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July 15, 2020 7 mins to read

Welcome to the serene shores of Tam Thanh Beach, a hidden gem nestled along the picturesque coastline of Quang Nam, Vietnam. As you embark on a virtual journey to discover the beauty of Tam Thanh, guided by the insights from Vietnampeace.com, be prepared to be captivated by the tranquil charm and vibrant experiences this coastal paradise offers. With crystal-clear waters, breathtaking sunsets, and a rich tapestry of cultural wonders, Tam Thanh Beach beckons you to explore its shores and create memories that linger like the gentle sea breeze. Join us on this enchanting escapade, where every wave tells a story and every moment celebrates the beauty that graces this coastal haven.

1. Where is Tam Thanh Beach?

A visit to Tam Thanh Beach in Tam Ky is necessary for beach enthusiasts keen on exploring coastal areas. Amidst the bustling tourism activities and diverse service establishments, this beach maintains its simple, tranquil charm, captivating visitors.

Tam Thanh Beach is located in Tam Thanh commune, within the jurisdiction of Tam Ky city, Quang Nam. Nestled behind a wave-blocking forest, it lies about 10km east of Tam Ky City. This is an ideal tourist destination for summer days, offering easy access to tranquility and relaxation after exhausting work.

2. How to Get to Tam Thanh Beach

According to the experiences of Hue – Da Nang-Hoi, A travel enthusiast, traveling to Tam Thanh Beach is quite convenient. Visitors can choose from various transportation options depending on their exploration needs.

Starting from the center of Tam Ky city only takes about 15 minutes by car. Follow Tran Quoc Toan Street, then turn onto Vo Chi Cong Street upon reaching Tam Phu. Continue along Vo Chi Cong Street, National Highway 40B/DDT 614, and reach Provincial Road 614 in Tam Thanh. Go to the beautiful Tam Thanh Beach in Tam Ky, Quang Nam.

3. Best Time to Visit Tam Thanh Beach, Quang Nam

Visitors often flock to Tam Thanh Beach in spring or summer as a coastal tourist destination – these periods offer favorable weather for traveling and experiencing various beach activities.

If you visit Tam Ky around June, attending the Tam Thanh Beach Festival is recommended. This event typically lasts a week, featuring numerous cultural activities and spectacular entertainment.

4. What Makes Tam Thanh Beach Beautiful?

4.1. Watching Sunrise and Sunset at Tam Thanh Beach

One of the most exciting experiences at Tam Ky Beach is watching the sunrise and sunset. Whether the warm morning sun rays or the red hue of dusk painting the sky, both offer visitors peace and relaxation. For avid Instagrammers, this is also an excellent backdrop for stunning photos.

4.2. Visiting Tam Thanh Mural Village

Tam Thanh Beach Mural Village is no stranger to locals and tourists alike. Just a few steps from the beach, this village is a project completed by a group of young Koreans in 2016. Most walls, alleys, and houses inside the town are adorned with vibrant colors. Armed with a camera or smartphone, visiting the mural village ensures you’ll pocket numerous memorable photos.

4.3. Enjoying Activities on the Stretch of White Sand at Tam Thanh Beach

Tam Thanh Beach attracts many visitors with its smooth white sands and clear blue waters, surrounded by lush coconut trees and vegetation. The harmonious and gentle natural scenery provides a sense of tranquility and relaxation. Playing on the beach, visitors can enjoy sightseeing, check-ins, or participate in some outdoor sports and activities.

4.4. Swimming and Immersing in Nature at Tam Thanh Beach

The beach in Tam Thanh commune remains relatively pristine; thus, the seawater retains its clean, blue color. Visitors often immerse themselves in the cool water or experience floating on the sea with floating boards. The beauty of nature and the atmosphere by the sea always evoke indescribable and delightful emotions.

4.5. Instagram-Worthy Check-Ins at Tam Thanh Beach

More than just a typical tourist beach, Tam Thanh Beach has become a destination for photo enthusiasts or couples seeking wedding photo spots. Without the need for extravagance, the serene beauty of nature captivates many travelers who come here to explore.

