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Discover the beauty of Sapa in the ripe rice season

Not as noisy and crowded as urban areas, the city also does not have children that live like the sea, but a golden rice field on the peaceful rice fields rarely seen by nature. Northwest. You will have to assert that the beauty of Sapa is amazing as the picturesque colorful dreaming. You are wondering whether sapa has ripe rice season? Please refer to the article below offline.

A brief introduction to the natural beauty of Sapa

Sapa is a town in Lao Cai province, Vietnam, attracting tourists by the pristine natural scenery but full of sentiments. Each season has a different beautiful picture. The snowing season, the ripe rice season, the plum season, the peach season, the flowing water season, etc. The sapa climate is extremely suitable, pleasant, the nights will be chilly, cool all year round. Among them, the Dao and Mong ethnic groups have a special cultural characteristics of these two ethnic minority areas. All elements create a strong attraction for visitors who want to experience the land here. You can book a hotel in Sapa.

Sapa ngập tràn trong biển mây (ảnh Collection)

Sapa is full of clouds (photo Collection)

Which season should you go to Sapa?

Sapa has 4 different seasons in a year. Traveling in any season is appropriate and has a unique beauty. However, to facilitate the travel as well as the good weather, sunny days, the cold night should go in March to May or September to November. of peach blossom and plum blossom, April-May stands out in the water season as a giant mirror. September -10 dons a shiny yellow color of sapa in the ripe rice season and in winter white snow falls all over the hill.

Sapa rice season only takes place within 2 weeks. So you want to see the whole yellow scenery of the beautiful ripe rice season as a poetic but lyrical picture. You need to be at the right time!

The beauty of the ripe rice season in Sapa

It is very proud that in 2009 Sapa’s terraces were recognized as the most magnificent and beautiful terraces of Asia and all over the world. It can be said that Sapa is most beautiful in the fall, where the terraced rice fields are blooming like a sky ladder in the village areas.

Ruộng bậc thang tuyệt đẹp trải dài ở thung lũng Mường Hoa ( ảnh Collection)

Sapa beautiful ripe rice season stretching in Muong Hoa valley (Photo Collection)

Sapa tourism at the time of ripe rice fields for thousands of years has been created by the hard-working, hard-working and hard-working hands of farmers and ethnic minorities. There are hundreds of hectares of large fields that look like a huge picture with curving lines all drawn by the “artists” of the farmers. O Quy Ho pass is one of the four great peaks of the northwest pass but only about 12km from Sapa.

Ruộng lúa ngập tràn trong mây mù (ảnh Collection)

Sapa rice fields filled with clouds (Photo Collection)

Chinh phục đèo Ô quy Hồ (ảnh Collection)

Conquering the O Ho Ho Pass (photo Collection)

Walking on the immense ripe rice fields, you will feel the fragrance of the ripe rice fields mingled in the wind creating a relaxed and comfortable soul. A great space. Moreover, you can also immerse yourself in the hard life here but filled with laughter and joy of the ethnic people here. Ripe rice fields are interwoven with green rice fields, creating wide green and yellow carpets as if given by heaven and earth. These golden fields make visitors feel like this land more. Therefore, it can be said that the ripe rice season in Sapa is a meaningful and wonderful gift that nature and heaven bestow on the people here.

Thửa ruộng chìm trong mây trắng (Ảnh Collection)

The field is sunk in white clouds (Photo Collection)

Hoàng hôn rực rỡ hòa quyện với đám mây phủ quanh làng (ảnh Collection)

Dazzling sunsets blend with clouds surrounding the village (Photo Collection)

Con đường như cắt ngang bởi tầng tầng lớp lớp của lúa (ảnh Collection)

The road seems to be interrupted by layers of rice (Photo Collection)

Màu nâu đã gặt xen kẽ màu xanh và màu vàng tạo nên bức tranh tuyệt đẹp (ảnh Collection)

The brown color has been harvested alternating blue and yellow to create a beautiful picture (Photo Collection)

Cánh đồng Chu Lìn (ảnh Collection)

Chu Lin Field (Photo Collection)

Khung cảnh Sàng A sáo mùa lúa chín (ảnh Collection)

The scene of Sieve A flute in the ripe rice season (Photo Collection)

Khung cảnh Mường Hum (ảnh Collection)

Scenery of Muong Hum (Photo Collection)

On the way to the Northwest village, you will come across cute images, the joys of children helping their parents to harvest rice, the babies reveling on their mothers’ backs during the harvest, gentle laughter of the kids here.

Em bé ngủ trên lưng mẹ trong mùa thu hoạch (ảnh Collection)

Baby sleeps on his mother’s back during harvest (Photo Collection)

Come see you again. Sapa has attracted you? Please arrange the initiative time to have the opportunity to come here to admire the beauty of the rice fields here! Have a nice trip.

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