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Cu Lan village in Da Lat has a unique untouched trail from nature

Cu Lan Village – this extremely unique village is one of the emerging tourist destinations in Dalat. Coming to Cu Lan village, visitors will feel the freedom, comfort and harmony with the nature of the mountains.

Làng Cù Lần – điểm du lịch Đà Lạt nổi bật với vẻ đẹp hoang sơ, mộc mạc

Cu Lan village – a tourist destination in Da Lat with wild and rustic beauty (Photo: Zing.vn)

Road to Cu Lan

Cu Lan Village is a completely new tourist destination in Dalat tourist map, put into operation in the past few years. Cu Lan village is a small village of about 30 hectares, nestled in the middle of the wild primeval forest at the foot of Mount Langbiang. About 20km from Cu hill and Ho Xuan Huong lake is located in Suoi Can village, Lat commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong. From the center of Dalat city, visitors can go towards Dan Kia lake – Golden stream (provincial road 722), also known as Dong Truong Son street, across immense lakes, through endless pine forests. , beautiful to visit Cu Lan village .

Hình ảnh con đường dẫn tới làng Cù Lần nhìn từ trên cao xuống

Photos of the road leading to Cu Lan village viewed from above (Image: ST)

Cu Lan – the name of the village is explained by the name of the Cu Cu tree, which grows alternately in the vast pine forests, enveloping and retaining the pristine beauty of the landscape here. In addition, the village of Cu Lan is home to the very cute Cu Lan, favored by many as the animal with “the most beautiful round eyes in the world”. Cu Lan is a gentle animal, mainly nocturnal and today is a rare animal listed in the Red Book. They are famously dumb, and when faced with a bit of danger, they often just curl up and cover their eyes with their hands.

Những con Cù Lần dễ thương với đôi mắt to tròn đẹp nhất thế gian

Cute Cu Cu with “the most beautiful big eyes in the world” (photo collection)

The pristine beauty of Cu Lan village amidst the mountains

The first question that comes to the mind of any visitor who has just arrived is “What’s here?” because only a tall gate, quite sketchy with a plaque showing the village of Cu Lan is still around, quite unspoiled unlike the tourist area with a small road to Cu Times village . After traveling in the direction of a carriage to go down to the area below, over a hundred steps and then continue through two more suspension bridges to reach the area of Cu Lan village one of the tourist attractions Dalat attractive. Standing halfway up the road, visitors will be able to zoom in on the area, only to see the magnificence of the village.

Cổng vào làng Cù Lần

Entrance to Cu Lan village (Photo: ST)

Looking down from the top of the slope, you will see the small wooden houses with dry pine leaves hidden in the pristine nature. In the middle of the valley is a lush green lawn, a vast lake. A very interesting experience when you step across a rope bridge across the two banks of the stream, swinging under each step. Tourists seem to stray into a peaceful and fresh space of the tourist resort of Cu Lan .

Amidst the beautiful natural space of highland mountains and mountains, Cu Lan Dalat village has a wild beauty with traditional stilt houses of K’Ho ethnic people very nicely. The cool atmosphere of Dalat plateau makes this place easily become a favorite vacation destination for many tourists.

Những mái nhà ở làng Cù Lần ẩn mình vào thiên nhiên

Roofs in Cu Lan village hide themselves into nature (Image: ST)

At the end of the slope, all the people are cool when the above is the soaring canopy, below are vast flowers and far away is Cu Lan village hidden in the mist of the valley. So, like, go, want to stop, there are wooden chairs, wooden swings for guests to sit and unleash their eyes to see the pine forest, to look at the lake here or to curious to see what is Cu Lan tree. in the journey to Cu Lan village .

Many tourists are delighted to enjoy the canoe by themselves, swinging on the oars on the lake, enjoying the breeze, watching the trees hanging by the lake. After moments of calm and relaxation, you can stop at Chom Hom market to explore the folk culture of the highland. More romantic, you can see the oil paintings of famous artists in the gallery. Where is Cu Lan village in the harmonious picture of Da Lat scene and love?

Chợ Chồm Hồm - làng Cù Lần

Chom Hom Market – Cu Lan Village (Image: ST)

Come to Cu Lan village in Da Lat to be able to immerse yourself in the sound of the wind in the deep green of the mountains or sit by the lake to relax after the long stressful working days, all lingering in the hearts of people. .

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