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Discover sitting at the ancient house of Binh Thuy – Cultural and long history architecture building

Back to Can Tho, not only travel to the river, enjoy fruit trees, garden cuisine, but you can also visit old houses imbued with Western culture. The old house of the Duong family has always been receiving attention as well as receiving many visits from near and far customers each year.

Mặt trước của nhà cổ Bình Thủy

The front of the ancient house of Binh Thuy (Image: @minhchauarc)

The old house of Binh Thuy in Can Tho

Toàn cảnh ngôi nhà cổ

Overview of the old house – tourist destination in Can Tho (Photo: @ locn19)

Located at 142/144 Bui Huu Nghia, Binh Thuy, Can Tho, the ancient house of Binh Thuy is one of more than 70 old houses in Can Tho province, which has always been called the “Tay Do Land”, built built in 1870 owned by the Duong family. This old house is one of the few intact houses to this day, with great value in supporting research, understanding the culture, customs of the people in the river delta. Kowloon period between two centuries.

Unique architecture

Unlike other houses imbued with Western architecture, the ancient house of Binh Thuy is an intersection of two Eastern – Western cultures, which are a bit of an old French-style villa architecture. The five-storey house is surrounded by an iron fence with motifs in the style of a French mansion, a series of decorations decorated with goldfish, unicorn or flower, cement leaves on the roof of the roof and gable.

The unique point that attracts the eyes of visitors coming here when they first come here is the 4 staircase arches connecting the courtyard to the main house with a series of windows, ensuring ventilation for the house. Each pillar with lim until the layout of the rooms, the interior is paid attention to by the owner to ensure the law of symmetry. All floor tiles are shipped directly from France.

Cổng vào bằng sắt với họa tiết kiểu dinh thự Pháp

Iron gate with motifs of French mansion (Photo: @_irisleisgood_)

Lối cầu thang dẫn lên gian chính

The stairway leading to the main hall (Image: @makontq)

Những ô cửa sổ mang đậm phong cách châu Âu kết hợp với văn hóa Á Đông

European-style windows combined with Asian culture (Image: @ vanphan7589)

Kiến trúc bên trong tòa nhà

The architecture inside the building (Image: @lenlichdichoi)

Trần nhà cũng được trang trí bằng các họa tiết khác nhau

The ceiling is also decorated with different motifs (Image: @ mei.vo.0106)

Toàn bộ gạch lát sàn đều được vận chuyển trực tiếp từ Pháp về

All floor tiles are shipped directly from France (Photo: @christian_trannn_classic)

Từng chi tiết đều được gia chủ chăm chút tỉ mỉ

Every detail is carefully cared for by the owner (Image: @phanbom)

However, the altar area is still retained by the owner of the Eastern architectural style and decoration to preserve the traditional culture. In addition, visitors can also ask the owner to explain more about the architecture as well as the implications put in each layout of the house.

Binh Thuy orchid garden and abundant antiques warehouse

Not only famous for its unique architecture, the ancient house of Binh Thuy is also known as Binh Thuy orchid garden as well as the place to store an abundant treasure of antiques of great value.

Mr. Duong Van Ngon, the fifth descendant of the house with hobbies, flowers, dew, the dragon has collected countless countless rare and precious orchids from everywhere and invited friends to enjoy the flowers, making this place become A rendezvous point for people with a favorite hobby for flowers, especially orchids. The old house is also famous near and far thanks to the Mexican cactus Kim more than 40 years old.

Ngôi nhà này còn được biết đến như “Vườn hoa Bình Thủy”

This house is also known as “Binh Thuy Flower Garden” (Image: @mlsgrant)

The Duong family has long been famous for antiques, it is not uncommon to store and preserve a variety of valuable antiques collected through descendants such as furniture from Yunnan. (China), French plastic set from Louis period, cup cup from Minh – Thanh period …

Hàng loạt đồ cổ trong ngôi nhà

Numerous antiques in the house (Image: @_anhnguyen)

With the value of architecture and history, the ancient house of Binh Thuy has been recognized as a “national art monument”, increasingly attracting more visitors as well as film crews to borrow the background for the your footage.


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