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Delicious could not resist with 14 famous Ben Tre specialties

Ben Tre is known as the land of coconut trees, so there are many delicious rustic dishes waiting for you to enjoy. Here, we would like to recommend the specialties that Ben Tre should try every time you come here. Definitely will not let you down.

List of 14 famous Ben Tre specialties

1. Ben Tre coconut rice

Cơm dừa Bến Tre

Ben Tre Coconut Rice (Photo Collection)

Hấp dẫn với món cơm dừa Bến Tre

Attractive with Ben Tre coconut rice (Photo Collection)

This is one of the famous specialties in Ben Tre that you should enjoy if you have the opportunity to come here. Nowadays, this coconut rice dish is rarely eaten by people because it is very sophisticated and takes a lot of time. To cook delicious coconut rice, the soup for coconut water and rice must be very important. If there is a difference, the rice will be stiff, change the taste. Enjoy the best coconut in Ben Tre when eaten hot, if left long, the rice grain will be absorbed into turning yellow.

2. Bananas beat

Đặc sản chuối đập Bến Tre

Ben Tre dam specialty banana (Photo Collection)

Next on the Ben Tre culinary list , we will come up with a banana smash. An extremely typical and popular folk dish of the coconut region. To enjoy the bananas, you have to find the street vendors because restaurants or mandarins sell this dish.

Tới Bến Tre thưởng thức chuối đạp nước cốt dừa

Go to Ben Tre to enjoy bananas in coconut milk juice (Photo Collection)

Only need an oven and a few bananas to enjoy this special dish at home. However, the deliciousness of bananas will not be the same as that of Ben Tre. The bananas here must be Siamese bananas with yellow skin that is turning yellow. When eaten, it should be dipped with the deliciously thick coconut milk, which is an excellent afternoon lining.

3. My Cage rice paper

Đặc sản bánh tráng Mỹ Lồng

Specialties of My Cage rice paper

My Cage is famous for its super delicious coconut cake, which is both fat and spongy, which makes anyone remember it forever. Just put on the charcoal furnace has radiated a fragrance that attracts customers to enjoy.

Đặc sản Bến Tre - Bánh tráng Mỹ Lồng

Specialty Ben Tre – My cage rice paper (Photo Collection)

Appearing for a long time and until now, “My cage rice paper” has become a valuable brand for domestic consumption and is loved by many people.

4. Bread dough soup

Đặc sản bánh canh bột xắt

Specialties of dough soup cake (Photo Collection)

In the list of specialties in Ben Tre without mentioning chopped bread soup is a huge omission. The reason this dish is so named is because it is made from rice flour and molded according to a specific recipe that created the dough into blocks. Then use a knife to cut into fibers, the word chopped here means cutting new named bread dough soup.

Bột mì được cắt ra thành từng sợi

Wheat flour is cut into fibers (Photo Collection)

At present, dough soup is not only available in Ben Tre but also in other provinces but not so much. When eating, remember to order more cups of sticky rice wine, it will be very interesting. To enjoy this special dish, you should go to Lac Hong market area at 4pm to 8pm. Or right at the foot of Ca Doc bridge, ward 8, Ben Tre also sells this dish quite delicious.

5. Son Doc puff pastry

Bánh phống Sơn Đốc - Đặc sản Bến Tre làm quà

Son Doc cake, Ben Tre specialties as gifts (Photo Collection)

Considered the pride of the Son Doc people, the puff pastry has the scent of glutinous rice mingled with the delicious coconut aroma in each cake that makes it memorable to anyone who loves it. When baking, people need to roll their hands quickly to make it hot, crispy and not burn. Here are some places to sell chips that you can buy as gifts:

Quán hàng rong bán bánh phồng

Street vendors selling puff pastry (Photo Collection)

  • Son Doc Market: in Hung Nhuong commune, Giong Trom district, Ben Tre.
  • Ut Thi Nho’s small bakery of Mrs. Dang Thi Anh: Hamlet 2, Hung Nhuong commune, Giong Trom district, Ben Tre.

6. Copper porridge porridge

Đặc sản dân dã - Cháo cua đồng

Ethnic specialties – Crab congee (Photo Collection)

Crab is one of the natural gifts for the peasant people of the Mekong Delta. In particular, crab porridge is one of the rustic specialties that you should not miss when coming to Ben Tre.

Tại Bến Tre có rất nhiều quán bán cháo cua đồng

In Ben Tre, there are many shops selling crab porridge (Photo Collection)

After catching the crabs, they will take away the shell to get the bricks to cook the broth in the earthen pot so they can still keep intact the attractive taste of this dish, and the pureed crabs will make crabs. And to make the food more diverse, people often add fish, meat, mushrooms, duck eggs, shrimp in porridge. To enjoy this dish, you along the road to avoid Highway 60 can find restaurants that serve this dish.

7. Sour fish with sour cotton compared with chopsticks

Đặc sản canh chua cá linh bông so đũa

Specialties sour and sour gourd soup (Photo Collection)

Bac Lieu is famous for the sour sour gourd soup, in Ben Tre there is also the sour sweet grouper soup. Although the name of the dish is a bit long, when you enjoy it once, you will remember it forever. According to the people here, it is best to eat sour fish soup with fire. If cooked again, it will lose its appetite because the fish is softer and more fragile.

