Review of the 2 Most Beautiful Pink Grass Hills in Dalat & Travel Tips

July 12, 2020 8 mins to read

Dalat’s Pink Grass Hill is an ideal destination for nature lovers seeking to immerse themselves in a romantic and peaceful atmosphere. The pink hues of the Dalat Pink Grass fields are created by snow grass, growing wild along the edge of forests or bodies of water, forming a picturesque and charming scene reminiscent of a painting.

If you plan a trip to Dalat around the end of the year, Dalat’s Pink Grass Hill is undoubtedly a fantastic spot to add to your itinerary. Join Vietnampeace as we explore the detailed route, share travel tips for visiting Dalat’s Pink Grass Hill, and highlight activities you should experience in the following article.

Đồi cỏ tuyết trắng ngắt một góc trời

White snowy hills at a corner of the sky (Image: ST)

When is the Best Time to Visit Dalat’s Pink Grass Hill?

Many travelers wonder which month is best for visiting Dalat’s Pink Grass Hill. According to information, Dalat’s Pink Grass Hill only appears once a year, typically from late October to the end of November. During this time, Dalat has concluded its rainy season, and the pink grass begins to flourish, creating a vibrant spectacle across the landscape.

To capture the most beautiful moments of Dalat’s Pink Grass Hill, planning your visit during this specific timeframe is advisable. If you wait until December, the pink grass will have withered, ending the season. The areas with the highest concentration of pink grass are usually found in hillsides, valleys, near pine forests, or along the shores of large bodies of water.

Đồi cỏ hồng dưới nắng ban mai

Rose grass under the morning sun (Photo: Nguyen Khanh Hoang)

Pink Grass Hill Dalat – Where to Find?

Wondering where Dalat’s Pink Grass Hill is located? You can easily spot these grassy hills everywhere as they are a wild species in humid areas like lake shores and pine forests. Below are two popular addresses for Dalat’s Pink Grass Hill that many tourists often flock to:

Pink Grass Hill at Golden Valley

Address: Mang Lin, Ward 7, Dalat City – Lam Dong
Pink Grass Hill at Golden Valley is a famous tourist spot in Dalat, approximately 15km from the city center. This hill covers a large area, and during the pink grass season, it creates stunning and attractive scenery for visitors. Many people choose this location for outdoor photoshoots, graduation photos, or wedding pictures.

Pink Grass Hill near the Lonely Pine Tree

Address: Thien Phuc Duc Hill, Lac Duong District, Lam Dong Province
In addition to Pink Grass Hill at Golden Valley, tourists can find this type of grass near a lonely pine tree area. This is another captivating scene in Dalat that attracts tourists, but the route can be challenging and easily lost. Nevertheless, the enchanting beauty of the pink grass hills at this location will leave you in awe and make the journey worthwhile.

Check-in trên đồi cỏ hồng Đà Lạt

Let’s go to check in on the pink grass hill (Image: ST)

Guide to the Pink Grass Hill in Lac Duong, Dalat

The journey to Dalat’s Pink Grass Hill is indeed a challenge for many tourists as it involves a long and somewhat tricky route. Don’t forget to bookmark the detailed directions below to reach the two most beautiful Pink Grass Hills in Dalat:

Directions to Pink Grass Hill in Golden Valley Area

The Pink Grass Hill in Lac Duong, Lam Dong, at the Golden Valley is the largest and hottest check-in spot on social media. To get here, start from Dalat Market and follow the route Phan Dinh Phung – Xo Viet Nghe Tinh – Ankroet. On Ankroet Street, continue for about 4km, and you’ll reach the Golden Valley.

Upon reaching the Golden Valley tourist area, continue along the trail up the hill to find Dalat’s Pink Grass Hill. If traveling by passenger or 45-seater tourist bus, you must stop at the designated stop and walk up the mountain on foot.

Đồi cỏ hồng Đà Lạt

Pink grass hill swaying in the wind (Photo: Nguyen Khanh Hoang)

Directions to the Pink Grass Hill near the Lonely Pine Tree

In the reviews of Dalat’s Pink Grass Hill, the location near the lonely pine tree tends to be smaller and somewhat challenging, known only to locals familiar with the area. To reach Pink Grass Hill near the Lonely Pine Tree, continue your journey from the Golden Valley area, passing through the Tien Sa tourist area.

