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Dalat Weather – Have fun without worrying about the weather

Da Lat’s weather is usually very beautiful during the sunny months from January to the end of July every year. And it changes very erratically at times of changing seasons around July, August and December.

Weather in Dalat – in the palm of the hand

If you are going to travel to Dalat in the rainy season, it is advisable to update before Dalat weather and prepare carefully for the journey to the city of thousands.

Thời tiết Đà Lạt

Dalat Weather (ST Image)

In this article about weather forecast in Dalat , I only update my experience according to the common weather style each year. This weather experience may be partly true, depending on each year the rainy season in Dalat will come sooner or later.

Thời tiết tại Đà Lạt rất đẹp vào tháng 12

The weather in Da Lat is very beautiful in December (Photo ST)

Weather style all year round in Da Lat

The weather in Dalat is quite cool and pleasant all year round. The temperature ranges from 12 to 26 degrees and is divided into two types of seasonal weather like other Central Highlands provinces.

Thời tiết Đà Lạt quanh năm khá mát mẻ

Dalat weather is quite cool all year round (photo ST)

In the dry season, the weather in Dalat is quite comfortable. The weather is sunny and the nights will be a bit chilly. During the dry months, you can prepare thin clothes and a thin coat for evening walks.

Thời tiết Đà Lạt rất dẽ chịu

The weather in Da Lat was very comfortable (Photo ST)

The weather in Dalat in the rainy season is the complete opposite. At this time in Da Lat, the weather was very erratic, suddenly it was sunny and suddenly it rained. Tomorrow’s weather may be very different from today’s weather. Because of this type of weather, you should choose carefully, avoid the warmer days or the cold air.

Đến Đà Lạt đúng thời điểm thời tiết đẹp thật là tuyệt vời

Coming to Da Lat at the right time the weather is really nice (Photo ST)

The weather in Dalat is quite cool all year round so you can choose for yourself a time to travel. Please update Da Lat weather situation regularly to avoid rainy days.

Da Lat’s weather by month

Dalat weather in January

Thời tiết Đà Lạt tháng 1

Dalat weather in January (Photo ST)

The weather in January in Dalat is the intersection between winter and summer. The temperature began to rise and the weather began to get better. At this time, Da Lat began to transform and the scenery also became beautiful day by day thanks to the sunny days.

January Da Lat started to get more sunshine but it was still a bit cold at night.

Dalat weather in February

Thời tiết Đà Lạt tháng 2

Dalat weather in February (Photo ST)

The weather in February is similar to the one in Dalat in January. Right now, it is the middle of the dry season of the Central Highlands, so the temperature in Dalat is quite high. Average temperatures from 14 to 24 degrees and noon outside can be higher.

Weather in Da Lat in March

Thời tiết Đà Lạt tháng 3

Dalat weather in March (Photo ST)

In March, the weather in Da Lat began to calm down, sometimes it will have light rain but it was quite rare, at this time, Da Lat was still in the peak of the dry season. The temperature may be slightly lower than in February but the sun is still quite intense.

Weather in Da Lat in April

Thời tiết Đà Lạt tháng 4

Dalat weather in April (Photo ST)

April is the month starting in the peak tourist season of Dalat city and at this time the weather in Dalat is quite comfortable. The average temperature in April in Da Lat is about 20 to 21 degrees, you can carefree about every road in Dalat without fear of the sun and the rain.

In May the weather is quite good for traveling

Thời tiết Đà Lạt tháng 5

Dalat weather in May (Photo ST)

May is considered the most stable month of the year in Da Lat. At this time, the weather was quite cool, no strong sun, no rain and right at the time of summer vacation, so Dalat was very crowded now.

June Dalat has many sunny days

Thời tiết Đà Lạt tháng 6

Dalat weather in June (Photo ST)

June is also the month with many beautiful days in Dalat. The weather pattern of June is similar to that of Dalat in May.

July is the season of changing seasons and rainy weather

Thời tiết Đà Lạt tháng

Dalat weather in July (Photo ST)

The weather in July in Dalat is a bit erratic and you should note this month many days of thunderstorms.

In August, the weather in Da Lat began to change

Thời tiết Đà Lạt tháng 8

Dalat weather in August (Photo ST)

August weather in Da Lat began to show clearly, Da Lat was officially in the rainy season. August is the time of showers and the rain starts to get heavy.

At this point you begin to see the relationship between Nha Trang weather and Da Lat weather. If the weather in Nha Trang changes because of low pressure or at sea, there will be heavy rain in Dalat.

The temperature in August will fluctuate between 15 and 20 degrees and it will start to turn cold.

September is the time when Da Lat rains the most

Thời tiết Đà Lạt tháng 9

Dalat weather in September (Photo ST)

Have you ever heard of these moods?

Who can stop the rain?

September Dalat flooded the sky

Thunder thunder call my love

Rain is like burning life apart. ”

Looking out the window or from the balcony of a cafe, lying on a slope, visitors will feel the romantic rain of Da Lat. Whether in the middle of a lonely gnawing coffee cup, or hand in hand interwoven with the loved one, Da Lat rain has become a private brand, possessing a fascinating, strange beauty.

October weather you need to note

Following September, the weather in October will still rain. Temperatures in October range from 14 to 18 degrees and will drop lower at night.

But the weather at the end of October started to get better, at this time the weather started to change to dry season and at the end of October, Da Lat started to have more sunshine.

Thời tiết Đà Lạt tháng 10

Dalat weather in October (Photo ST)

In November, Da Lat’s weather gradually turned to dry season

The weather in November began to look beautiful with the yellow color of Da Quy Da flower. Anemone blooming signals the rainy season in Dalat has ended. In November, you will see Da Lat has more sunny days and less than rainy days.

Although the weather in November is getting better, the temperature still does not increase much, on rainy days sometimes the temperature can drop to 12, 13 degrees.

In November Dalat sometimes rains but only light rain, not heavy showers.

Thời tiết Đà Lạt tháng 11

Dalat weather in November (Photo ST)

The weather in December is quite beautiful, the sky is winter

If chosen, December is the most beautiful time in Dalat. In December in Dalat, it still rained, but only rain flew, not heavy rain like the previous months.

Da Lat at the time of winter will have fog and early morning and night. The temperature will be quite low at this time, the cold peak at Christmas time, can go below 10 degrees.

And this is also the time when snowflakes bloom.

Thời tiết Đà Lạt tháng 12

Dalat weather in December (Photo ST)

Dalat weather forecast in November 2017

According to the experience of each year and weather forecast of Dalat in November 2017 of the central hydrometeorology station, November is the rainy month in Da Lat.

  • The rainy season continues in November, the temperature still only ranges from 15 degrees C to 26 degrees C, the amplitude of heat is still low, only about 6-8 degrees C, the difference is not too high to create conditions. Favorable conditions for travelers from other places.
  • The weather is very supportive during this time, when it is both in the rainy season and transferred to the dry season.
  • The sunny days also began to gradually increase, repelling the rains, dry weather creating better conditions for outdoor activities of visitors to Dalat city of thousands of flowers.

Hopefully the above information on Dalat weather will help you choose the right time to visit Dalat.


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