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Ben Tre coconut candy traditional specialties not to be missed

Ben Tre coconut candy is not only a processed food for family play but also a friendly gift for friends and relatives. With quite simple ingredients from malt and coconut milk made an interesting specialty that anyone coming to Ben Tre must try once.

The best coconut candies in Ben Tre

Coconut candy is produced by many candy companies, from many different categories and each has a different flavor for visitors to choose. So which Ben Tre coconut candy delicious ?

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One of the specialties of Ben Tre Province (Image: Collection)

Coconut coconut plastic candy candy

With the greasy pure taste of coconut milk when not mixed with other flavors. This type of candy is quite popular, especially suitable for customers who do not like the smell.

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Ben Tre coconut candy Attracting domestic and foreign visitors (Image: Collection)

Coconut peanut candy

This type of coconut candy peanuts to leave the whole flavor to the candy when you chew. This Ben Tre coconut candy is also an ideal choice for you if you want to try different types of coconut candy.

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Variety of coconut candies (Photo: Collection)

Durian peanut candy and jelly

Durian when combined with coconut milk creates a greasy, delicious aroma and creates a delicious, different candy compared to other types of Ben Tre coconut candies.

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New coconut candy flavor (Image: Collection)

For those who cannot eat durian, you can try this candy to get used to the specific smell of durian. The candy does not smell as strong as fresh durian fruit, so it will be much easier to eat.

Cocoa and durian cocoa candies

The unique aroma of cocoa, light bitterness when mixed with coconut milk, creates a unique aroma, great for customers who like not too sweet candies. The combination of cocoa and durian also makes different types of coconut candy, which is more novel and flavorier than other common candies.

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Candy flavors to choose from (Image: Collection)

Pineapple coconut candy and jelly durian pineapple

This flavor has the taste of faint pineapple leaves, striped coconut candy, white green coconut candy with pineapple leaf flavor which looks very attractive. This type of candy is sought by many domestic and foreign tourists.

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Pineapple coconut candy flavor (Image: Collection)

Taro coconut candy and jelly soft

The colors and flavors of these two types of candy are all loved by ladies and children. You can try all kinds of candies before buying to feel the taste of candies and choose the best one!

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The combination of coconut candy into taro (Image: Collection)

Raw materials for making Ben Tre coconut candy

The process of making Ben Tre coconut candy is quite simple, the main material is coconut, white sugar and malt sugar are distilled from the sugar of glutinous rice when incubated for germination. Importantly, all the ingredients for coconut candy are very rich local ingredients. Thanks to that, the price of candy in Ben Tre is not high, accepted by customers.

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How to make delicious coconut candy (Image: Collection)

Today, the way to make coconut candy has not changed too much, mainly the design and taste requires richer. Glutinous rice used to cook malt must be good sticky rice, coconut tanned with gold to get the typical flavor, the juice is sweet. Sugar for making candies must also choose a good sugar, with a bright yellow like turmeric.

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Candy packaging process (Image: Collection)

Famous Ben Tre coconut candy brand

Dragon fruit coconut candy

Being the first establishment in Ben Tre town to produce coconut candy, Thanh Long coconut candy is focused on automatic candy packaging production line, improved packaging design, diversified products, etc. Medical certificated Food Hygiene and Safety. The ingredients for making coconut candy are made from natural ingredients. Not only dominate the domestic market, Thanh Long coconut candy is also exported to the US, Australia, …

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Famous coconut candy brand in Ben Tre (Image: Collection)

Ben Tre Mrs. Hai To coconut candy

Ben Tre coconut candy specialties have the sweet taste of the best coconut, the most aromatic malt rust, blended with durian, pineapple leaves, peanuts, milk, taro … for perfect taste domestic and foreign tourists looking to buy.

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Coconut candy is the most popular (Image: Collection)

Hong Van coconut candy

Coconut candy here still retains the traditional flavor of Ben Tre coconut candy and has been present in many provinces and cities nationwide. Hong Van coconut candy has become an address sought by many customers.

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Specialties as gifts when you come to Ben Tre (Image: Collection)

Customers come to Hong Van coconut candy extremely interested in the taste of Ben Tre coconut candy delicious standard, good quality. Therefore, you do not need to go far to buy the right coconut candy that you love right here in Hanoi

Ben Tre coconut candy is a unique homeland gift to introduce to friends around the world. If you have the opportunity to Ben Tre, do not forget to try the specialties here!


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