Escape the Summer Heat at Binh Dai Beach, Ben Tre

July 17, 2020 7 mins to read

Binh Dai Beach in Ben Tre is renowned as one of the most beautiful and famous coconut land destinations. This place boasts crystal-clear waters, stretches of sandy shores with fine volcanic sand, and waves gently crashing day and night, promising to create unforgettable moments during your summer getaway to Ben Tre. Check out!

1. Introduction to Binh Dai Beach, Ben Tre

1.1 Where is Binh Dai Beach, Ben Tre, Located?

Unlike the bustling and lively atmosphere of beaches in Vung Tau or Nha Trang, Binh Dai Beach, Ben Tre, captivates visitors with its rare and tranquil beauty. Among the various tourist destinations in Ben Tre, this is a favorite among many young people who frequently visit for leisure, check-ins, and relaxation.

Situated in the district of Binh Dai, this coastal area boasts a rustic and straightforward landscape, offering an incredibly peaceful ambiance with only the soothing sounds of waves and gentle breezes. Not many hotels or resorts are around, making it an ideal spot for those who appreciate the wild and unspoiled beauty. In the past, Binh Dai Beach was relatively quiet. Still, after enchanting images of the picturesque scenery at sunset surfaced on travel websites, more and more people have flocked here, especially during the summer and weekends.

1.2 When is the Best Time to Visit Binh Dai Beach, Ben Tre?

According to the travel experiences of adventurous wanderers exploring Binh Dai Beach, you can visit at any time of the year due to the mild and pleasant coconut land climate, with rare occurrences of storms or rough seas. However, the ideal time is during the summer, roughly from June to August, as Binh Dai Beach becomes vibrant and bustling. Moreover, visiting during this period allows you to savor the ripe and delicious fruits famous in the Binh Dai district of Ben Tre.

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2. Directions to Binh Dai Beach, Ben Tre: An Adventure from Ho Chi Minh City

Covering a distance of around 137km, going to Binh Dai Beach from the vibrant Ho Chi Minh City is a breeze. Hop on a bus from the Western Bus Station heading to Ben Tre. Once in the city center, grab a taxi or fire up the Grab app to whisk you away to the serene Binh Dai Beach area, nestled along Provincial Road 883.

For the thrill-seeking young souls, embarking on a motorbike journey to Binh Dai Beach is an adventure. Kick off your ride from Ho Chi Minh City, cruising along National Highway 1A, passing through Long An City in Long An Province. Upon reaching My Tho City, veer onto National Highway 60 and keep rolling towards Ben Tre City. After breezing through the Rach Mieu Bridge, around 3km later, take the turn onto Provincial Road 883, and voila, you’ve arrived at your beach destination. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure at Binh Dai Beach!

3. What to Do at Binh Dai Beach, Ben Tre?

3.1 Coastal Sightseeing

When you venture to Binh Dai Beach, Ben Tre, get ready to indulge in the cool and refreshing air while immersing yourself in the enchanting beauty of untamed nature. Unlike the gleaming golden sands or deep blue waters of typical beaches, Binh Dai Beach boasts its own simple and captivating charm that leaves everyone spellbound. This allure is crafted by the gentle waves rhythmically lapping the shore, shaping a sandy expanse rich in volcanic sediment that highlights the tranquil and crystal-clear seawater.

Especially during the serene evenings when the sun sets, Binh Dai Beach, Ben Tre, transforms into a surreal and dreamy landscape, making it an absolute must-see. The beauty of this place is truly unique, providing an experience that captivates and enchants every visitor.

3.2 Coastal Stroll

A stroll along the beach is a delightful experience many people love when visiting Binh Dai Beach, Ben Tre. The sensation of barefoot steps on the distinctive black sand, walking along the shore, will undoubtedly leave unforgettable impressions. Moreover, you can capture beautiful moments while wandering along the coastline. It’s truly magnificent to stroll along Binh Dai Beach and Ben Tre and witness the sunrise slowly emerging from the water.

3.3 Beach Activities and Entertainment

Visiting Binh Dai Beach, Ben Tre, during the summer, you can’t miss the playful moments, waving in the cool and refreshing water. Despite being a volcanic sandy beach, the water is clear, and the spacious sandy beach attracts many visitors for a lively and crowded beach experience. In addition, entertainment activities at Binh Dai Beach, Ben Tre, such as surfing, volleyball, kite flying, soccer, and more, are gradually developing to offer diverse experiences. If you prefer a peaceful space to relax, you can also try fishing and squid fishing here.

