Da Nang Tourism: Discover the beauty Attracting the bridges

July 17, 2020 5 mins to read

Danang is a famous “city of bridges,” it attracts beauty, charm, and witnesses to the magnanimous history of the nation—tourists together with VNTRIP.VN start discovering and admiring the “unique” and “fancy” beauty of the Danang bridges.

Những cây cầu nổi tiếng ở Đà Nẵng

Famous bridges in Da Nang (Photo: ST)

The most famous bridge in Da Nang

1. Han River Bridge – The only rotating bridge in Vietnam

Han River Bridge is considered a symbol of Da Nang because the bridge was built to meet the people’s actual needs and was donated by the local people. As one of the bridges spanning the Han River – Da Nang, Han River Bridge is more special than all because it is the only rotating bridge in Vietnam designed and constructed by Vietnamese engineers and workers. .

Cầu sông Hàn Đà Nẵng mang vẻ đẹp lung linh

Han River Bridge in Danang has shimmering beauty (Image: ST)

Traveling to Da Nang without witnessing the Han River Bridge spinning is regrettable. The bridge has a unique architecture with an impressive 90-degree rotation. When rotating, the center of the bridge splits in half, rotating 90 degrees around the axis along the river’s flow to make way for large ships to pass.

From 23 to 24 hours every weekend, you can watch the whole moment of the spinning bridge. Before that time, it would be great to walk around the Han River with your relatives, enjoying the fresh air. Or you can go to the riverside cafes, choose an ideal seat, and watch the special moment of the Han River swing bridge.

2. Dragon Bridge – 1 of the 30 most impressive bridges on the planet

Dragon Bridge is one of Southeast Asia’s five most beautiful bridges and one of the 30 most impressive bridges on the planet. It is one of the tourist destinations not to be missed in Da Nang. When coming here, you will be fascinated by the water table and fire spray of the Dragon Bridge on weekends. Looking at the pictures that have attracted and witnessed firsthand, this will be an unforgettable memory in Da Nang.

The image of the dragon on the bridge is based on the Ly Dynasty dragon’s architecture combined with the sea’s shape. If anyone asks you what this image means, confidently answer, “This is the image for Da Nang’s growing development”!

Cầu Rồng Đà Nẵng phun lửa lúc 21h00 tối cuối tuần

Dragon Bridge Da Nang erupted at 21:00 on the weekends (Image: ST)

To see the fire-breathing dragon and water, you only need to be at the river bank near the Dragon Bridge at 9 pm on weekends. In addition, to have an evening watching the romantic Dragon Bridge, many couples have chosen Love Bridge as a place to talk and enjoy this special moment together.

Cầu Rồng Đà Nẵng phun nước lúc 21h00 tối cuối tuần

Dragon Bridge Da Nang sprays water at 21:00 on the weekends (Image: ST)

3. Tran Thi Ly Bridge

This is considered a “welcoming bridge” because when traveling to Danang, in any direction, you can see this bridge. Tran Thi Ly Bridge has a unique European style, architecture, and structural design that is unique when combined with the 3-way cable-stayed system. This bridge becomes even more impressive at night, when the modern lighting system is turned on. Thousands of sparkling lights of the bridge radiate into the Han River, causing many tourists in Da Nang to gaze in amazement.

Cầu Trần Thị Lý Đà Nẵng

Tran Thi Ly Bridge in Da Nang (Photo: ST)

4. Thuan Phuoc Bridge – The longest suspension bridge in Vietnam

Thuan Phuoc Bridge is in a unique position, where the Han River empties into the sea at the mouth of Da Nang Bay. Also, because of its prime location, Thuan Phuoc Bridge is known as the “golden key” and is open to tourism. Son Tra.

Cầu Thuận Phước Đà Nẵng

Thuan Phuoc Bridge in Danang (Image: ST)

Thuan Phuoc Bridge is designed as a 3-span continuous hammock suspension bridge with a length of 1,850m and a width of 18m…

Thuan Phuoc Bridge becomes more brilliant when night falls because of the sparkling lights, glamorous beauty, and splendid night of this remarkable bridge.

5. Nguyen Van Troi Bridge – A witness of Da Nang’s history

Nguyen Van Troi Bridge is the oldest bridge on the Han River in Danang, a historical witness for many years. Not as magnificent as the Dragon Bridge and not as splendid as the Thuan Phuoc Bridge, the Nguyen Van Troi Bridge has simple to subtle features. The boss on the bridge is a noble yellow color. When the sunshine of the Central region comes down, Nguyen Van Troi Bridge gradually radiates its hidden beauty. This is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Danang for wedding photos of couples.

Indeed, your trip to the coastal city will be fantastic if you can fully appreciate the beauty of both the famous Da Nang bridges, but it will be even better if you know the stories surrounding the unique bridges—this thought. Memories, pictures – old stories – and new memories with relatives will be significant things you will have in the city of these bridges.

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