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Dai Buong fruit village is the most tourist garden in Quang Nam

Coming to Quang Nam, which is sunny and windy, you will have many different types of tourism such as ecotourism, convalescence and garden tourism. Dai Buong Flower Village is one of the extremely interesting garden destinations that you cannot miss when visiting here!

Nơi đây bốn mùa cây trái đều xanh tốt (Ảnh ST)

Here the four seasons are green and fruit trees (Photo ST)

Một không gian yên bình đậm chất thôn quê (Ảnh ST)

A peaceful rural atmosphere (Image ST)

True to its name, referring to Dai Buong village is the land famous for its lush, lush fruit trees all year round. Although in the past, the French colonialists and the American imperialists bombarded here countless bombs and toxic chemicals, this place was also a fierce battlefield that our army and people fought. resilient throughout the day and night. It was thought it would be dry after what the war left, but to this day, the land is still rich, when greening a lot of fruit trees, it is also a place that regularly supplies fruit to Hoi An and Da Danang.

Không khó để nhìn thấy những vườn cây sai trĩu trịt ở làng hoa trái Đại Bường (Ảnh ST)

It is not difficult to see the messy orchards in Dai Buong flower village (Photo ST)

Một góc vườn chôm chôm sum suê (Ảnh ST)

A corner of a lush Rambutan garden (Photo ST)

Surely you will wonder where the Dai Buong fruit village is, the village is located on the right bank of the peaceful Thu Bon river, about 20 kilometers from Hoi An in Que Trung commune, Nong Son district of Quang Nam province. . It is also possible to explain why the trees here are lush due to the alluvial deposits of the Thu Bon river, so they are fertile. Surrounding the village are surrounded by green bamboo groves planted along the river banks, around the villages and fields. Visiting you will see a peaceful, peaceful green here by bamboo groves, large and successive orchards, more land for growing trees than residential land, beautiful little houses are covered. by the lush greenery of four seasons.

Khung cảnh làng Đại Bường nhìn từ bên kia sông Thu Bồn (Ảnh ST)

The scene of Dai Buong village viewed from across the Thu Bon River (Photo ST)

Dọc đường vào làng sẽ thấy những hàng rào chè tàu xanh tươi (Ảnh ST)

Along the way to the village, you’ll see green tea hedges (Photo ST)

Referring to the most fruit-bearing place, everyone remembers the rich southern region famous for countless rich fruits, but in Dai Bang village, there are many diverse fruits no less. The most famous one is the feathered pillar. Northern people will find it strange to hear the name of this fruit, but at a glance it looks quite like a grapefruit. When you touch the shell of the cylinder, you will see a layer of fluff, transparent, touch will feel ram hand assembled, but this fruit is very delicious, you will use the knife to see inside the cylinder. toothpicks, light red in color, but the fruit is not fragrant but will have a sweet taste, stick, separate each fiber will not flow like some grapefruit or orange.

Trái trụ lông - trái cây nổi tiếng của Quảng Nam(Ảnh ST)

Feather stick fruit – famous fruit of Quang Nam (Photo ST)

Người dân ở đây ngoài làm nông, nhà ai cũng có một khu vườn để vợ chồng con cái cùng chăm bón lúc nông nhàn (Ảnh ST)

In addition to farming, everyone in the family has a garden for spouses and children to take care of when they are free (Image ST)

Bạn có thể ăn trái cây mình thích ngay tại vườn nơi bạn đi qua (Ảnh ST)

You can eat your favorite fruit right in the garden where you pass by (Image ST)

In addition, the village of Đại Bàng Quảng Quảng Nam also has bòn bon, which is also a famous fruit of Quảng land, the ancients recounted, bon bon (also known as a boong deck) helps to save hunger and thirst for King Dinh Vuong. and his army when pursued by Tay Son troops. The fruit is juicy, sour and bitter, has a distinct aroma, small fruits, easy to peel and eat and enjoy.

Trái bòn bòn ( boòng boong) (Ảnh ST)

Pineapple fruit (deck deck) (Photo ST)

Thiên nhiên đặc biệt ưu ái cho mảnh đất tưởng như cằn cỗi vì chiến tranh với những vườn cây trĩu quả, xanh tốt quanh năm (Ảnh ST)

Nature especially favored the land that seemed to be barren due to war with the fruitful and lush gardens all year round (Photo ST)

Làng hoa trái Đại Bường ngày nay được rất nhiều du khách biết đến (Ảnh ST)

The village of Dai Buong is known to many tourists today (Image ST)

And yet, there are longan, jackfruit, guava, orange, tangerine, grapefruit, sugarcane, mango, … are local fruits. Just think of mangosteen, durian, rambutan, breast milk, female jackfruit, sapôchê, lekima … only the Southern region or specialty lychee is only available in the North, but you will also be able to see the types That fruit with its rich garden in this particular village. You are assured that when you come here to visit this 2km long village, you can take a rest at any garden and orchard that you like, just enjoy the natural fresh and sweet fruit right in the garden while listening to the local people. It’s great to talk about how to grow and take care of them or buy some fruit as a gift.

Vú sữa - loại quả tưởng rằng Nam Bộ mới có nhưng lại xuất hiện ở ngôi làng đặc biệt này (Ảnh ST)

Breast milk – the kind of fruit that southern Vietnam thought was present but appeared in this particular village (Photo ST)

Những trái sầu riêng thơm ngon cũng xuất hiện ở làng hoa trái Đại Bường (Ảnh ST)

Delicious durian fruits also appear in the fruit village of Dai Buong (Photo ST)

Vườn quýt trĩu quả (Ảnh ST)

Tangerine orchards laden with fruit (Photo ST)

If you have the opportunity to travel to Quang Nam, after exploring the blue beaches with white sand, sunshine, or enjoying famous specialties, make the trip more complete by visiting the village of fruit Dai Bang to have for yourself interesting experiences in a peaceful, green place by the good orchards all year round!


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