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July 17, 2020 10 mins to read

Ben Tre is a land blessed by nature, rich in the southwestern region of Vietnam. With fertile soil, a mild climate, and friendly locals, Ben Tre increasingly attracts a diverse crowd of domestic and international tourists. To ensure you have the most comprehensive trip, don’t forget to gather the travel experiences in Ben Tre with!

1. Ben Tre – A Captivating Destination in the Southwest

Ben Tre is a southwestern province formed by Bao Island, Minh Island, and An Hoa Island. The area boasts a network of rivers, canals, and a 65km long coastline with numerous small islands. Those with experience traveling to Ben Tre reveal that the climate here is mild and pleasant throughout the year.

It’s also an island formed by the sediment of the Tien, Ham Luong, Ba Lai, and Co Chien rivers. The fertile land is suitable for cultivating various fruit trees, with the coconut tree being the most famous. Ben Tre is also home to many traditional craft villages and unique festivals. All these factors create favorable conditions for Ben Tre to develop eco-tourism linked with traditional crafts. With a relatively small area, you can explore all the attractive destinations in 2-3 days. So, why wait? Discover the travel experiences in Ben Tre now!

2. Best Time to Travel to Ben Tre

Ben Tre has a tropical climate with monsoon winds, but it is not affected by polar winds, resulting in consistently high temperatures throughout the year. The weather is mild, stable, and rarely changes, allowing you to visit Ben Tre at any time of the year.

However, experienced travelers suggest that the ideal time to explore the land of coconut is from May to July each year. This is the ripe season for various fruits such as mangosteen, durian, rambutan, custard apple, jackfruit, and more. During this period, you’ll have the opportunity to taste the freshest and most delicious fruits in the Mekong Delta.

If you want to immerse yourself in festive atmospheres and explore folk culture, consider visiting Ben Tre during events like the Traditional Revolutionary Festival (January 17th in the Gregorian calendar), Ky Yen Festival (March 18th and 19th in the lunar calendar), Cau Bong Festival (November 10th in the lunar calendar), Nguyen Dinh Chieu Festival (July 1st in the lunar calendar), and Nghinh Ong Festival (April and June in the lunar calendar).

3. Transportation to Ben Tre

If you’re coming from the northern or central regions, the best way is to fly to Saigon. Then, use other modes of transportation or pre-book airport transfers from Saigon to Ben Tre. You can book your flight to Saigon on Traveloka with popular routes such as:

– Hanoi to Saigon: Ticket prices range from 1,100,000 – 2,000,000 VND/one-way
– Haiphong to Saigon: Prices vary from 1,100,000 – 1,500,000 VND/one way.
– Danang to Saigon: One-way ticket prices range from 600,000 – 1,200,000 VND/person.

Traveling to Ben Tre by motorbike might be the perfect choice for adventurous souls who love to explore. This way, you can manage your time and enjoy the scenic beauty. Seasoned travelers recommend starting the motorcycle journey from Ho Chi Minh City or nearby provinces for safety.

Bus travel is also a convenient and safe option, especially during the hot summer months. From Saigon, you can catch a bus from the Western Bus Station to Ben Tre Bus Station. From there, you can take a taxi, grab a cab, or rent a motorbike to reach tourist destinations. Many families from Saigon and nearby provinces use family cars, tourist buses, or self-driving rental cars, which is also very convenient. Travelers from the northern or central regions usually fly to Saigon and then travel from Saigon to Ben Tre using the abovementioned methods.

In Ben Tre, the most suitable means of transportation is a taxi or a motorbike. The cool climate of the coconut land allows you to comfortably explore by renting a motorbike. You can rent a motorbike directly at your accommodation or ask the hotel staff to help you arrange a rental.

4. Accommodation Options in Ben Tre

You can rent guesthouses and hotels ranging from budget to luxury right in the city center. You can opt for resorts or 3-5-star hotels depending on your preferences and budget. Here are some highly-rated accommodation options:

– Ben Tre Riverside Resort (708 Nguyen Van Tu, Ward 7, Ben Tre)
– Nhon Thanh Homestay (216A Hamlet 1, Nhon Thanh, Nhon Thanh Commune, Ben Tre)
– Charming Countryside Homestay (208D, Group 10, Nhon Thanh Town, Nhon Thanh Commune, Ben Tre)
– Mai’s House Homestay (Tan Long 3, Tan Thanh Binh, Mo Cay Bac District, Tan Thanh Binh Commune, Mo Cay Bac)

