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Come to Ha Giang to discover the gray paradise of Dong Van rock plateau

About 300km from Hanoi, Dong Van rock plateau has long been an attractive tourist attraction, attracting tourists whenever they have the opportunity to visit Ha Giang. Dong Van rock plateau with wild, poetic beauty is like a “gray paradise” between the mountainous region of the beloved homeland.

Passing about 150km of the pass, one side is a deep hun, one side is the cat ear rocky mountains with quite dangerous bends, the majestic scenery of the Dong Van rock plateau gradually appears, hidden in smog.

Located at an average altitude of 1000 – 1600m above sea level, Dong Van rock plateau extends through 4 districts of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Meo Vac and Dong Van of Ha Giang province. According to the Consultative Council of the GGN Global Geopark Network, Dong Van rock plateau is one of the special limestone areas, containing typical marks on the development history of the Earth’s crust. , natural phenomena, unique landscapes, aesthetics, high biodiversity and long-standing cultural traditions of indigenous communities. In 2010, this plateau was officially recognized by the Global Geopark Network Advisory Council as Global Geopark.

Going from Quan Ba to Yen Minh to Meo Vac, Dong Van has only gray mountains that cut off a color of cat ears so this place is like a “gray paradise” of Ha Giang.

Rocks form strong fences, winding around small houses, corn fields and vegetable fields. The rough, rugged and angular stones were carefully selected by the talented hands of the family men, skillfully arranged without the use of cement or any adhesive material. Any other way to form solid, solid and unique stone fences. Therefore, it is often said that the stone fence of the Mong people shows the caring of a man to his family. The more beautiful the stone fence, the higher it is to prove that the house has a great pillar man.

Mixed with the gray color of the rock is the green of corn fields, the yellow color of the rice fields symbolizes the unyielding spirit of the people where the land “opens its eyes to stone, all four sides are regular.” is stone ”.

Dong Van rock plateau is probably the most beautiful when spring comes. At that time, everywhere in the hills and mountains was covered with a bright yellow of mustard flowers, the mossy roofs were covered with scarlet peach petals, pristine white plum blossoms.

Dong Van rock plateau is home to many attractive tourist attractions, many nationally recognized monuments such as: Architectural monuments of Vuong family’s edifice, Dong Van old town, Ma Pi Leng pass, mountains Couple Quan Ba, …

The wild and majestic beauty of the “gray paradise” of Dong Van stone plateau promises to bring you a trip to explore the wonderful land of the country with unforgettable experiences.


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