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Discover beautiful Phu Yen Beach to forget the way back

Phu Yen has always been known for its beautiful and beautiful sea routes and surely no one is unaware of Phu Yen Beach. would love to come and whoever has been here still want to come back again. Discover what is waiting for you at this beautiful beach with VietNampeace!

Cái tên Bãi Ôm là do cấu trúc của bãi biển hình vòng cung, tựa như vòng tay ôm trọn vào lòng (Ảnh Collection)

The name of Bai Om is due to the structure of an arc-shaped beach, like an embrace (Photo Collection)

With a distance of 70km from Tuy Hoa city to Xuan Dai Bay, another 20km away, Bai Om beach appears right in front of you. You can choose the route to come here in 3 ways, one way is from Trung Trinh T-junction to Vung Chao and Vung Me, then to Vung La is to. Another way is you move in the direction of Deo Nai to the intersection of Tu Nham Hamlet and turn right, go straight to Vung La territory and out to the sea. The third way is to move to the beach by boat, going from Song Cau town or Nhat Tu Son commune you will take 90 minutes by boat to go and enjoy the beautiful scenery to arrive.

Hình ảnh từ vệ tinh (Ảnh Collection)

Images from satellites (Photo Collection)

Một góc hoang sơ Bãi Ôm Phú Yên (Ảnh Collection)

A pristine corner of Phu Yen Beach (Photo Collection)

Only about 500m apart, you can go to Bai Rang nearby, if Bai Rang is calm, quiet sea surface, smooth white sand, Bai Om is completely opposite to successive waves. competing each other on the shore in waves, each day and night and night without stopping. Perhaps the very opposite that makes Bai Om Bai Rang always a beach duo attracts more tourists to visit. Especially when coming here, not only are you bathed, immersed in the extremely clear blue water but only about 1 meter above the sea level, you can see the coral reefs of many shapes, sizes, colors. colorful already. Just stroll right on the pristine white sand, you will also see these coral reefs blur. Only a small note when bathing is that you must be careful to watch the rocks, coral reefs below if you do not want to be injured yourself.

Nơi đây sóng vỗ xô bờ cả ngày lẫn đêm không ngơi nghỉ (Ảnh Collection)

Here waves flutter the shore day and night without rest (Photo Collection)

Rặng san hô ngay gần bờ với nhiều màu sắc rực rỡ (Ảnh Collection)

Coral reefs are close to shore with colorful (Photo Collection)

For those who are interested in experiencing thrilling adventure, they will love to have fun with the big waves with no signs of resting on this beach. The name of Bai Om originates from the shape of the beach, looking from above, you will see the sea in an arc feeling like a natural mother embrace here.

Với sự hoang sơ của thiên nhiên nơi đây du khách thỏa sức hít thở không khí trong lành, ngắm khung cảnh mệnh mông (Ảnh Collection)

With the pristine nature of this place, visitors can freely breathe fresh air, admire the scenery of the buttocks (Photo Collection)

Try watching the sunrise every morning at this beach or the romantic sunset at the end of the sky, you definitely want to live here to see every day and admire the natural scenery. , ravishingly beautiful. In addition, it is possible to set up tents, set fire to the camp, sing together, sing, lullaby, the sound of the ocean waves at night, the sound of the sea breeze blowing the coconut trees inclined, all creating an extremely space. amused and enjoyed by anyone who will never forget it. Don’t miss this absolutely free “thousand-star hotel”, drop yourself down on the sand, raise your eyes to the sky so high with millions of sparkling, sparkling stars, especially on summer days, then the quiet sounds of the sea will take you to a good sleep time, you will temporarily forget the worries and busyness of life work out there and completely relax when enjoying the scenery.

Bãi tắm thoáng đãng, cát trắng mịn, nước trong xanh, tha hồ vùng vẫy (Ảnh Collection)

The airy beach, fine white sand, clear blue water, and struggling to struggle (Image Collection)

Ngắm bình minh lúc sáng sớm hay hoàng hôn khi chiều tà tại nơi đây mới thơ mộng làm sao (Ảnh Collection)

How to watch the sunrise in the early morning or at sunset in the afternoon here (Picture Collection)

In addition to being satisfied with the beautiful nature of Bai Om Song Cau , you are also known for the hospitable hearts from the friendly fishing villagers. Not every restaurant delicacies but just a simple meal but will feel better than ever by including human love. Sitting and eating a meal, listening to stories about the sea, about life are sometimes miserable, making you feel sorry for people in this sea.

Bãi biển rất thoáng đãng, rộng rãi không có nhà cửa, hàng quán chỉ có những cây dừa mọc tự nhiên ở đây (Ảnh Collection)

The beach is very airy and spacious with no houses, the shop only has natural coconut trees growing here (Photo Collection)

Bạn có thể khám phá những bãi đá ngầm độc đáo, nhiều mỏm đá lớn nhỏ nằm xen kẽ nhau dưới đáy biển (Ảnh Collection)

You can discover unique reefs, many small and large cliffs interspersed among the sea floor (Photo Collection)

Due to not much development of tourism, Bai Om Phu Yen is still very wild, very clear, this is an attractive destination for those who want to find new places and still have beautiful charm. Schedule a trip to the “yellow flower on green grass” land to experience the wonderful beauty of the nature and people here!


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