5. Interesting Attractions in Ben Tre

One of the key aspects anyone planning a trip to Ben Tre wants to know is the exciting attractions. Ben Tre has numerous captivating spots, and here are some recommendations for you:

– Cu Lao Minh

Cu Lao Minh is one of the three major islands forming Ben Tre province. If Ben Tre is known as the “land of coconuts,” Cu Lao Minh is where coconut trees are most abundant. The island features two famous historical sites: the ancient house of Mrs. Huong Liem (Dai Dien commune) and the Snake Temple (Dinh Thuy). Additionally, you can explore the culinary paradise in the Thach Phu district, known for its delicious seafood such as clams, blood cockles, crabs, and shrimp.

– Lang Be Tourist Area

Experienced travelers in Ben Tre reveal that the Lang Be Tourist Area is a fun and exciting destination. Here, visitors can participate in traditional folk games like coconut boat swinging, monkey bridge crossing, cycling across bridges, walking on ropes over rivers, and fishing in canals. The unique feature of this place is the villages associated with the locals’ traditional fish farming profession.

After a joyful time, you can savor the taste of Mekong Delta cuisine with specialties like coconut bud salad with chili salt, river prawn hotpot, spicy salt-grilled chicken, deep-fried coconut worm, and coconut crab. The peaceful and serene atmosphere of Lang Be helps visitors relax and forget their every day worries.

– Cai Mon Fruit Garden

The name “Cai” means a large canal, and “Mon” is a variation of the Khmer word “Mum,” meaning honey. This area, named Cai Mon, is known for its abundant fruit trees, including pomelos, rambutans, oranges, durians, and custard apples. The fragrant flowers and sweet fruits attract honey bees year-round.

When visiting, you can experience harvesting and enjoying fresh fruits right in the orchard. If you enjoy eating rambutans, it’s recommended that you visit the garden in February and March. Other fruits like durian, orange, pomelo, and custard apple usually ripen in May and June.

– Con Quy Ecotourism Area

According to many tourists’ travel experiences, this is one of the most famous tourist spots in Ben Tre. Con Quy is interesting because it seems to have no traces of urbanization. Many long-standing fruit orchards are planted in spacious and beautiful rows.

Here, you can enjoy fruit in the orchard and immerse yourself in the melodies of Don Ca Tai Tu, recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. What could be more peaceful than sitting on a swaying boat on the river, admiring the lush and green vegetation?

– Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary

Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary is an exceptional ecological area, representative of the mangrove forests along the Mekong Delta. It has high biological value and is home to over 120 rare bird species, including storks, herons, cormorants, grey-headed swamphens, and egrets, along with various wild animals such as pythons, snakes, squirrels, civets, bats, and monitor lizards.

Visiting Vam Ho around October to April is recommended when birds start gathering here for breeding. Exploring Vam Ho, you can take a boat to venture into the dense and melodious bird forests, cross the rustic bamboo bridges, or relax on a hammock and breathe in the fresh air of the Ba Lai River.

6. Must-Try Delicacies in Ben Tre

Ben Tre Coconut Rice

Until you’ve tasted Ben Tre coconut rice, you haven’t indeed been to Ben Tre,” say seasoned travelers with experience in Ben Tre. To make coconut rice, locals use high-quality rice washed with coconut water and then steamed inside coconut shells. The chosen coconuts must be sweet and full of water. This intricate dish requires about 2 hours to prepare.

Coconut Weevils

During breeding, coconut weevils select healthy coconut trees to lay eggs. The eggs hatch into larvae, feeding on the coconut tree’s sap. Locals need considerable effort to find plump coconut worms. Various dishes are prepared with coconut weevils, such as lucky-steeped coconut weevils, grilled coconut weevils, fried coconut weevils, steamed coconut weevils with sticky rice, and coconut weevils porridge.

Ben Tre Sour Soup with Mud Carp and Sesbania Grandiflora Flowers

As the water begins to recede in the Dong Thap Muoi region, Ben Tre, downstream, starts enjoying sour fish soup with bamboo shoots. Early-season bamboo shoots are sweet; the first fish catch is rich and fatty. The soup is made with tamarind broth, creating a mildly sour and savory flavor. The well-seasoned broth, aromatic spring onions, and cilantro make it an unforgettable dish after just one taste.

