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Discover Ninh Thuy fishing village – tourist attraction of Nha Trang

Ninh Thuy is a coastal area of Khanh Hoa. There are many fishing villages still preserved intact the ancient features, rustic hundreds of years ago. Experiencing many changes of life, the fishing villages of Ba Ha, Thuy Dam, My Luong and Ninh Thuy coastal village culture are not only the pride of the people here but have become a tourist destination in Nha Trang. Attractive page.

Ninh Thuy – rustic coastal fishing villages of old nature

According to local people, Ninh Thuy formerly known as Con Can, was formed from the 18th century, up to now 200 years, located in Hon Khoi peninsula with 4 hamlets Ngan Ha, Ba Ha, My Luong, Thuy Dam . In particular, Ba Ha fishing village still preserves the most features of the ancient sea village.

On a trip to Nha Trang with fishing villages in Ninh Thuy, visitors only need to travel about 50km from the city center.

Một ngõ nhỏ bình yên và đậm chất xưa ở làng chài Ninh Thủy

A small and peaceful alley in the old fishing village of Ninh Thuy (Photo of Tien Thanh)

What impresses each visitor when visiting this tourist site in Nha Trang are the special village gates. Although not too wide and tall or gaudy decoration with many unique patterns, the gate still has its own beauty.

The village gates are small, painted pale pink. In the front, there are names of villages like Ba Ha, Thuy Dam or My Luong, on the back, there are six words “Thien Tien Loc Nhan Nhon Hoa”. It is so simple, but these are the wishes, thoughts and aspirations of hundreds of years for fishermen in Ninh Thuy coastal areas.

Chiếc cổng làng nhỏ nhắn mang nhiều ý nghĩa

The small village gate has many meanings (Photo by Tien Thanh)

Walking slowly on the narrow and narrow village roads of Ninh Thuy, you will come across walls built of pressed mortar – a special material of the sea. Traces of time seemed to be imprinted on those shaggy walls, which had suffered from the intense sun and the salty sea breeze, leaving only the layers of corals.

Coming here, visitors are very interested and often save beautiful moments.

Những bức tường cũ kỹ và xù xì bị bào mòn qua năm tháng chỉ còn trơ lại lớp vỏ sò và san hô

The shaggy walls that have been worn down over the years leave only the shells and corals exposed (Photo: Tien Thanh)

The place of gentle and innocent people

Visiting Ninh Thuy fishing village, visitors will be “possessed” the familiar images in the daily life of indigenous people. Every day, they go fishing on boats, taking seaweed to dry, washing, washing, children swimming. Visitors will encounter the innocent young smiles and the affectionate and friendly eyes of the people here.

Walking around the small alleys, visitors can mingle with the joyful and innocent atmosphere when playing with the children in the fishing village.

Các em nhỏ say sưa trong trò chơi ô ăn quan

The children revel in the game of food court (Photo: Tien Thanh)

You can also enjoy delicious food that is extremely cheap in the alley itself. A bowl of fish cake, a plate of grilled bananas or a glass of sweet, cool apple tea are all dishes that taste delicious, strange and rich in Ninh Thuy sea.

Visitors will realize that Ninh Thuy is not only a tourist destination in Nha Trang but also a ticket to a peaceful childhood.

Place of untouched and peaceful nature

When traveling to Nha Trang , coming to Ninh Thuy sea, you will feel a wild and peaceful nature with blue and cool water looking deep to the bottom with gentle waves hitting the sand. Visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the water, with the children playing and diving.

A beautiful picture of nature still retains the pristine and peaceful features created by the blue sea, high sky, white and clean cut beaches and dim mountains in the fog of smoke in the distance … Not the place Every Nha Trang tourist has a wild beauty but close and warm like in Ninh Thuy.

Bãi biển đẹp và hoang sơ với làn nước trong xanh và mát lành

Beautiful and pristine beach with blue and cool water (Photo: Tien Thanh)

It is peaceful when you walk with your family and friends along the coast, enjoy a peaceful atmosphere of the fishing village life on the coast. The murmur of the waves and the green coconut palms swaying in the rhythm of the wind will make visitors extremely excited.

Coming to Ninh Thuy fishing village, watching the peaceful life here, how noisy, the hardships and worries will step back in the back and you only see the relaxation in your soul. That is what makes the attraction of this Nha Trang tourist site . You come to Ninh Thuy, visit the fishing villages along the blue coast, to once again return to the simple simplicity.


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