Coconut Candy from Ben Tre – A Special Delicacy Conquering the Hearts of Sweet Enthusiasts

July 17, 2020 5 mins to read

Coconut candy from Ben Tre is an incredibly appealing local delicacy. Locals and visitors often purchase this unique treat as a souvenir when traveling to Ben Tre to share with family and friends.

Overview of Ben Tre Coconut Candy

While exploring Ben Tre, in addition to visiting famous attractions such as the Twin Coconut Trees Monument and Professor Ca Van Thinh Memorial Area, or immersing oneself in the unique atmosphere of the Mekong Delta’s water festival, one should not miss the opportunity to experience the specialty – Ben Tre coconut candy! This delectable treat has brought Ben Tre’s coconut palms’ reputation closer to the local and international confectionery market. Some of the best-known brands producing delicious Ben Tre coconut candy include Mrs. Hai To Coconut Candy and Hong Van.

Distinctive Features Found in Ben Tre Coconut Candy

Raw Materials for Ben Tre Coconut Candy Production

This type of Ben Tre candy is crafted from ingredients such as coconut flesh, coconut water, arrowroot starch, and sugar. People often used coarse sugar in the past, but refined sugar has become more common. Like other delicious dishes made from Ben Tre coconut, the general process of making coconut candy is quite simple. Skillfully cook the arrowroot starch, then add coconut water, flesh, and sugar. Pour the mixture into rectangular molds, and the processing of this unique souvenir is almost complete.

With the advancement of modern technology, many specialized coconut candy production facilities utilize a combination of machinery and manual methods to process this unique delicacy. This ensures higher product quality, diverse designs, and availability for customers near and far.

The Best Types of Delicious Ben Tre Coconut Candy

Coconut gummy candies are produced by various candy brands, offering different types and flavors for travelers. So, which type of Ben Tre coconut candy is the most delicious?

Coconut Gummy Candy with Coconut Water:

It boasts coconut water’s rich, unadulterated taste without blending with other flavors. This type is quite popular, especially for those who prefer the pure essence of coconut without additional undertones.

Coconut Gummy Candy with Peanuts:

This variety includes whole peanuts, providing a robust flavor to the chewed gummy. It’s an ideal choice for those exploring different coconut gummy options.

Durian-Flavored Coconut Gummy Candy and Durian Coconut Gummy Candy:

The combination of durian and coconut water creates a rich, aromatic, and delicious flavor, offering a unique twist compared to other Ben Tre coconut gummies. For those who may find fresh durian too intense, this gummy provides a more subtle introduction to the distinctive aroma of durian.

Cocoa-Flavored Coconut Gummy Candy and Cocoa Durian Coconut Gummy Candy:

The characteristic aroma of cocoa, mildly bitter when combined with coconut water, creates a unique and delightful flavor. It’s an excellent choice for those who prefer gummies that aren’t overly sweet. Adding durian to cocoa also introduces a novel and unconventional taste compared to regular coconut gummies.

Pandan Leaf-Flavored Coconut Gummy Candy and Pandan Durian Coconut Gummy Candy:

This gummy carries the subtle fragrance of pandan leaves, making it visually appealing with striped patterns. Many local and international visitors seek this distinctive coconut gummy for its unique flavor.

Taro-Flavored Coconut Gummy Candy and Strawberry Taro Coconut Gummy Candy:

These gummies are favored for their appealing colors and delightful tastes, making them popular among ladies and children. Try various types before purchasing to fully appreciate the flavors and choose your preferred coconut gummy.

Whether you prefer the pure taste of coconut, enjoy nutty combinations, or are adventurous with unique flavors like durian, cocoa, pandan, or taro, Ben Tre offers a variety of coconut gummies to suit different preferences.

Prominent Ben Tre Coconut Candy Brands

Thanh Long Coconut Candy:

As the first facility in Ben Tre town to produce coconut candy, Thanh Long emphasizes automated candy production and packaging lines, improved packaging designs, and product diversification. Certified by the Ministry of Health for Food Safety and Hygiene, Thanh Long sources raw materials from natural ingredients. Not only dominating the domestic market, Thanh Long’s coconut candy is exported to countries such as the United States and Australia.

Ba Hai To Ben Tre Coconut Candy:

Renowned for its sweet and luscious taste derived from the finest coconuts, Ba Hai To’s coconut candy blends seamlessly with flavors like durian, pandan leaves, peanuts, milk, and taro, creating an exquisite palate. It has become a sought-after delicacy among both local and international tourists.

Hong Van Coconut Candy:

Hong Van preserves the traditional flavor of Ben Tre coconut candy and has expanded its presence to many provinces nationwide. Recognized for offering coconut candy that adheres to Ben Tre’s standards of excellence, Hong Van has become a go-to destination for those seeking the authentic taste of Ben Tre coconut candy.

Ben Tre Coconut Candy makes for a unique gift to introduce your homeland to friends worldwide. If you ever have the chance to visit Ben Tre, don’t forget to try this distinctive delicacy!

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Specialties as gifts when you come to Ben Tre (Image: Collection)

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