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Can Tho Museum – A place to preserve the beauty of magnificence through the years

If you once visit the Can Tho Museum , you will visit the artifacts about the people and the land of Can Tho through each period. Admire the beautiful socio-economic culture here will give you an extremely interesting experience.

Bảo tàng Cần Thơ (Ảnh Collection)

Can Tho Museum (Photo Collection)

1. Address Can Tho Museum

Bảo tàng Cần Thơ - địa điểm tham quan nổi tiếng (Ảnh Collection)

Can Tho Museum – famous sightseeing spot (Photo Collection)

Located at No. 1, Hoa Binh Boulevard, Tan An Ward, Ninh Kieu District, City. Can Tho and this place store special artifacts giving you an overview of the life of the Can Tho people over the years. You will enjoy the artifacts stored in the museum.

2. Information about Can Tho Museum

Bảo tàng Cần Thơ - địa điểm tham quan được du khách yêu thích (Ảnh Collection)

Can Tho Museum – a favorite tourist attraction (Photo Collection)

The museum was founded in 1976 and it is a large-scale museum in the Mekong Delta with an area of nearly 3,000 m2. Coming here to visit you will have moments of excitement to explore the beauty of Can Tho.

3. Opening time of the Can Tho Museum

Không gian của bảo tàng Cần Thơ (Ảnh Collection)

Space of Can Tho Museum (Photo Collection)

If you go to the museum on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the morning of the museum is open from 8:00 am – 11:00 pm and pm from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm. If you go to the museum on Saturdays and Sundays as well as on holidays, Tet, the museum’s morning will be open at 8:00 am – 11:00 pm and the afternoon will be open from 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm. Find out information about opening hours so you can arrange this to suit your family’s travel itinerary.

4. Can Tho Museum – cultural beauty over the years

Upon arriving at the museum, you will admire a 2-story building. The ground floor is an overview of the natural and social features of ancient and present Can Tho.

Bên ngoài của bảo tàng Cần Thơ (Ảnh Collection)

Outside of Can Tho museum (Photo Collection)

Up to this floor, you will admire the artifacts that help introduce the geographic location, flora, fauna, land, landscape, river climate, culture of the 3 ethnic Kinh – Chinese – Khmer for you. Extremely interesting experience. See artifacts from the past and now help you understand the changes of Can Tho over the years. Surely it will be one of the most meaningful tours for you to have an extremely interesting experience when learning more about Can Tho.

Khung cảnh của Bảo Tàng Cần Thơ (Ảnh Collection)

Scenery of Can Tho Museum (Photo Collection)


The second floor of the Can Tho museum is exhibited artifacts on the history of fighting against foreign invaders of Can Tho people. From the resistance war against the US and France, there are artifacts stored in the museum. You will admire the weapons, trophies of the war are carefully preserved in the museum. With these artifacts, you will better understand the hard struggle of Can Tho people in the past five months.

Các hiện vật trong bảo tàng Cần Thơ (Ảnh Collection)

Artifacts in Can Tho Museum (Photo Collection)

Can Tho Museum is one of the important addresses in preserving and preserving the Oc Eo culture that everyone wishes to explore. With many artifacts and precious materials on display, stored in the museum, visitors come here to understand this special culture. Oc Eo culture is an ancient culture that existed from the first century until the 7th century AD and it is one of the oldest cultures studied by many people.

Hiện vật chiến tranh ở bảo tàng Cần Thơ (Ảnh Collection)

War artifacts in Can Tho museum (Photo Collection)

Archaeologists in our country have discovered hundreds of places belonging to Oc Eo culture located in the Southern region. One of the most interesting archaeological sites is Oc Eo cultural relic in Nhon Thanh hamlet, Nhon Nghia commune, Phong Dien district, Can Tho.

Những hiện vật ở trong bảo tàng Cần Thơ (Ảnh Collection)

Artifacts in the Can Tho Museum (Photo Collection)

An extremely special culture, this is a research topic of interest by many archaeologists. The presence of Oc Eo culture at the Can Tho Museum has been recognized and extremely interested by archaeologists. Admire these valuable artifacts and you will be extremely interested in this place.

5. Exhibits on display at the Can Tho museum

Các phòng thuốc được tái hiện trong bảo tàng Cần Thơ (Ảnh Collection)

The medicine room is reproduced in the Can Tho museum (Photo Collection)

Coming to the museum, you will admire the artifacts that help outline the natural and social characteristics of Can Tho. At the same time, the museum also helps to introduce the characteristics, the location of land, animals and plants, Oc Eo culture, landscape, culture of 3 ethnic groups: Vietnamese – Chinese, Khmer will give you special experiences.

Hình ảnh về Cần Thơ xưa và nay (Ảnh Collection)

Images of Can Tho in the past and present (Photo Collection)

Go to the museum, you can also discover the history of fighting against foreign invaders of Can Tho people in the resistance war against France and the US. The cultural, economic and social achievements of Can Tho from 1975 to now are also stored in the Museum of Can Tho. The museum will often change the display content, introduce the cultural history of Vietnam to the world. You will love to admire these special historical artifacts.



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