Cai Mon Fruit Garden: A Cool Escape on Hot Summer Days

July 17, 2020 6 mins to read

Cai Mon Fruit Garden is one of the favorite stops for many travelers exploring Ben Tre. With its refreshing greenery and various delicious fruits, this place is an exciting destination to cool off on hot summer days and escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Your rural adventure in Ben Tre would be incomplete without a visit to the renowned fruit gardens here. Besides coconut, Ben Tre is also known for its widespread fruit gardens scattered throughout the province, with the highest concentration in the Chau Thanh and Cho Lach districts. Cai Mon Fruit Garden is the most famous and must-visit spot, offering a delightful experience for all. For more information and to plan your visit, check out

A Glimpse of Cai Mon Fruit Garden

1.1 Where is Cai Mon Fruit Garden Located?

Cai Mon Fruit Garden is situated in Vinh Thanh commune, Cho Lach district, approximately 25 km from the center of Ben Tre City. Cai Mon is the largest area for cultivating fruit trees in the Cho Lach region. The location benefits from the sedimentation of alluvium from the Co Chien and Ham Luong rivers throughout the year, coupled with the milder and less stormy climate of the southwestern region, creating favorable conditions for lush and healthy plant growth.

The name ‘Cai Mon’ has ancient origins, with ‘Cai’ meaning a large canal and ‘Mon’ translating to honey in Khmer. This terminology stems from the observation that the area was abundant with fruit trees and blooming flowers year-round, attracting honey bees to build their hives.

As Vietnamese settlers moved to the South, they discovered and began harnessing the agricultural potential of this land for fruit cultivation. Over time, this area has evolved into a prosperous orchard region renowned for delicious fruits such as Cai Mon durians, Cho Lach longans; Ben Tre green-skinned pomelos, Thanh Phu four-season mangoes, and more. Beyond being an agricultural export hub, Cai Mon Fruit Garden has also become a popular eco-tourism destination in Ben Tre, drawing admiration from many.

1.2 Ticket Prices for Cai Mon Fruit Garden

The ticket prices for visiting Cai Mon Fruit Garden vary depending on the travel season. Generally, ticket prices range from around 60,000 to 70,000 VND per person, covering the entrance fee and the opportunity to indulge in the fruits within the garden.

1.3 Ideal Time to Travel to Cai Mon Fruit Garden

Ben Tre’s climate remains mild throughout the year, making it accessible for tourism and relaxation in any season. However, if you plan to visit Cai Mon Fruit Garden, it’s recommended to go between May and August each year, as this marks the beginning of the harvest season.

During this time, Cai Mon offers a vibrant and colorful natural landscape, allowing visitors to experience hands-on fruit picking and fresh produce in the garden. Additionally, it’s an opportune time to explore the mangrove forest, Con Phung, and Con Quy and partake in various exciting activities at eco-tourism sites.

2. Guide to Getting to Cai Mon Fruit Garden

Starting from the center of Ben Tre City, head towards National Highway 57C in the direction of Tan Phu Ferry (Chau Thanh side). When you reach the Tan Bac Intersection, turn left and travel approximately 1 km more to Cai Mon Fruit Garden. Despite being somewhat distant from the city center, the route is relatively easy to navigate. You may consider checking reputable motorcycle rental services in Ben Tre for convenience in transportation.

3. What’s Appealing at Cai Mon Fruit Garden?

3.1 Cai Mon Fruit Garden – A Sweet Paradise of Fragrant Flowers and Fruits

When you visit Cai Mon Fruit Garden, you’ll undoubtedly be captivated by the heavenly scent of fragrant flowers and ripe fruits. The garden is spacious, with various fruit tree varieties such as durian, pomelo, longan, and more. Each type of tree is strategically planted in designated areas for convenient exploration and harvesting.

The most beautiful aspect of visiting Cai Mon Fruit Garden is the opportunity to savor freshly picked, sweet, and ripe fruits. Because the fruits don’t undergo intermediate handling or long-distance transportation, they are reasonably priced, fresh, and delicious, without preservatives. It’s no exaggeration to say that Cai Mon is one of the largest fruit havens in the Southwestern region.

3.2 Indulge in Southern Specialty Delicacies at Cai Mon Fruit Garden

During your visit to Cai Mon Fruit Garden, you can also relish a variety of Southern specialties, including mushroom-stuffed pancakes (bánh xèo nấm mối), snakehead fish porridge with bitter greens (cháo cá lóc rau đắng), coconut mouse (chuột dừa), rice snails (ốc gạo), freshwater shrimp (tép dặm), and more. You’ll also have the chance to immerse yourself in the local farmer experience by donning traditional attire like the ‘ba ba’ shirt and Ben Tre-patterned scarf, participating in various daily activities and production tasks as the locals do.

Aside from the fruit garden, Cai Mon is renowned for supplying various species of ornamental flowers in the Western region. Every year, Cai Mon Flower Village provides hundreds of different ornamental flower varieties to the domestic market, with popular ones including marigolds, bougainvillea, carnations, dahlias, chrysanthemums, raspberry chrysanthemums, and more.


With its refreshing greenery and many delicious fruits, Cai Mon Fruit Garden is a captivating destination you shouldn’t miss in your travel itinerary. Explore this fruity paradise with to enjoy moments of relaxation after days of study or work fatigue. It’s a potent remedy to recharge your energy and balance your life.

Du lịch vườn trái cây Cái Mơn

Traveling to Cai Mon Fruit Garden (Photo Collection)

Đường đi tới vườn trái cây Cái Mơn - Bến Tre

The road to Cai Mon fruit garden – Ben Tre (Photo Collection)

Lập team phượt vườn trái cây Cái Mơn

Set up Cai Mon fruit garden team (Photo Collection)Mùa trái cây chín tại miệt vườn Cái Mơn

Ripe fruit season at Cai Mon garden (Photo Collection)

Hình ảnh các du khách tới tham quan vườn trái cây Cái Mơn

Photos of tourists visiting Cai Mon fruit garden (Photo Collection)

Có rất nhiều trái cây các loại tại miệt vườn Cái Mơn

There are many kinds of fruits at Cai Mon garden (Photo Collection)

Mua trái cây chín đỏ tại vườn về làm quà

Buy ripe red fruits in the garden as a gift (Photo Collection)

Vườn trái cây Cái Mơn - Địa điểm vui chơi lý tưởng dành cho gia đình

Cai Mon Fruit Garden – An ideal place for family fun (Photo Collection)

Tận hưởng trái cây ngon hấp dẫn ngay tại vườn

Enjoy delicious, delicious fruits right in the garden (Photo Collection)

Theo chân nhà vườn khám phá cách trồng cây trái hiệu quả

Follow gardeners to discover how to grow fruit trees effectively (Photo Collection)

Tham quan vườn hoa kiểng tại Cái Mơn

Visiting the ornamental flower garden in Cai Mon (Photo Collection)

Săn lùng ảnh đẹp tại vườn hoa Cái Mơn

Hunt beautiful pictures at Cai Mon Flower Garden (Photo Collection)

Homestay Gite Nam Hien

Homestay Gite Nam Hien (Photo Collection)

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