Exploring the Hidden Beauty of Sapa’s Ancient Rock Field

August 4, 2020 3 mins to read

Sapa, crafted by nature’s hand, boasts stunning natural landscapes and harbors numerous mysteries and wonders within. Let’s set foot into the flower valley with Vietnampeace.com to uncover the beauty of Sapa’s ancient rock field! Indeed, this rock field is one of the fascinating spots travelers shouldn’t miss when visiting Sapa.

Covering an area of approximately 8 km2, Sapa’s ancient rock field features nearly 200 rock formations and is situated about 8km southeast of the town. It would be best to conquer the winding pass, nestled along the Muong Hoa valley, to reach it. This valley is adorned with various rock formations bearing different shapes and carvings. Among them are numerous limestone blocks adorned with enigmatic symbols whose origins and meanings remain elusive. This valley has been designated as a national relic, a precious cultural heritage of our people. Discovered over a century ago, the Sapa rock field tourism continues to attract many global travelers for admiration.

Within the Muong Hoa valley flows a stream meandering through the local villages, stretching about 15km to its endpoint in Ban Ho. You can also explore beautiful Sapa homestays resembling scenes from fairy tales, capturing the hearts of millions.

Visiting here, you’ll be awestruck by the large and small rocks adorned with unique carvings that captivate different interests. Small stones are hidden beneath lush green grass patches, alongside colossal rocks 15m long and 4m high, lying majestically on the ground. The more you gaze upon them, the more intensely you’ll be drawn to these rocks, as if they possess an irresistible allure that entraps onlookers without release.

According to historical research, each carving on these rocks holds secrets and records from ancient times, concealing tales of past civilizations. To this day, their origins and the mysteries they hold remain unsolved, fueling curiosity among millions of researchers and travelers.

The successive carvings leave no clear beginning or end, plunging observers into these rocks’ mystical and enigmatic world.

The Sapa ancient rock field resembles a unique form of ancient art, leaving indelible images and mysteries in the minds of those who behold it. Perhaps it’s a cultural relic from primitive times.

Beyond the mysterious allure of these large rocks, there are still many unique experiences to discover here. You’ll find profound tranquility by strolling through expansive green fields, letting your soul sway with the gentle breeze, and quietly admiring the natural scenery.

The poetic scenery of Muong Hoa Valley offers views of towering mountain ranges, lush green forests, houses nestled at the foot of mountains, and clouds drifting lazily across the sky.

After millennia, the Sapa ancient rock field remains shrouded in enigmatic secrets, confounding even the most astute researchers. Therefore, if you ever get the chance to visit Sapa, take the time to explore the Muong Hoa Valley and unravel its mysteries.

bãi đá cổ sapa

Ancient stone located in the northwestern mountains (Photo Collection)

Thung lũng Mường Hoa - sapa (ảnh Collection)

Muong Hoa Valley – Sapa (Photo Collection)

bãi đá cổ sapa

The mystery on the stone gossip (Photo Collection)

Những nét tinh hoa độc đáo trên những tảng đá (ảnh Collection)

The unique quintessence on the rocks (Photo Collection)

Những hoa văn mông lung trên bãi đá cổ sapa (ảnh Collection)

The vibrant pattern on Sapa Rocky Beach (Photo Collection)

Bãi đá cổ sơ khai huyền bí (ảnh Collection)

Ancient mysterious ancient rock beach (Photo Collection)

Vẻ đẹp thơ mộng của thung lũng Mường Hoa (ảnh Collection)

The poetic beauty of Muong Hoa Valley (Photo Collection)

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