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Da Lat pink grass hill blazed in a cloudy sky

Dalat in November is a paradise of countless flowers: the pristine white of the broccoli, the radiant yellow of wild sunflowers, sunflowers … and indispensable dreaming of the pink grass hills .

Rose grass, also known as foxtail, is a wild plant that grows often in clusters on the hills and mountains of Dalat. This is a very special flower because they have the ability to “change color”, when the snow color is at dusk.

Pink grass in the early morning pristine coats of white snow due to the morning dew deposited here, so the name Da Lat grass grass was born from here. If you want to enjoy this pure beauty, remember to visit the grass hill at dawn.

Đồi cỏ tuyết trắng ngắt một góc trời

White snowy hills at a corner of the sky (Image: ST)

The morning dew melted under the golden sunshine of Da Lat, giving the hill a dreamy pink.

Đồi cỏ hồng dưới nắng ban mai

Rose grass under the morning sun (Photo: Nguyen Khanh Hoang)

Da Nhem flower and pink grass hill of Da Lat appeared relatively similar time, starting to be shy at the beginning of November and fade at the end of December. At the same time, this year, Da Hoa Festival was held. Seventh Lat is expected to last from December 23 to December 27, so if you expect the moment to be checked in with the flowers here, do not miss this occasion.

Check-in trên đồi cỏ hồng Đà Lạt

Let’s go to check in on the pink grass hill (Image: ST)

Rose grass grows along the valley, hillsides are wide throughout Da Lat, but perhaps the most beautiful is in Suoi Vang, the road to the gold valley and Thai Phien flower village creates extremely beautiful, unique and different scenes. Vietnam compared to many tourist destinations in Dalat.

Đồi cỏ hồng Đà Lạt

Pink grass hill swaying in the wind (Photo: Nguyen Khanh Hoang)

Đồi cỏ hồng Đà Lạt mọc ven thung lũng

Pink grass grows along the valley (Image: ST)

Rose grass hills around November and December with wild beauty and a little poetic not only “captivated” the romantic girls but even the young soldiers can hardly resist this beauty.

Đồi cỏ hồng Đà Lạt 04

Photo: ST

Đồi cỏ hồng Đà Lạt 05

Photo: ST

Come to Dalat grass hill to enjoy the natural beauty and people here. If you still wonder where to book when coming to Dalat to enjoy the poetic beauty of the pink grass hill, hurry to book a room because at the end of the year Dalat is “crowded” with tourists.

Đồi cỏ hồng trong ráng hoàng hôn

Rose grass in the sunset (Image: ST)


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