Coconut Bud Salad with Shrimp and Meat

According to many tourists’ travel experience in Ben Tre, any dish made from coconuts is “mouthwatering.” Coconut bud salad is no exception. Coconut buds are the upper part of the coconut tree trunk. This dish contains coconut buds, pork belly, shrimp, onions, carrots, chili, and peanuts. The unique aspect of this dish is the fragrant, crunchy taste of coconut buds.

Vietnamese Sizzling Pancake with Rice Field Snails

In all three regions of Vietnam (North, Central, and South), we can all enjoy sizzling pancakes. However, you may have to wait for your trip to Ben Tre to try pancakes with rice field snails. The distinctive ingredient that sets this dish apart is rice field snails. The rice field snail season runs from April to July in the lunar calendar, with May being when snails are plump and their meat is the fullest. While enjoying it, roll the rice pancake into fresh vegetables and dip it in a bowl of lime fish sauce, garlic, and chili. The sweet, crispy taste of snail meat blends with rice flour’s rich, fragrant flavor, creating a delightful experience.

For more in-depth insights and detailed travel guides to maximize your Ben Tre experience, check out Their comprehensive resources and tips will serve as your trusted companion, ensuring that you make the most of your journey in this enchanting corner of Vietnam. With by your side, your adventure in Ben Tre is not just a trip – it’s a curated exploration tailored for unforgettable moments. Explore the beauty, culture, and flavors of Ben Tre with the expertise of as your travel ally. Happy travels!

Vườn trái cây ở Cồn Quy (Ảnh: Collection)

Fruit garden in Con Quy (Photo: Collection)

Thưởng thức đờn ca tài tử (Ảnh: Collection)

Enjoy the traditional folk music (Image: Collection)

Chèo xuồng trong những kênh rạch (Ảnh: Collection)

Canoeing in the canals (Image: Collection)

Đi xe ngựa khám phá các làng nghề (Ảnh: Collection)

Ride a horse to explore the craft villages (Image: Collection)

Lăng mộ cụ Nguyễn Đình Chiểu (Ảnh: Collection)

Nguyen Dinh Chieu’s tomb (Photo: Collection)

Làng du kích Đồng Khởi (Ảnh: Collection)

Dong Khoi guerrilla village (Photo: Collection)

Những chậu hoa cảnh được trồng và cắt tỉa cẩn thận (Ảnh: Collection)

Flower pots are carefully planted and trimmed (Image: Collection)

Khu vườn trái cây nổi tiếng ở Bến Tre (Ảnh: Collection)

Famous fruit garden in Ben Tre (Photo: Collection)

Tham quan chùa Tuyên Linh (Ảnh: Collection)

Visiting Tuyen Linh Pagoda (Image: Collection)

Món ẩm thực gỏi củ hũ dừa (Ảnh: Collection)

A dish of coconut tofu salad (Image: Collection)

Món ăn Bì cuốn (Ảnh: Collection)

Wrapped dishes (Photo: Collection)

Món bánh canh xắt thịt vịt (Ảnh: Collection)

Duck’s picture of dumplings (Image: Collection)

Đặc sản bánh xèo nấm mối (Ảnh: Collection)

Specialties pancake mushroom termite (Image: Collection)

Món chuối đập dân dã (Ảnh: Collection)

Wild banana dish (Image: Collection)

Hình ảnh món bánh xèo ốc gạo (Ảnh: Collection)

Photos of rice snail pancakes (Photo: Collection)

Đặc sản Đuông Dừa Bến Tre (Ảnh: Collection)

Ben Tre Coconut weevil specialties (Photo: Collection)

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Phòng ngủ rộng rãi, nhã nhặn và hiện đại (Ảnh: Collection)

The bedroom is spacious, courteous and modern (Image: Collection)

Khung cảnh resort nhìn từ trên cao (Ảnh: Collection)

View of the resort from above (Image: Collection)

Phòng nghỉ tại Forever Green Resort (Ảnh: Collection)

Accommodations at Forever Green Resort (Image: Collection)

Nhà hàng sang trọng (Ảnh: Collection)

Luxury restaurant (Image: Collection)

Phòng ngủ gần gũi thiên nhiên (Ảnh: Collection)

Bedroom close to nature (Image: Collection)

Hồ bơi của Mango Home Riverside (Ảnh: Collection)

Mango Home Riverside’s pool (Image: Collection)

Phòng ngủ đơn giản như nếp sống người Tây Nam Bộ (Ảnh: Collection)

The bedroom is as simple as a Southwestern lifestyle (Image: Collection)

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