Conquering Hon Chua Phu Yen – The pristine and stunning island of Phu Yen province

July 19, 2020 6 mins to read

Hon Chua Phu Yen is a pristine island with stacked rocks that leave a lasting impression. Once you’ve been here, you’ll find it hard to forget the sensation of immersing yourself in nature and engaging in incredibly appealing activities. Let’s delve deeper into Hon Chua through the following article with Vietnampeace.com1

1. Where is Hon Chua Phu Yen located?

Known as a dreamy land with beautiful natural landscapes, those who have explored Phu Yen would be familiar with this land of golden flowers and green grass, with fascinating islands like Hon Nua and Hon Yen… Now, there’s another famous and captivating destination here, Hon Chua Phu Yen.

Hon Chua is part of the Hon Dua island cluster, 7km off the mainland in Long Hai Sea, An Phu commune, Tuy Hoa City, Phu Yen province. When you set foot here, you’ll be treated to the sight of a prominent island amidst the vast blue ocean, exuding rugged beauty like a magical carpet.

2. Introduction to Hon Chua Phu Yen

2.1 Overview of Hon Chua Phu Yen

Hon Chua Phu Yen is a destination for those who love exploration, beach bathing, and diving. The island has a unique structure, formed from large and small rock blocks stacked upon each other due to the erosion of the sea waves, along with variously shaped rocks piled up. Due to this structure, the island doesn’t have many large trees; mostly, it’s covered with thorny bushes and dense shrubs. Some coconut trees and betel palms on the island are brought from the mainland to plant.

Hon Chua Phu Yen retains its pristine beauty, attracting many tourists to admire and explore. Another exciting thing is that on top of Hon Chua is said to be the “footprint” of an ancient pagoda with many fascinating legends. Those faint-hearted should not be curious!

2.2 How to get to Hon Chua Phu Yen

Located 10km from the center of Tuy Hoa city, it’s pretty close and convenient for self-sufficient travel. If you have a motorbike, you’ll have an enjoyable experience along the way to Hon Chua. Head north from Phu Yen towards Long Thuy Beach to Hon Chua Phu Yen. Long Thuy is near National Highway 1A and belongs to An Phu commune, Tuy Hoa City. Here, you can choose two ways to travel to Hon Chua Phu Yen.

– The first method is to travel by high-speed canoe near Long Thuy.
– The second method is to continue driving to My Quang village (in An Chan commune) and rent a boat from fishermen to the island.

3. Exciting experiences at Hon Chua Phu Yen

3.1 Admiring the beautiful scenery at Hon Chua Phu Yen

As soon as you set foot on Hon Chua, you’ll feel the island’s pristine beauty, a strangely peaceful feeling. The sea stretches along white sandy beaches, welcoming the gusts of wind. Here, you’ll be surprised to see the unique structure of the stacked rocks skillfully placed upon each other. The vegetation on the island is mainly bushes and many thorny grasses, covering the area lushly green. Another awe-inspiring thing is that rows of coconut trees and lush green make the scenery here very tranquil. These picturesque scenes have attracted many people here in search of a quiet place to “escape” from the hustle and bustle of life.

3.2 Beach bathing at Hon Chua Phu Yen

Amidst the sunny and windy weather of Phu Yen, there’s nothing better than immersing yourself in the clear water and relaxing on the deserted beach. The sound of waves blending with the smell of the sea creates an interesting Hon Chua Phu Yen that helps you dispel all worries and fatigue after a busy life.

3.3 Camping overnight on Hon Chua Island

Coming to Hon Chua Island without trying to camp overnight at least once is a big miss. Hon Chua offers a variety of experiential activities, but camping is highly recommended. If you intend to camp here, remember to bring sufficient equipment such as sleeping bags, tents, and food for outdoor BBQ.

Gather around the campfire, enjoy some food, add a cold beer, sing together, and chat under the starry night sky; what could be more fun than that?

3.4 Diving to admire coral reefs and marine life at Hon Chua

With an area of ​​about 100ha, the coral reefs around Hon Chua Island are diverse and abundant in species. They come in various vibrant colors and are home to various fishes, shrimps, crabs, squids, etc. Therefore, diving to admire coral reefs here promises to bring you unique and beautiful experiences. You should remember to bring a diving mask and a life jacket to enjoy the “castles” under the ocean!

Here are a few tips for your diving trip to be the most complete:

– After checking your physical fitness for diving, you should participate in a training course on knowledge, skills, and underwater maneuvers… If you already have experience in swimming and diving, it’s not necessary to join.
– The diving mask should fit the diver’s face to ensure that water cannot seep in when diving.
– Also, you need to check if the breathing tube is tightly secured. This is to prevent accidents beyond expectations.
– Avoid diving too deep or alone; it’s best to go with a group to avoid risks. When returning to the shore to avoid ear discomfort, hold your breath, tightly cover your ears, and gently exhale through your nose.
– After diving, you must wait 24 hours for your body to recover before flying. Therefore, consider whether to participate in diving if your travel time is tight.

3.5 Experience offshore fishing with fishermen

Another exciting activity you should experience is following the fishermen offshore to catch fish, sea urchins, squids… Then, you can enjoy the freshest seafood on the island!

Additionally, you can dive to spearfish and catch sea urchins (also known as sea hedgehogs) and enjoy them in a wilderness party on the island.

3.6 Participate in the annual fishing festival

In early June every year, people living around Hon Chua Island organize a fishing festival to pray for favorable rain, peaceful winds, calm seas, and good luck for fishermen and those who work in the fishing industry. Hoping for a bountiful harvest and an increasingly prosperous life.

4. What to eat on Hon Chua Phu Yen island

When you come to Hon Chua Phu Yen, you don’t have to worry about food because the islanders mainly live by fishing, so you can enjoy delicious dishes made from squids and snails… all of which are fresh and tasty. Additionally, you can dive to spearfish and catch sea urchins to contribute to the outdoor feast in the middle of the island.

In conclusion, Hon Chua Phu Yen offers unforgettable experiences for adventurers seeking tranquility amidst nature’s wonders. provides essential guides for diving, camping, and enjoying the island’s vibrant marine life. With breathtaking landscapes and immersive activities, Hon Chua Phu Yen beckons travelers to explore its beauty. With as your guide, embarking on this extraordinary voyage becomes an enriching adventure.

The scene of peaceful fishing village on Hon Chua island (Photo: @huuanhnguyen)

Visitors experience diving to watch the coral (Image: Collectibles)

Sea urchin (also known as nhum) (Photo: Collectibles)

The pristine beauty of Hon Chua (Photo: @huuanhnguyen)

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