Irresistible Delicacies: 14 Famous Ben Tre Specialties

July 17, 2020 9 mins to read

Explore the delectable world of Ben Tre, Vietnam, renowned for its coconut-infused delicacies that captivate taste buds worldwide. From the sweet allure of coconut candies to the bold flavors of coconut worms, Ben Tre’s culinary treasures are a testament to the region’s rich traditions to unravel the diverse palette of Ben Tre’s culinary landscape, offering a virtual feast for your senses. Join us on a gastronomic journey through the heart of the Mekong Delta, discovering the sweet, savory, and unique flavors that make Ben Tre a culinary haven. For a deeper dive into Vietnam’s culinary wonders, visit and let the flavors of Ben Tre unfold before you.

Coconut Rice from Ben Tre:

This stands out as one of Ben Tre’s famous specialties that you must try when you’re here. Currently, it’s becoming increasingly rare to find due to its intricate and time-consuming preparation. Achieving the perfect coconut rice requires a precise balance of coconut water and rice. Any imbalance can result in sticky and taste-altered rice. Enjoy this dish when it’s hot for the best experience; the rice grains may turn yellow if left too long.

Pounded Banana:

Moving on to Ben Tre’s culinary delights, we come to smashed bananas—a popular and distinctive local dish in the land of coconuts. To enjoy smashed bananas, you must seek out street vendors, as few restaurants offer this delicacy. You can savor this specialty at home with just an oven and a few bananas. However, the deliciousness of Ben Tre’s smashed bananas is unparalleled. The bananas should be ripe, with transitioning yellow skin. If they’re too ripe, they’ll become mushy when baked, compromising the flavor. Dip them in thick, delicious coconut milk for an excellent afternoon snack.

My Long Coconut Rice Paper

My Long is famous for its incredibly delicious coconut rice paper – a delightful combination of richness and fluffiness that leaves an unforgettable impression on anyone who tastes it. Simply placing it on the charcoal stove releases a captivating, fragrant aroma that lures diners to indulge.

Having been around for a long time, “My Long Coconut Rice Paper” has evolved into a valuable domestic consumer brand and is beloved by many.

Shredded Dough Noodle Soup

In the list of Ben Tre specialties, failing to mention shredded dough noodle soup would be a huge omission. The dish earns its name because it is made from rice flour, kneaded into a unique formula, creating dough cut into strands. The term “shredded” here implies the cutting process, hence the name shredded dough noodle soup.

Son Doc Puffed Rice Cake

Considered a source of pride for the people of Son Doc, the puffed rice cake carries the aroma of sticky rice blended with the delightful fragrance of coconut in each cake, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who tastes it. When baking the cakes, the cook must be swift in rolling them to ensure they are evenly cooked, crispy, and not burnt. Below are some addresses where you can purchase Son Doc puffed rice cakes as gifts:

Field Crab Porridge

Field crab is a gift of nature to the diligent farmers in the Mekong Delta region. Among the local specialties, field crab porridge is a rustic delicacy that you shouldn’t miss when in Ben Tre.

After catching field crabs, the shells are removed, and the claws are reserved for making a flavorful broth, which is then boiled in a clay pot to preserve the enticing taste of this dish. The minced crab is used to create crab cakes. People often add fish, meat, mushrooms, duck eggs, and shrimp to the porridge to enhance the variety. To enjoy this dish, follow National Highway 60, where eateries serve this delicacy.

Sour Soup with Vegetable hummingbird and Lady Carp fish

While Bac Lieu is renowned for its crazy fish sour soup, Ben Tre offers an equally delightful version called sour soup with bong so đua catfish. Despite the lengthy name, after trying it once, you’ll remember it forever. Locals suggest that it’s best enjoyed when the soup is piping hot. Reheating might compromise the taste as the catfish becomes softer and more prone to disintegration.

To make a delicious pot of bong so đua catfish sour soup, skillful seasoning is crucial, as it’s considered an art. The seasoning needs to strike a balance between acidity and sweetness. If you want to try this dish, head to the restaurants within the Tra Su Melaleuca Forest area.

Ben Tre Coconut Vole

An exclusive specialty of Ben Tre, the coconut rat resembles a field rat but has sharper teeth designed to damage coconut trees. Coconut rats usually live on trees and are pretty clever, so professional rat hunters are needed to catch them.

Coconut rats can be prepared in various ways, such as grilling, steaming, or making curry. However, the most delicious is still steamed coconut rat meat in a rice cooker, which many gourmet enthusiasts favor. For those who are squeamish, faint of heart, or have a fear of rats, we advise against trying this dish.

Rice Snail Sizzling Cake

Banh xeo is a dish well-known to Southern people, and Ben Tre is no exception. Rice snail sizzling cake is a specialty of Phu Da Islet that you should try whenever you visit.

Rice snails have white, opaque flesh with a rich and fragrant taste, commonly used in various dishes. When eaten, diners can distinctly feel the sweetness of the snail blending with the flavors of herbs, making you want to keep eating without feeling overwhelmed.

Coconut Weevil

Coconut weevil is a unique specialty in Ben Tre, a “no-go” for those with weak hearts or lacking the courage to try this dish. With creative minds and skillful hands, Ben Tre locals have turned coconut weevil into various delicious dishes, from frying and grilling to enjoying them raw. However, fried coconut weevil coated with batter is the most popular choice.

