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Bay Canh Island – Con Dao: Going to play, to explore nature in the middle of the ocean

Coming to Con Dao, many people choose to visit Bay Canh Island, an interesting island full of wild natural beauty, promising to bring you exciting experiences.

Hòn Bảy Cạnh là điểm đến thu hút rất nhiều khách du lịch

Hòn Bảy Cạnh là điểm đến thu hút rất nhiều khách du lịch, đặc biệt là đối với những ai yêu thích du lịch sinh thái

Bay Canh Hon is a destination that attracts a lot of tourists, especially for those who love ecotourism (Photo collection)

Hon Bay Canh Con Dao

Located in the East of Con Son Island with an area of 683 ha, the second largest of the 16 islands of Con Dao, Bay Canh Island is like a green line dotted between the vast sky of Con Dao, a forested area. Vast primeval cover almost the entire island.

Nước biển xanh mát

Cool blue sea (Photo collection)

Not only that, it also has a 5.1-hectare mangrove ecosystem, which exists and grows on sandy and dead corals, playing an important role in linking primary forest ecosystems. on the whole island ..

Lặn biển ngắm san hô là trải nghiệm bạn chắc chắn nên thử khi đến thăm hòn Bảy Cạnh

Snorkeling to see coral is an experience you should definitely try when visiting Bay Canh island (Photo collection)

Bay Canh Island has long been planned as a place to restore ecology, strictly protected to ensure the island’s biodiversity. Abundant nature has provided an ecosystem with many different species, from coral reefs, seaweeds, sea grass, to mussels, snails, sea cucumbers, fish living in coral reefs. .

Những ran san hô dưới biển là nơi cư trúc của nhiều loài động vật khác nhau

The coral reefs under the sea are home to many different animals (Photo Collections)

Hệ thống rừng trên đảo vô cùng phong phú

Hệ thống rừng trên đảo

The forest system on the island is extremely rich (Photo collection)

More specifically, Bay Canh is also the beach with the highest number of turtles to lay eggs out of the total 14 spawning grounds of Con Dao, the peak of the breeding season can reach up to 20 – 30 mother turtles. shore lays eggs. This is also one of the interesting attractions, especially for those curious, who want to learn about the animal’s birth process.

Hòn Bảy Cạnh là nơi có nhiều rùa đến sinh sản nhất Côn Đảo

Bay Canh Island is home to the most number of turtles to breed in Con Dao (Photos collected)

In the northeast of the island there is a lighthouse built in France from 1884 that still exists today, a favorite destination for tourists from near and far. Visitors coming to Bay Canh island can go to the lighthouse so that they can get a view of the whole sky surrounding Bay Canh island as well as Con Dao sea area.

Ngọn hải đăng nằm ở phía Đông Bắc của hòn đảo

The lighthouse is located northeast of the island (Photo collection)


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