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Cable car Robin Hill: Panoramic view of Dalat dreaming

Dalat with countless beautiful scenes captivates visitors. But there is a different view of Dalat, the high view from Robin Hill that you definitely have to try in order to fully capture the eyes of this beautiful city.

Cáp treo đồi Robin

The cable car goes from Robin Hill (Image: @chayapala)

Robin Hill Dalat is located right next to Prenn Pass, where the gateway to the city with airy space and wide view, no need to take the cable car, just stand on the top of the hill you can admire It’s almost the whole scenery of this peaceful city.

Đồi Robin để ngắm nhìn thành phố

Standing from Robin Hill to see the city (Image: @ its.xiaoyu)

Một góc nhìn thành phố từ phía đồi Robin

A view of the city from the Robin hill side (Image: @ anniewong231)

Đồi Robin Đà Lạt

Robin Hill (Image: @ ty.tuoitin)

This Robin Da Lat cable car system has been officially put into operation since 2003, is a work designed by talented Austrian and Swiss architects, including a total of 50 cabins with many colors. suitable for all colors of Dalat city. The cable car has a total length of 2267m, crosses hills at the foot to go from Robin Hill to Truc Lam Zen Monastery in Phuong Hoang Mountain on the opposite side. Round trip ticket for adults is 70,000 VND / person, children are 40,000 VND / person. The one way ticket price for adults and children is 50,000 VND / person and 30,000 VND / person, each cabin can accommodate about 4 people.

Cabin Robin được thiết kế vô cùng hiện đại và an toàn

The cabins are designed extremely modern and safe (Image: @iamnngann)

With a height of more than 1500m above sea level, the view from the cable car is definitely the best view to Dalat. A session in the cabin, overlooking the city at the foot with thousands of blooming flowers, across the green pine forest, watching the ancient villas with bold European architecture scattered, alternating side. flowers and forests. Peaceful Dalat can be easily seen like that. Nor can you always get the feeling of being immersed in such peaceful nature.

Ngắm nhìn các loài hoa từ trên cáp treo Robin

See flowers from the cable car (Photo collection)

Đồi Robin

The chalet is in the middle of a sunflower garden on the hillside (Photo collection)

Tham quan đồi Robin

Get invited to the hardware festival to hang out (Image: @ bi.lee4)

Truc Lam Temple on the other side of the station is also a tourist destination of Da Lat, is a peaceful place where people come to admire the scenery, learn about culture, to find some peace. A Robin cable car, two tourist destinations, this is definitely an experience that you absolutely should not miss when visiting Dalat.

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