3.4 Explore the Life of Seafarers

The residents of Binh Dai Beach, Ben Tre, primarily earn their livelihoods through fishing, aquaculture, and boat building. When you visit this beach, you’ll have the opportunity to explore their simple and rustic daily life, observe aquaculture models (industrial shrimp farming ponds, crab farming, blood cockle farming, etc.), and engage in conversations about boat building with skilled artisans in the Thoi Thuan area. Through this, you’ll gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the land and people of Binh Dai Beach, particularly the coastal region of Ben Tre, known as the homeland of coconuts.

4. What to Eat at Binh Dai Beach, Ben Tre?

4.1 Seafood Delights

Thanks to the abundant sea resources, the distinctive dishes here are mainly prepared from fresh seafood caught directly on the same day. The most renowned dishes include flavorful crab, shrimp, squid, clams, and oysters, cooked by the locals with unique regional recipes that offer irresistibly delicious flavors. The seafood cuisine of Binh Dai Beach, Ben Tre, is undeniably a captivating highlight for many international visitors.

4.2 Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Sizzling Pancakes)

In addition to the seafood, the cuisine of Binh Dai Beach, Ben Tre, is also famous for Banh Xeo, served with coconut sprouts. A crispy Banh Xeo made with simple ingredients like rice flour, eggs, shrimp, and shredded coconut has become a memorable and must-try dish for many diners exploring the Binh Dai Beach region.

4.3 Mud Crab Dishes

Binh Dai Beach, Ben Tre, boasts a large mangrove forest area with abundant mud crabs. The locals skillfully transform mud crabs into various delicious and unique dishes with a rich and appealing taste. Mud crab dishes are among the unique specialties of the Binh Dai coastal region, perfect for accompanying gatherings with friends over drinks.

4.4 Fresh Fruits

Alongside these dishes, the area offers a variety of delicious and heartwarming fresh fruits, such as Thoi Thuan mangosteen, Giong Gieng pumpkin, and Cua Dai watermelon. June to August is ideal for indulging in these fruits, so do not miss out.

5. Conclusion

Binh Dai Beach, Ben Tre’s pristine beauty, tranquility, and diverse culinary offerings are undoubtedly an ideal coconut land travel guide destination. If you’re still unsure where to explore in Ben Tre, consider heading to Binh Dai Beach and discover its wonders! For more travel tips and information, visit and embark on a journey to experience the best of this charming coastal gem.

Du lịch biển Bình Đại Bến Tre

Binh Dai Ben Tre Beach Trip (Photo Collection)

Bản đồ đường đi tới vùng biển Bình Đại

Road map to Binh Dai waters (Photo Collection)

Vui chơi thỏa thích tại biển Bình Đại

Have fun at Binh Dai Beach (Photo Collection)

Vi vu biển Bình Đại

Vu Dai Binh Dai Beach (Photo Collection)

Vẻ đẹp bình dị của vùng biển Bình Đại

The idyllic beauty of Binh Dai waters (Photo Collection)

Tham gia hoạt động câu cá tại Bình Đại

Participate in fishing activities in Binh Dai (Photo Collection)

Thưởng thức hải sản tươi ngon tại biển Bình Đại

Enjoying fresh seafood at Binh Dai Beach (Photo Collection)

Du lịch biển Bình Đại tận hưởng những đặc sản thơm ngon

Binh Dai cruises enjoy delicious specialties (Photo Collection)

Mãng cầu Thới Thuận

Thoi Thuan Soursop (Photo Collection)

Dưa hấu Cửa Đại

Cua Dai Watermelon (Photo Collection)

Vẻ đẹp hoang sơ tại bãi biển Thừa Đức

The wild beauty at Thua Duc Beach (Photo Collection)

Bắt ngao cùng người dân tại biển Thừa Đức

Catching clams with people in Thua Duc Beach (Photo Collection)

Du lịch đình Tân Hưng Bến Tre

Tan Hung communal house in Ben Tre (Photo Collection)

Tham quan cống Ba Lai Bến Tre

Visiting Ba Lai Ben Tre Sluice (Photo Collection)

Nghỉ ngơi tại các khách sạn Bến Tre

Rest at Ben Tre Hotels (Photo Collection)

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