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Chicken Church – Old European strokes in the heart of Dalat 2018

As one of the circled destinations in the tourist map of Da Lat, the Cathedral is also known by the familiar name of the Chicken Church known for its ancient European architecture and grandeur. rarely seen on Langbiang plateau.

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The Cathedral is one of the catholic churches in Vietnam. People and tourists prefer to call it another name “more lovely” than the Chicken church because at the top of the bell tower is attached a large rooster – a symbol of the New Testament penance.

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This is an unforgettable highlight for the church because with that height, the chicken on the bell tower can be seen from many corners of the city. With a slightly hollow alloy material, the inside is coated with special chemicals and placed on a rotating shaft with a 0.66m long bearing 0.58m high, the chicken can rotate in the direction of the wind.

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Nearly 80 years after its completion in 1942, Chicken Cathedral is really a unique Roman architecture with a European perspective with a total shape of 65m long, 14m wide and touches the top of the bell tower is 47m . To create a highlight for the church, the architect installed on the walls 70 stained-glass panels in the Medieval style that both illuminated the inside of the cathedral and had a unique and fancy aesthetic decoration. In addition, the windows have arched arches, strong and definitive lines with the roof covered with plaster tiles, especially the proportion of the block arrays is very harmonious and tight.

Stained-glass panels create a fanciful space for the inner area (Photo: Collectibles)

The sanctuary consists of 3 spaces: 1 large space in the middle space and 2 small spaces on either side. The cross section of the building clearly shows the structure of the arch system in the whole supply form with the arch and the arch system. The columns in the interior have the classical column system combined with spontaneity. Both the ground and the façade are strictly symmetrically designed in a classical manner combined with spontaneity. It is this design that makes the space inside Con Ga church become a bit old and luxurious.

Strict symmetrical design of the area (Image: Collectibles)

In addition to the ancient and solemn features in architecture, Chicken Church – one of the tourist destinations in Da Lat also attracts visitors, especially young people to check-in by the pink of the walls. The pink wall against the blue sky is a backdrop that is very favored by the camera, especially the girls.

The color of the walls of the church The chicken is very popular with the faithful in pink (Image: Collectibles)

Visitors are also impressed by the blush of poinsettias on both sides of the road and alternating between the buildings of the church.

Nowhere, poinsettia has a forest-like red on this plateau (Image: Collectibles)

So why hesitate any longer, put on your backpack and visit this unique church right away. 

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