After driving straight for a stretch, be on the lookout for an empty piece of land, then turn into the trail on the right-hand side. Follow this path, cross another stream, and arrive at the Pink Grass Hill. For the utmost convenience and to minimize the risk of getting lost, it’s recommended to travel with a tour guide or locals familiar with the Dalat area.

Đồi cỏ hồng Đà Lạt mọc ven thung lũng

Pink grass grows along the valley (Image: ST)

Useful Tips for Visiting Pink Grass Hills in Dalat

Best Time of Day for the Most Beautiful Pink Grass

The Pink Grass Hills are suitable for visitors throughout the day. Still, it’s highly recommended to visit during the early morning hours, specifically from 5:30 AM to 6:30 AM, to experience the perfect beauty of this landscape. During this time, dewdrops still linger on the grass leaves, thick and delicate like snowflakes, creating a pure and refreshing beauty.

As the sun rises, its rays gently infiltrate the leaves, causing the dew to gradually dissipate and revealing the vibrant pink hues. The entire hill seems to awaken, donning a new coat and welcoming visitors for sightseeing and photography. Visiting during the early morning also enhances your photographs’ enchanting and mystical qualities of your pictures.

Đồi cỏ hồng Đà Lạt 04

Photo: ST

Independent Travel or Guided Tour

When visiting Dalat’s Pink Grass Hills, you can go independently or join a guided tour based on your preferences and schedule. If you opt for independent travel, consider renting a reliable motorbike in Dalat, with prices starting from 100,000 VND per day. This option allows you the freedom to explore and manage your time, and you can also make stops at other famous attractions along the way.

Alternatively, booking a guided tour to the Pink Grass Hills is a popular choice, especially if you’re concerned about the challenging route. With a tour, you’ll receive enthusiastic assistance from tour guides regarding transportation, sightseeing schedules, and dining or resting arrangements. However, traveling with a tour may limit the time spent exploring and the flexibility to choose different play areas compared to independent travel.

Additional Considerations

To make the most of your visit to Dalat’s Pink Grass Hills, consider the following:

– Choose days with beautiful, sunny weather to fully enjoy the beauty of the pink grass.
– Prepare warm clothing such as jackets, padded coats, knit hats, and gloves, as Dalat can be chilly and foggy in the early morning.
– Wear comfortable and suitable shoes for moving around on the grassy hills.
– Respect the rules and instructions provided by staff or signage at the Pink Grass Hills to maintain a clean and beautiful environment.

Đồi cỏ hồng Đà Lạt 05

Photo: ST

Unique Experiences at Dalat’s Pink Grass Hills

If it’s your first time at Dalat’s Pink Grass Hills, wondering what to do and what exciting activities are available? Take note of the following suggestions to make your journey more memorable:

Check-In with a European-like Poetic Background

Capturing photos at Dalat’s Pink Grass Hills is a favorite activity for many visitors. Under the sparkling morning sunlight and amidst the vibrant scenery of pink grass, you’re sure to capture beautiful pictures as if you were standing in the heart of Europe. Prioritize wide-angle shots to capture the radiant and impressive panoramic view of the Pink Grass Hills.

Camp and Enjoy the Super Romantic Atmosphere

Camping at Dalat’s Pink Grass Hills is an ideal suggestion for those who want to immerse themselves in nature and appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. Staying overnight allows you to observe the changes in the grass hills throughout the day, such as sunrise, sunset, and late-night moments. The romantic and peaceful atmosphere of the Pink Grass Hills will create unforgettable memories.

Participate in the Dalat Pink Grass Hills Festival

The Dalat Pink Grass Hills Festival usually takes place from late November to early December each year when the pink grass is at its peak. You can enjoy cultural performances and music, participate in traditional games, or watch horse racing events, making it a lively and exciting experience.

Combine Sightseeing and Enjoy the Surrounding Scenery

In addition to the Pink Grass Hills, you can explore nearby attractions such as the Lonely Pine Tree, Golden Valley, or the wild sunflower fields for a diverse travel experience. Don’t forget to bring your camera or smartphone to capture beautiful and memorable moments in the lush green pine forests, crystal-clear streams, or vibrant flower fields.

Đồi cỏ hồng trong ráng hoàng hôn

Rose grass in the sunset (Image: ST)

With its unique beauty and dreamy atmosphere, Dalat’s Pink Grass Hills allows travelers to immerse themselves in nature, enjoy tranquility, and experience a peaceful ambiance. Vietnampeace hopes that the information on directions, sightseeing experiences, and suggested activities at the Pink Grass Hills will help you have a joyful and memorable journey.

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