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Discover beautiful places in Nha Trang – Deo Khanh Le

On the trip to Nha Trang – Da Lat , you can go about 140km on the way through Khanh Le pass. In this article, Vntrip will share information about this poetic and emotional road. For a long time, this place was considered a beautiful place in Nha Trang attracting many tourists.

Đèo Khánh Lê Nha Trang - con đường đèo đầy chất thơ

Khanh Le Pass in Nha Trang – a poetic pass road (Photo collection)

Khanh Le Pass – a beautiful and gentle name

Khanh Le Pass also carries many other names: Bi Doup Pass (after the peak of Bi Doup mountain peak of 2287m of Lang Biang plateau) or Hon Giao Pass (according to the name of Hon Giao mountain range in the North of the pass). However, “Khánh Lê” is a name that suits this beautiful natural setting.

Khung cảnh thiên nhiên đẹp trên đèo Khánh Lê

Beautiful natural scenery on Khanh Le Pass (Photo collection)

With a length of 33km, Khanh Le is the longest mountain pass in Vietnam. The length of the side of Nha Trang has a long section. Therefore, when passing, visitors feel that the pass is just a big slope. That is the east side of Truong Son Nam.

The Khanh Le Pass area inherits a bit of the sea air of Khanh Hoa province and the typical mountain breezes from Lam Vien plateau of Lam Dong province.

Đèo Khánh Lê đoạn từ Nha Trang lên Đà Lạt

Khanh Le pass from Nha Trang to Da Lat (Photo collection)

Discover the Khanh Le Pass

Previously, from Nha Trang to Da Lat or vice versa, you had to go a long way, passing the Ngoan Muc mountain pass about 220km. Currently, visitors only need to cross Khanh Le pass with the shortened route to 80km.

This is the road that most drivers or backpackers often choose to go not only because of the shortened distance but also you have the opportunity to admire the beautiful scenery around.

After the car rolls over the Cau River Bridge, visitors will enter the territory of Khanh Vinh district, the sky is changeable, the clouds of the mountains overlap ahead and somewhere in the mountains in front of Bi Doup National Park.

The landscape along the Khanh Le pass is quite beautiful. The beautiful green spaces of the forest surround the long slopes. Winding winding roads, the two sides of thick reed grass let go of themselves swinging along the shimmering beautiful wind and also very wild.

Con đường nhựa êm ái và hàng lau cỏ lau rung rinh trong gió

The smooth asphalt road and the mop rows waving in the wind (Photo collection)

During the journey, visitors will admire the old forests and mountains. Especially, at the time of going up, visitors can freely breathe the fresh air, cool and feel the wild beauty and the fresh air of the mountains.

All year round, this tourist destination is echoed everywhere the birds chirping and murmuring from the streams. Coming here, visitors will admire the majestic waterfalls from the top of the mountain flowing like a white silk squeezed up on the green slopes.

A very typical feature in this area is the often dense fog. Therefore, you can easily encounter the thick fog cover before your eyes, or the heavy rain curtain when crossing the pass. This will be an especially unforgettable experience about the challenges of nature.

Đỉnh đèo Khánh Lê

The top of Khanh Le pass (Photo collection)

Through the mountain pass, visitors will reach the territory of Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province. Following the winding roads in the heart of Bi Doup National Park, the majestic natural scenery appears in the cool and romantic atmosphere.

Next, when the car rolls over the bridge across the Da Nhim River, visitors will see Da Nhim 2 hydroelectric and feel the fragrance from the vast pine forest of the city of thousands of Dalat flowers.

Journey to discover Khanh Le Pass – one of the beautiful tourist destinations in Nha Trang including the sea and mountains await you. This will be a valuable opportunity for visitors to experience wonderful and unforgettable moments during their trip.



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