Check out the famous bars in Da Nang

July 17, 2020 17 mins to read

The bars in Da Nang serve as perfect spots for entertainment and enjoyment for visitors during the night. At these bars, tourists can immerse themselves in music, savor delicious drinks, and admire the stunning scenery.

Coming to Da Nang without experiencing the hottest entertainment centers, your trip may still not be complete. Let’s look at some of this peaceful city’s most popular Danang bars!

Các quán bar nổi danh Đà thành
The famous bar Da Nang

The famous bar in Da Nang

Sky 21 Bar Da Nang

  • Floor 21, Belle Maison Parosand Danang Hotel, 216 Vo Nguyen Giap, Son Tra District, Da Nang
  • Opening hours: 17:00 – 00:00

Sky 21 Bar & Bistro, located on the top Floor of Belle Maison Parosand Danang Hotel at 216 Vo Nguyen Giap, Son Tra District, Da Nang, is a perfect spot for visitors to enjoy entertainment and fun during the night.

With a luxurious, modern, and stunning space providing an unobstructed view of the sea, Sky 21 Bar & Bistro offers an ambiance that feels cozy, adorned with glamorous chandeliers and well-arranged seating, allowing for a private and enjoyable night with friends or partners.

What to eat and play at SKY 21 BAR?

Head to Sky 21 Bar every Thursday night from 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM to enjoy romantic Live Acoustic music. Or, for a more lively vibe, catch the DJ Show every Saturday from 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM.

Experience a diverse world of drinks at Sky 21 Bar, from soft drinks, coffee, and cocktails to exquisite, top-notch alcoholic beverages. This is undeniably an ideal spot for a romantic date for couples.

The menu at Sky 21 Bar & Bistro is diverse and extensive, featuring a wide range of beverages, from cocktails to wines, expertly crafted by professional bartenders. The Asian-European fusion cuisine is delicately prepared and varied, ensuring the satisfaction of even the most discerning diners.


A compelling reason to visit immediately is Sky 21 Bar’s exciting promotions:
Beer buffet for only 169K: Monday to Sunday
Buy one, get one free for cocktails and beers: Daily from 17:00 to 20:00
CHILL Combo with four dishes for groups of 2-3 people for only 499K
CHEERS Combo with five dishes for groups of 4-6 people for only 999K

For music enthusiasts, Sky 21 Bar & Bistro offers vibrant music nights featuring top-notch artists from both local and international scenes. With its breathtaking scenery and professional service, Sky 21 Bar & Bistro is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious bars/pubs in Da Nang.

The 1920’S Lounge

  • 53 Tran Quoc Toan, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
  • Opening time: 18:00 – 23:00

The 1920s lounge, nestled in the bustling heart of Da Nang, has exuded sophistication and refinement since its establishment in 2017. Positioned conveniently near the city center, this lounge has garnered attention across age groups, especially among nightlife aficionados.

“Tonight, you have an appointment with The 1920’s Lounge!” Escape the hustle and bustle of the city streets and the usual clamor of everyday life, and immerse yourself in the tunes of jazz and soothing guitar melodies. Order some light food and drinks for an evening filled with love in a graceful and cozy space—the 1920s lounge promises to captivate all guests with its dedicated and professional service. You can also visit the souvenir counter to choose and purchase your favorite items.

The Space at The 1920’s lounge

Amidst the vibrant city life, would you like to immerse yourself in glasses of wine and gentle cocktails and relish serene melodies in a warm, classical space exuding a subtle scent of wood and cinnamon at The 1920s lounge? Despite its modest size, this place accommodates many guests, allowing you and your friends to host a grand and elegant party.

Differentiating Space

Stepping into the 1920s is stepping into an entirely different world from the outside. It’s a journey back to the life and flavors of the 1920s era.

Mixology Counter – Seating Area

Displays various items: wines, shisha, cigarettes, etc.
Professional and prompt bartenders
Customize cocktails to match preferences and moods
Ample, neatly arranged seating exudes an elegant and refined style
Beautifully adorned lights and candles create a gentle and tranquil ambiance

Menu at The 1920s lounge

At The 1920’s Lounge, one cannot miss out on the wines and cocktails. Each cocktail bears its unique flavor and mood, catering to individual tastes. The lounge offers a classic ambiance, and its food and drinks reflect a vintage style, perfectly aligning with its name. The beverages here aren’t just delicious and unique but are regularly updated, promising an exciting experience for patrons.

Moreover, the menu offers a diverse range of drinks for you to choose from. Spirits, wine, non-alcoholic options, and shisha are all meticulously crafted and beautifully presented, captivating you at first glance. Especially noteworthy are the smoothies, fresh juices, and fruits served to customers of all ages. What could be better for a relaxed evening, unwinding with a drink, blending with slow music and soft lighting alongside your loved ones?