Cá linh có rất nhiều tại Bến Tre

Snakehead fish is abundant in Ben Tre (Photo Collection)

And to get a good pot of sour soup, seasoning is very important. Because this is an art. how to make it not too sour, not too sweet If you want to eat this dish, you can go to the restaurant in Tra Su Melaleuca Forest campus to enjoy.

8. Ben Tre coconut mouse

Hấp dẫn với món chuột dừa Bến Tre

Attractive with Ben Tre coconut mouse (Photo Collection)

One of the specialties only in Ben Tre province, coconut mice are shaped like hamsters, but sharper teeth are used to destroy coconut trees. Coconut rats often live on trees and are quite clever so to catch them requires professional rat hunters.

Chuột dừa Bến Tre có mùi vị rất thơm ngon

Ben Tre coconut mouse has a very delicious taste (Photo Collection)

Coconut mouse can be processed into many different dishes such as grilled, steamed, cooked curry, … But the best is still the steamed coconut meat in rice cooker selected by many gourmets. For those who are “weak”, “weak” or girls who are afraid of rats, we advise you not to eat.

9. Rice snail pancake

Đến Bến Tre thưởng thức đặc sản bánh xèo ốc gạo

Come to Ben Tre to enjoy specialties of rice snail soup (Photo Collection)

Pancakes is a very familiar dish to the people of Nam Bo and Ben Tre. Rice snail pancake is a specialty of Phu Da alcohol that you should try every time you come here.

Ốc gạo có màu trắng

White rice snail (Photo Collection)

The snail has a milky white flesh and a rich, aromatic flavor and is often used to make various dishes. When eating, diners will feel the sweetness of snails mixed in the smell of vegetables that make you want to eat forever without feeling bored.

10. Palm weevil

Đuông dừa - Món ăn độc lạ tại Bến Tre

Coconut weevil – a unique dish in Ben Tre (Photo Collection)

Coconut weevil dish is an extremely unique specialty in Ben Tre, “contraindicated” for the faint of heart, not brave enough to eat this dish. With a bright mind and clever hands, Ben Tre people have used coconut weevil to make many delicious dishes, from fried, grilled to raw. But fried coconut weevil dish is the most popular dish.

11. Ben Tre coconut wine

Rượu dừa Bến Tre

Ben Tre Coconut Wine (Photo Collection)

Thanks to the extremely rich source of coconut, the people here have created an extremely unique beverage, especially for Ben Tre that is coconut wine. To make this excellent drink, you have to choose old, thick, fatty and fragrant coconuts.

Rượu dừa có thể mua về làm qua

Coconut wine can be bought to make (Photo Collection)

Especially the wart layer on the outside of the coconut will be smoothed so that it creates a beautiful gloss. A specialty of Ben Tre as a gift that you need to save.

12. Ben Tre coconut candy

Kẹo dừa bến Tre nổi tiếng khắp mọi vùng miền Tổ quốc

Ben Tre coconut candy famous in all regions of the country (Photo Collection)

One type that almost everyone in Vietnam has heard and savored is coconut candy. And Ben Tre is where most of this candy is produced with many processing factories. Currently, to meet the interests of customers should have created many different types of coconut candy when combined with other flavors. Coconut marshmallows have a strong aroma, sweet enough for those who live far away from home to remember their homeland. Here are a few candy buying addresses in Ben Tre that you can refer to.

Xưởng làm kẹo dừa tại Bến Tre

Coconut candy workshop in Ben Tre (Photo Collection)

– Ben Tre coconut candy – Brand of Mrs. Hai To: Số 379C Nguyễn Văn Tư, Tp. Ben Tre, Ben Tre.

– Vinh Tien Co., Ltd: Số 60A4, Khu Phố 1, Phú Tân ward, Tp. Ben Tre, Ben Tre.

– Thanh Long Coconut Candy: No. 212B Dong Khoi Boulevard, Phu Khuong Ward, City. Ben Tre, Ben Tre.

13. Wrapping up Ben Tre

Bì cuốn - Đặc sản Bến Tre

Wrapping – Ben Tre specialties (Photo Collection)

If you want to enjoy the rolls, the West is the home and country of this dish. In that packaging is a representative representative of those quintessential dishes. From a snack known by many young people, it has become a specialty not to be missed when coming to Ben Tre.

Bì cuốn Bến Tre có hương vị khó mà cưỡng nổi

Ben Tre rolls have a hard to resist taste (Photo Collection)

In addition to vegetables, noodles, and rolls, the ingredient that contributes to the flavor of this dish is hearing. If you want to enjoy a typical envelope of the Southwest region, you can go to Mrs. Hai’s heirloom envelope shop right next to Ben Tre market. Try it, certainly will not let you down.

14. Ben Tre coconut tubers

Củ hũ dừa Bến Tre

Ben Tre coconut tubers (Photo Collection)

In the list of famous specialties in Ben Tre, coconut tubers also occupy a famous position in this country. Specialties coconut tubers not only delicious but also rich in nutrients and good for health, especially the digestive system.

The first impression of those who enjoy this coconut-based dish is the sweet and crunchy taste when chewing coconut, fresh substance in each piece. And fried coconut tubers with shrimp is the most popular dish in Ben Tre.


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