Ben Tre Coconut Wine

Thanks to the abundance of coconuts, the locals have created a unique beverage, characteristic of Ben Tre – coconut wine. To make this exquisite drink, one must select ripe, plump, and aromatic coconuts.

Significantly, the outer layer of the coconut is smoothed to create a glossy appearance. Ben Tre coconut wine is a memorable gift for you to take home.

Ben Tre Coconut Candy

A type of candy that almost everyone in Vietnam has heard of and tasted is coconut candy. Ben Tre is the primary producer of this candy, with numerous processing workshops. Various types of coconut candy have been created to meet customers’ preferences by combining different flavors. The soft coconut candy has a robust and fragrant aroma and a sweetness that is right for those who miss their hometown. Here are some addresses in Ben Tre where you can purchase coconut candy.

Ben Tre Pork Skin Rolls

If you’re a fan of rolls, the Mekong Delta is the birthplace and land of this exquisite dish. Among them, Ben Tre pork skin rolls represent these refined dishes. From being a well-known snack for many young people, it has now become an indispensable specialty when visiting Ben Tre.

In addition to vegetables, rice vermicelli, and pork skin rolls, the ingredient that contributes to the taste of this dish is the toasted rice powder. To taste the distinctive Ben Tre pork skin rolls, visit Mrs. Hai’s traditional shop next to Ben Tre’s market. Give it a try; it’s sure not to disappoint.

Ben Tre Coconut Tubers

In the list of famous specialties in Ben Tre, coconut root also holds a prominent position in this land. The specialty of coconut tuber is that it is not only delicious but also rich in nutrients and good for health, especially the digestive system.

The first impression of those who enjoy dishes made from coconut tuber is the sweet, crunchy taste when chewing the coconut, always fresh in every bite. Coconut root stir-fried with shrimp is the most popular dish among the locals in Ben Tre.

Embark on a culinary adventure in Ben Tre, where coconut-infused delights beckon. Each bite tells a tale of tradition and innovation, from the irresistible coconut candies to the daring coconut worms. Explore the richness of coconut wine, savor the sweetness of candies, and indulge in the unique flavors of local dishes. Ben Tre’s culinary journey celebrates the Mekong Delta’s abundance and creativity. Immerse yourself in the diverse tastes of Ben Tre, where each dish is a story of warmth, tradition, and culinary delight.

Cơm dừa Bến Tre

Ben Tre Coconut Rice (Photo Collection)

Hấp dẫn với món cơm dừa Bến Tre

Attractive with Ben Tre coconut rice (Photo Collection)

Đặc sản chuối đập Bến Tre

Ben Tre specialty banana (Photo Collection)

Tới Bến Tre thưởng thức chuối đạp nước cốt dừa

Go to Ben Tre to enjoy bananas in coconut milk juice (Photo Collection)

Đặc sản bánh tráng Mỹ Lồng

Specialties of My Long rice paper

Đặc sản Bến Tre - Bánh tráng Mỹ Lồng

Specialty Ben Tre – My Long rice paper (Photo Collection)

Đặc sản bánh canh bột xắt

Specialties of dough soup cake (Photo Collection)

Bột mì được cắt ra thành từng sợi

Wheat flour is cut into fibers (Photo Collection)

Bánh phống Sơn Đốc - Đặc sản Bến Tre làm quà

Son Doc cake, Ben Tre specialties as gifts (Photo Collection)

Quán hàng rong bán bánh phồng

Street vendors selling puff pastry (Photo Collection)

Đặc sản dân dã - Cháo cua đồng

Ethnic specialties – Crab congee (Photo Collection)

Tại Bến Tre có rất nhiều quán bán cháo cua đồng

In Ben Tre, there are many shops selling crab porridge (Photo Collection)

Đặc sản canh chua cá linh bông so đũa

Specialties sour and sour gourd soup (Photo Collection)

Cá linh có rất nhiều tại Bến Tre

Snakehead fish is abundant in Ben Tre (Photo Collection)

Hấp dẫn với món chuột dừa Bến Tre

Attractive with Ben Tre coconut mouse (Photo Collection)

Chuột dừa Bến Tre có mùi vị rất thơm ngon

Ben Tre coconut mouse has a very delicious taste (Photo Collection)

Đến Bến Tre thưởng thức đặc sản bánh xèo ốc gạo

Come to Ben Tre to enjoy specialties of rice snail soup (Photo Collection)

Ốc gạo có màu trắng

White rice snail (Photo Collection)

Đuông dừa - Món ăn độc lạ tại Bến Tre

Coconut weevil – a unique dish in Ben Tre (Photo Collection)

Rượu dừa Bến Tre

Ben Tre Coconut Wine (Photo Collection)

Rượu dừa có thể mua về làm qua

Coconut wine can be bought to make (Photo Collection)

Kẹo dừa bến Tre nổi tiếng khắp mọi vùng miền Tổ quốc

Ben Tre coconut candy famous in all regions of the country (Photo Collection)

Xưởng làm kẹo dừa tại Bến Tre

Coconut candy workshop in Ben Tre (Photo Collection)

Bì cuốn - Đặc sản Bến Tre

Wrapping – Ben Tre specialties (Photo Collection)

Bì cuốn Bến Tre có hương vị khó mà cưỡng nổi

Ben Tre rolls have a had-to-resist taste (Photo Collection)

Củ hũ dừa Bến Tre

Ben Tre coconut tubers (Photo Collection)

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