Quán bar mang âm hưởng cổ điển như tên gọi của nó

The bar has a classical vibe, as its name suggests

Classic Music

Of course, music is indispensable at The 1920’s lounge. At 9:15 PM every day, the lounge starts enchanting guests with melodies. Temporarily setting aside the hustle of Da Nang’s streets, patrons gather to immerse themselves in the mellifluous tunes performed by bands and singers. Each day brings a different musical experience, allowing guests to indulge in tranquil moments with a glass of wine within the vintage ambiance amid flickering candlelight. Just the thought is enough to captivate anyone.

The 1920s lounge welcomes many renowned bands: HnK Band, Kaos Band, and No Name. From Monday to Sunday, guests can encounter various bands and singers presenting many songs and melodies. The music isn’t overwhelming, allowing for enjoyment and heartfelt conversations with dear friends—the 1920s lounge pledges to charm even the most discerning guests.

Regular Events

The 1920’s lounge hosts regular events. Be it holidays, anniversaries, or even ordinary days, the lounge always resonates with music that aligns with the mood and atmosphere of the day. Guests can also book the venue for parties or birthdays, where the attentive staff and bartenders provide top-notch service. Rest assured, it promises not to disappoint.

Nhẹ nhàng và sâu lắng, The 1920 đưa các cặp tình nhân xích lại gần nhau hơn

Softly and deeply, The 1920s brought the lovers closer together

Sailor Pub Danang

  • 212 Bach Dang, Phuoc Ninh, Hai Chau and Da Nang
  • Opening time: 18:00 – 04:00

Sailor Pub là địa chỉ ăn chơi quen thuộc của giới trẻ Đà thành

Sailor Pub is a familiar play address for young people in Da Thanh

Sailor Pub Da Nang stands out as a must-visit destination for young travelers in the beautiful coastal city of Da Nang, ensuring an unforgettable highlight in their trip.

Despite the nightfall, Sailor Pub remains a vibrant beacon with its sweet, refined taste and a perfect wrap-up to make your night shine. The collaboration of lively DJs promises an electrifying music night. It can be said that “spending an unexpected night here will make you reluctant to leave.”

Youthful and Elegant Space Design

Understanding the trend among youngsters for modern, youthful spaces to experience the most incredible emotions while immersing in music and lively lights, Sailor Pub Da Nang has harmoniously combined interior design with simplicity, tidiness, and sophistication. It presents a harmonious, balanced beauty, exquisite and sophisticated, yet it doesn’t lose the playful touch, allowing young people to fully engage and enjoy the experience.


Considered a paradise for drinks, the venue offers a unique drinking experience. Under the expertise of skilled mixologists, the drinks—be they wines or cocktails—blend into the vibrant atmosphere alongside a dazzling lighting system, leaving indelible impressions on the souls of young patrons.

Music and Lighting

Visiting Sailor Pub, you’ll feel like stepping onto a grand stage of a performance. Engaging here, you’ll be submerged in the dynamic music curated by DJs. Upon leaving, you might exclaim that the music here is the distinctive factor that sets Sailor Pub apart from any other club or pub. The venue’s delicately installed lighting system is the place’s soul, stimulating auditory senses and bonding people.

Special Promotions

The pub offers enticing promotions on event days and holidays, such as free shisha and a fruit platter for groups of over seven or a group of five ladies, a complimentary 1-liter Long Island Ice Tea, or a Strongbow bottle upon taking photos at the venue.

Attentive Service at Sailor Pub Da Nang

With the desire to deliver the most exceptional moments to customers, Sailor Pub always provides top-notch services, from reasonable prices to fulfilling customer requests, under the spirit of “making customers so enamored they forget the way back.” The professionally trained staff always serve and address even the most minor customer requests to ensure a memorable experience.


  • 3rd Floor, 39-41 Nguyen Thai Hoc Hai Chau District, Da Nang City
  • Opening time: 19:00 – 01:30

Pang Da Nang is an address not to be missed when visiting Da Nang

Tê Bar in Da Nang is the top choice for the most chill bar in the city and a place you absolutely shouldn’t miss out on. If you’re seeking a spot for a date or to gather with friends in Da Nang, Tê Bar is a highly suitable and recommended choice.

Located on the 3rd Floor at 39-41 Nguyen Thai Hoc in Da Nang City, despite being somewhat far from the city center, it draws in a large crowd of young people who join in vibrant music parties. Everything here entices participants with an irresistible charm. Each element holds substantial influence, from the space to the service style and organized events, creating a unique allure for the bar.