4.6. Visiting Fish Sauce Production Facilities when Traveling to Tam Thanh Beach

The fish sauce production facilities in Tam Thanh commune mainly operate on a small scale, often as family businesses. However, the fish sauce follows traditional recipes, boasting a distinct, delicious flavor. Visiting these places allows you to learn about the production process and taste or purchase as souvenirs.

4.7. Visiting the Mother’s Monument when Traveling to Tam Thanh Beach, Tam Ky

One of the famous scenic spots in Tam Ky is the Mother’s Monument. Located about 5km from Tam Thanh Beach, it sits on the route from the beach to the city center. Mother Nguyen Thi Thu had nine sons, one son-in-law, and two grandchildren who sacrificed during the war. Hence, the monument was erected to commemorate their sacrifice, helping future generations understand more about historical values.

5. What to Eat at Tam Thanh Beach, Tam Ky?

If you’re wondering what to eat when visiting this tourist destination, you cannot miss the seafood at Tam Thanh Beach. Visitors can choose from various delicious dishes such as crab, mantis, fish, shrimp, squid… Prices here are affordable, so you can eat without worrying about costs. You can also enjoy many specialty dishes of Quang Nam, such as Tam Ky chicken rice, Quang-style noodles, Hoi An bread, etc.

6. Things to Note When Traveling to Tam Thanh Beach, Quang Nam

Exploring Tam Thanh Beach is always an experience many adventure seekers prefer when traveling to the Central region. However, you should also pay attention to the following information for a safe and meaningful trip:

  • When visiting the beach, don’t forget to bring sunscreen, prepare full swimwear, and check in to fully enjoy exploring.
  • For students traveling to Quang Nam by train, remember to bring your student ID to get a 10% discount on tickets.
  • Visitors can experience activities like camping and bonfires on the beach, but remember to maintain general hygiene.
  • When encountering any difficulties, you can seek help from locals. The advantage of Quang locals is their warmth and hospitality.

As we bid farewell to the captivating shores of Tam Thanh Beach, let us carry with us the memories of its tranquil beauty and vibrant charm. Through the lens of Vietnampeace.com, we have embarked on a journey of discovery, uncovering the hidden treasures and cultural wonders that adorn this coastal paradise. Whether it’s the mesmerizing sunsets, the immersive experiences, or the warm hospitality of the locals, Tam Thanh Beach has left an indelible mark on our hearts and minds. As we return to our daily lives, let us hold onto the serenity and joy that Tam Thanh has gifted us, knowing that its allure will always beckon us for another unforgettable adventure. Until we meet again, may the spirit of Tam Thanh Beach continue to inspire peace, happiness, and wanderlust in all who tread upon its sandy shores.

Vùng biển Tam Thanh thơ mộng (Ảnh ST)

Romantic Tam Thanh waters (Photo ST)

Những bức tranh tường sống động (Ảnh ST)

Vivid murals (Photo ST)

Làng bích họa Tam Thanh nổi tiếng của Quảng Nam (Ảnh ST)

The famous Tam Thanh mural village of Quang Nam (Photo ST)

Nghề nước mắm truyền thống tại Tam Hải (Ảnh ST)

Traditional fish sauce making in Tam Hai (Photo ST)

Chợ cá trên bãi biển Tam Tiến (Ảnh ST)

Fish market on Tam Tien Beach (Photo ST)

Hành trình khám phá đảo Tam Hải (Ảnh ST)

Journey to discover Tam Hai Island (Photo ST)

Làng bích họa Tam Hải (Ảnh ST)

Tam Hai mural village (Photo ST)

Ghềnh đá Bàn Than được ví như đảo nhỏ Lý Sơn tại Quảng Nam (Ảnh ST)

Ban Than rock rapids are compared to Ly Son islet in Quang Nam (Photo ST)

Tượng đài mẹ Thứ (Ảnh ST)

The Mother Monument (Photo ST)

Món cá chuồn nướng đặc biệt thơm ngon (Ảnh ST)

The grilled flying fish is particularly delicious (Photo ST)

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