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Cat Cat village in Sapa – The most beautiful village in the Northwest forest

Sapa cloud paradise – the pride of the Northwest mountainous region is no stranger to domestic and foreign tourists. Amidst the majestic natural mountains and scenery, there is a small and beautiful rustic village that anyone coming to Sapa will definitely have to visit. That is the attractive Cat Cat village with simple wooden houses, small streams, murmuring colorful brocade and simple ethnic minorities.

bản cát cát

Sapa mountain nature

How to get to Cat Cat village in Sapa?

Cat Cat village is located in San Sa Ho commune, Sapa district, from the center of Sapa town to the gate of the village is just over 2km. You can choose the form of walking, can combine views of the mountains and admire the entire village from above.

bản cát cát

Cat Cat village Sapa

A few experiences in Cat Cat village for you

On the way back, from the last stop of Cat Cat village to the town is more than 3km. After exploring the village with a long distance, the 3km return road will make you quite tired so if you are not in good health, you should ride a motorbike and park at the gate of the village (do not ride in in the version).

  • The price for parking a motorbike is 10k
  • Tickets to Cat Cat village is 50k / person.
  • Ethnic clothing rental price 50k / person

bản cát cát

Colorful national costumes

In front of the village gate, there are many shops selling ethnic clothes, you can buy yourself a set. There are also many other accessories that you can rent, such as umbrellas of ethnic minorities, …

Khách sạn Sapa giá rẻ

Another small note is that when buying tickets, there are many maps at the ticket counter. You can get it for free and the map is very useful. On it there are all the famous attractions in Cat Cat village and directions – very helpful

bản cát cát

Sapa ethnic baby

You should prepare in the bag of little candy because on the way to visit the village there are many ethnic children who will follow you. They sell handicrafts and invite you to buy things, if you don’t want to buy them give them candy they won’t follow you anymore.

What is Cat Cat village beautiful?

bản cát cát

Handicraft village in Cat Cat village

Cat Cat village tourist area has a lot of interesting and interesting things for you to explore. From small roads, tiny houses, craft villages, stream waterfall, Gem valley, Cat Cat village, ..

The road leading to Cat Cat village

On the journey to discover Cat Cat village, there are 2 roads that will definitely leave you the most impressed. This is the road to Cat Cat village and the terraced road from the gate of Cat Cat village leads to the entrance to the inside of the village.

bản cát cát

Winding road leads to Cat Cat village

On the 2 km drive to the village, you will not be impatient, instead you will be mesmerized by the scenery around it. One side is the identical high mountains, the other side is the Sapa valley that appears with immense terraced fields.

bản cát cát

The cafe on the entrance to Cat Cat village

On this road you will be passing through the most beautiful Sapa cafe in town. This road is quite steep and at a higher elevation than Cat Cat, so you will be able to see the entire village from above with the houses lined closely with each other.

Stone path stairs

bản cát cát

Images of paved roads leading to the village

Stepping through the gate leading to Cat Cat’s entrance, you will be surprised by the wide staircase of only two rows of people and paved with glossy stones. The rather steep path between the two blocks creates a beautiful scenery.

bản cát cát

Singer Ho Ngoc Ha also chose Cat Cat village for her tour of Sapa

Along the two sides of the road are stalls with all kinds of crafts such as: ethnic jewelry, brocade, specialties Sapa, … that visitors cannot resist but stop for a few moments, buy a few gifts for yourself and for your loved ones as gifts.

Rustic ethnic houses

bản cát cát

Photos of simple houses mixed with terraced fields

These houses were formed in the years of the 19th century, Cat Cat village of the Hmong people. Hmong families live on the middle of the mountain, next to the hillsides of livestock farming to live.

bản cát cát

Virtual life frames for girls

The three-story houses are made of wood, also known as the “wall house”, perhaps you have come across it in Vietnamese films set in the Northwest. The interior space of the houses is very simple, the kitchen is right next to the reception area, the dining room, only an extra two separate sleeping spaces.


The uniqueness from the wooden houses

On the stone steps you will get to see these houses most clearly. Although small, but very cute with a few pots of flowers, pots placed on the roof, sometimes a wooden swing in the door for children to play.

bản cát cát

One of the prominent checkin locations in Cat Cat village

Cat Cat village center

bản cát cát

Giant water mills in Cat Cat

It can be said that the center of the village is the most prominent stop in the journey to discover Cat Cat village. Crossing the paved vertical slope, a beautiful scene will open up before your eyes, but pay close attention because the road is quite slippery.

bản cát cát

Beautiful stream of dreaming flowers

A whole stream of white, fast flowing water with murmuring sounds. There are quite a few interesting things here for you to explore. The giant water mill, the bamboo bridge protruding on the cascade, the wooden merry-go-round, the thatched cottages … make you not miss to leave.

bản cát cát

Silver waterfall

bản cát cát

The dreamy beauty of Silver waterfall

Walk a few dozen more steps, you will encounter a standing waterfall flowing fast flowing white water straight down from above. This Silver waterfall was found and named by the French as Cat Cat waterfall.

bản cát cát

Wild grass nature beside the Silver waterfall

In the midst of vast wild mountains, listening to the sound of water flowing through the cliffs, … a peaceful sky makes your soul feel so light.

bản cát cát

Beautiful Gem Valley landscape

Reward yourself with the comfortable moments of rest after work, giving yourself a tour of Sapa to immerse yourself in the nature of the mountains. Also do not forget to visit Cat Cat Sapa village to explore the traditional culture of the Mong people.


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