Space at Tê Bar Da Nang

The space at Tê Bar is intimate, completely secluded from the outside. Stepping into Tê Bar, you’ll feel like entering a new world of light and music, a place to unwind and relax, letting go of work and life’s burdens.

The cocktail corner is exceptionally captivating with its simple yet classic and elegant design. A grand liquor cabinet adorned in the background, neatly and beautifully arranged liquor bottles, becomes the highlight of the bar. Each corner of the establishment is decorated uniquely, with distinct styles and inspiration—visitors can explore and discover these spaces.

For those who love capturing moments in unique settings, Tê Bar Da Nang is a perfect spot. The bar offers an aesthetically pleasing corner with vivid colors and LED lighting effects that provide a fantastic backdrop for your photos. Visit Tê Bar with friends to explore exciting aspects and capture distinctive, beautiful, and Instagram-worthy shots.

The elegantly designed cocktail bar is also an excellent suggestion for a sophisticated yet unconventional photo opportunity, adding a touch of grace and uniqueness to your pictures.

Events at Tê Bar Da Nang

Tê Bar Da Nang regularly hosts new and exciting events. This factor has placed Tê Bar at the top of the list of bars worth visiting in Da Nang in the past month.

Apart from super chill evenings that create a light atmosphere, the bar also holds explosive and extraordinary events, unlike many other bars. Renowned professional DJs like D.A., LAMAR, etc., are invited to join and set the stage on fire at these music extravaganzas.

Events like the Tê Experience are organized to provide participants with a better understanding of the bar. It creates an opportunity to experience and understand the formation process while enjoying a cocktail at Tê Bar Da Nang in its most accurate, most authentic form.

Menu at Tê Bar Da Nang

The bar’s menu is incredibly diverse and distinctive, featuring new and unique beverages. Notably, the cocktails at Tê Bar encapsulate the establishment’s dedication, inheriting cultural and historical values, and distinctiveness in flavors and preparation methods. The bartenders continuously upgrade and develop new mixology techniques.

Tê Bar mang lại những cảm xúc độc lạ từ các loại cocktail đặc biệt

Pangolin brings unique emotions from special cocktails

The irresistible and enticing concoctions crafted by professional bartenders are also a visual treat to watch. You can also choose various types of liquors to savor and enjoy. A touch of alcohol can make one feel more relaxed than ever before.

Kirara Bar & Lounge

  • 7 Nguyen Du Thach Thang, Da Nang
  • Opening time: 19:00 – 3:00

Kirara Bar & Lounge Hai Chau Da Nang

If I had to pick one, I might be drawn to the cozy yet modern vibe of Kirara Bar & Lounge. Its reflection of the coastal ambiance and the attention to detail in both the design and drinks menu seem intriguing.

Kirara Bar & Lounge is indeed a reflection of Da Nang’s gentle and romantic coastal vibe. It’s a focal point for relaxation for locals and tourists visiting this seaside city.

The bar has gained significant familiarity among the local community, particularly with the LGBTQ+ demographic. It captivates visitors with its trendy and modern style, always in line with market trends. Here, customers experience unique colors and vibes that can’t be found elsewhere. Additionally, the bar hosts special events to show its customers appreciation.

Elegant Design at Kirara Bar & Lounge

The space at Kirara Bar & Lounge is designed with a black-and-white color scheme blended with earthy tones like brown, creating a modern and elegant style. The interior is adorned with sparkling and sophisticated decor, echoing a European ambiance. The meticulous design of seating areas and the spacious bar counter create comfort for patrons. Such designs inspire numerous gatherings of friends, family, or even business meetings.

Menu at Kirara Bar & Lounge

Not only does Kirara Bar & Lounge boast eye-catching designs, but it’s also renowned for its extraordinary beverages. The menu includes purified water, cocktails, mocktails, and, notably, fresh beer and some of the world’s finest liquors. If you’re a woman, trying a mocktail is a must. Under the expertise of top-notch bartenders, sipping on a visually appealing, subtly fragrant mocktail is an exquisite experience.

For men preferring the slight kick of alcohol, trying a creatively mixed cocktail might be the perfect choice. And for those with refined tastes, the world’s top-class liquors are a must-try. Decades-aged bottles will evoke feelings beyond words. Additionally, the bar serves unique fast bites that complement the drinking experience.

Sound and Lighting

Matching the sophistication of its design, guests at Kirara Bar & Lounge are immersed in the melodious tunes of the piano, skillfully played by artists, both during the day and night. Intricately woven into the bar’s interior, the lighting system significantly contributes to the captivating atmosphere, pleasing the guests.

