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Dinh Co Beach – A peaceful retreat in the heart of bustling Vung Tau

Contrary to the bustling, hustle atmosphere of Vung Tau, Dinh Co beach brings in itself a quiet, peaceful beauty that has become the destination of so many “dreamers”.

Biển Dinh Cô

Dinh Co Beach – Vung Tau tourist destination a relaxing place (Image: Collection)

Dinh Co Beach in Vung Tau

Not far from the center of Vung Tau city, the distance is only about 20km. This place is located in Long Hai district, Long Dien district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. Down along Highway 51 towards Ba Ria town and turn left to provincial road 44A you will not be too difficult to find your way to Dinh Co.

Làn nước trong vắt trên biển Dinh Cô

Clear water on Dinh Co beach (Image: Collection)

In the past, the sea was quite empty, and later when other beaches in Vung Tau were filled with tourists, this place started to get more attention. But thanks to that, Dinh Co beach retains its wild and idyllic beauty.


Dinh Cô - Vùng biển bình yên, hoang sơ

Dinh Co – Peaceful and pristine waters (Image: Collection)

It is famous for its fine golden sand, stretching along the blue sea. Coming to Dinh Co beach on a hot summer day, you will feel excited when you are immersed in the cool sea water without having to worry about crowded with people around.



Những con sóng vỗ bờ tung bọt trắng xóa

The waves fluttered the shore white foam (Image: Collection)

Sunset on Dinh Co beach is a beautiful scenery that you have to enjoy when you come here. From here, looking towards Vung Tau city, visitors can capture the beautiful scenery: the sunsets gradually sink behind the ridges of Big Mountain, Small Mountain and high-rise town.

Khi hoàng hôn buông xuống trên biển Dinh Cô

When sunset falls on Dinh Co Beach (Image: Collection)

With the long sandy beaches, the blue sea of bubbles, Dinh Co is not only a resort after a long hard day but it is also a suitable place to organize picnics, team building with friends and relatives.

Biển xanh ngút ngàn mê mẩn lòng người

The blue sea is mesmerizing on people (Image: Collection)

Coming to Dinh Co beach, besides visiting beautiful natural landscapes, you can also go to learn about the culture, folk stories about Dinh Co temple. Legend has it that this place set up a temple to worship the unfortunate daughter who died at sea and washed ashore at Dinh Co beach about 200 years ago and regularly reported good dreams, supporting fish and shrimp fishermen full of boats, having a peaceful voyage to the sea. an. She is also known as “The Dragon Goddess”.

Đền thờ Long Hải Thần Nữ

The Temple of Long Hai Than Nu God (Image: Collection)

Cảnh các tàu thuyền ra khơi trong hy vọng

Scenes of boats sailing in hope (Image: Collection)

What does Dinh Co Beach eat?

In addition, the seafood here is very fresh and the price is very cheap because the fishermen here directly catch fish. Most seafood is processed by people into chili sauce, steamed ginger … the price ranges from 30,000 VND to 50,000 VND / box.

Hải sản nướng tươi ngon trên biển Dinh Cô

Delicious fresh grilled seafood on Dinh Co beach (Image: Collection)

Dinh Co beach to play during the day also liked, “change the wind” to live more slowly, more serene. But to visit and enjoy all the beauty here, you should stay for a few days.


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