will be obstructed, and it’s also hazardous to be on the mountain at night.
– When visiting the pagoda, a spiritual place, dress modestly and avoid revealing clothes!
– Maintain general hygiene, don’t litter to protect the landscape and the environment.

In conclusion, exploring the breathtaking beauty of Phu Yen, from the majestic heights of Chop Chai Mountain to the serene ambiance of Bao Lam Pagoda, is an experience not to be missed. With each step, you’ll uncover the rich history and natural wonders that make this region remarkable. Whether captivated by the stunning views or immersed in the tranquil atmosphere, Phu Yen offers a getaway like no other.

For more travel inspiration and detailed guides on exploring Phu Yen and beyond, visit Let your wanderlust lead you to unforgettable adventures in this gem of Vietnam’s central coast. With its diverse landscapes and cultural treasures, Phu Yen invites you to embark on a journey of discovery and relaxation, leaving you with cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Bao Lam Pagoda – Phu Yen (Photo: Collection)

A view of Bao Lam Pagoda (Photo: Collection)

The main hall of Buu Nien temple (Image: Collection)


Statue of Sakyamuni Buddha behind the main hall at Bao Lam Phu Yen pagoda (Photo: Collection)

Dai Hong Chung – Bao Lam Temple (Image: Collection)

The main hall of Bao Lam Pagoda (Photo: Collection)

Maitreya Palace at Bao Lam Pagoda – Phu Yen (Photo: Collection)


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