Service and Regular Events at Kirara Bar & Lounge
The bar has a carefully selected and trained team of staff. Most employees are young, beautiful, friendly, and exceptionally enthusiastic. Don’t be surprised to see these adorable staff members casually mingling and chilling with the customers.

The Fox Club Danang

  • 13-14-15 Do Ba , My An, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang
  • Opening time: starting from 21:00

Fox Club Đà Nẵng

Fox Club Đà Nẵng

The Fox Club in Da Nang is a must-visit bar for those seeking an outlet to unwind and release the tension from life and work. It promises an entertaining playground, immersing you in Vinahouse music, creating an energetic environment where you’re pulled into the crowd, ready to enjoy the lively atmosphere.

Space at The Fox Club Da Nang

The space at The Fox Club Da Nang is quite expansive and grand. Upon entering for the first time, you might feel overwhelmed by the distinct atmosphere. The LED lights in various colors create an illusionary sensation, making you feel like you’ve entered a new world. But once accustomed to the place, you’ll feel excited and eager to blend into the lively crowd.

The Fox Club Da Nang stands out as an impressive nightlife destination in Da Nang, offering a fresh space for the youth in the Son Tra and Ngu Hanh Son areas. Finding such a vibrant and lively bar as The Fox Club Da Nang is rare. You have to experience this exciting venue for yourself to truly appreciate it!

Lively Music at The Fox Club Da Nang

Music acts as a bridge, connecting people and igniting them to groove and enjoy the most exciting moments in nightclubs. The Fox Club Da Nang is hailed as the Vinahouse haven for enthusiasts, offering an array of EDM, Vinahouse, and more to cater to the entertainment needs of the energetic young crowd. The club hosts vibrant music nights that are fiery and full of energy.

Events at The Fox Club Da Nang

The Fox Club Da Nang regularly organizes special events, inviting famous singers, artists, and DJs within the youth scene, such as Quan AP and the fiery DJ Jessica. It’s an opportunity to meet your idols during these heated music nights full of energy. It’s also a chance to gather with your groups of friends to relieve stress from life and work.

The Fox Club Da Nang always focuses on customers, offering surprising and entertaining music nights. The dramatic and energetic face-offs between famous Underground DJs are one of the unique events hosted here.

The special events are frequently updated on The Fox Club Da Nang’s social media page, so stay tuned to plan and join these fiery Vinahouse music parties.

Offers at The Fox Club Da Nang

Apart from the highlighted events, The Fox Club Da Nang also provides special offers when you visit the venue. There are discounts when purchasing drink combos, fruits, and laughter balls or when checking in at the venue. There are many offers during various festive occasions. Come and experience, as the offers are waiting for you.

Diverse Menu

The drinks at The Fox Club Da Nang are diverse, ranging from various beers and mild to strong liquors. Additionally, different fruits are always available to serve guests. Enjoy a drink while swaying to the music, immersed in excitement and stimulation.

Service at The Fox Club Da Nang

When at The Fox Club Da Nang, guests are served with dedication by a team of professional and friendly staff. They’re always ready to welcome you to these grand and daring music parties. Hence, The Fox Club Da Nang has received numerous praises and good reviews for its service. Once you visit, you’ll be captivated, wanting to return multiple times, making it your familiar entertainment spot with your friends.

Fox Club has many surprises for visitors

Bar experience in Da Nang

If you’ve had a whole week of work or are enjoying your vacation, it’s okay not to enjoy a relaxing breeze to love yourself; this will never be a waste. You already know the places you want to experience tonight but are hesitant because this is the first time you go to the bar, and you may be a little worried about the money and the pocket experience when going to bars in Da Nang. Maybe that will help you!

Kinh nghiệm đi Bar Đà Nẵng

In some typical cases, such as alcohol not going away, you can send it back, but you need to check carefully how much wine is left, as you can see on the standard mailing card. Why do people have to book in advance? Making a table in advance will help you choose a satisfactory seat and avoid a pool truss when arriving at peak times without seats. Suppose you have not booked a table in advance or not a weekend, like the table that table. While playing, note that when meeting drunken guests, avoid “collision” to protect yourself and your team! About the bo way for service, reception, and security … in Da Nang, you only give service when charging out, security stands near and protects the car, and housekeeping staff, the bo is about 50,000 VND. For PR staff, about 100,000 VND, DJ with 100,000 VND, with training of 200,000 VND to 500,000 VND.

Các khách sạn lân cận quán bar Đà Nẵng đa dạng trên Vntrip

Hotels near the diverse Danang bar on Vntrip

The above is the characteristic of each bar that almost all tourists enjoy during long or business trips to this coastal city. Hopefully, the highlighted information of about each address and sharing experiences for those new to Da Nang bar will help you have an additional pocket guide for your trip.

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