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Discover the idyllic beauty in the waters of Binh Dai Ben Tre

As you know, Binh Dai is one of three districts in Ben Tre near the sea. Thanks to An Hoa islet, this place has many advantages in terms of waterway transportation. Coming to Binh Dai beach, visitors will enjoy the fresh, cool atmosphere and experience the cultural beauty in this peaceful land. And here, let’s join us to explore Binh Dai beach through the following article.

Thua Duc Binh Dai Beach – The simple beauty of the land of Ben Tre

Road to Binh Dai beach

Du lịch biển Bình Đại Bến Tre

Binh Dai Ben Tre Beach Trip (Photo Collection)

Located more than 137km from Ho Chi Minh City, to get here, go to the Western bus station to buy a bus ticket to Ben Tre. Then from Ben Tre city, you can refer to the following route.

Bản đồ đường đi tới vùng biển Bình Đại

Road map to Binh Dai waters (Photo Collection)

Follow the routes of Nguyen Hue, Huynh Tan Phat and Ba Lai Bridge to Provincial Road 883 / TL883 / DT883 at Giao Long. Then continue to Provincial Road 883 / TL883 / DT883 to Binh Thoi. When you arrive at Hai Hung building materials store, you turn to the right to get to University 40 through Binh Thoi Primary School. When driving around the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Provincial Highway 883 / TL883 / DT883 to Binh Dai Beach

Traveling Binh Dai Ben Tre

Vui chơi thỏa thích tại biển Bình Đại

Have fun at Binh Dai beach (Photo Collection)

As a district located near the sea, the work of Binh Dai people mainly lives on fishing and aquaculture. And attached to this traditional profession in Binh Dai, there is also a very famous boat-making craft of Thoi Thuan’s workmen.

Vi vu biển Bình Đại

Vu Dai Binh Dai Beach (Photo Collection)

Coming to Binh Dai Beach, visitors will enjoy the cool space from the coconut trees swaying along the wind stretching on the coast. The sea water is clear, the white sandy beach gives you the freedom to run and play.

Vẻ đẹp bình dị của vùng biển Bình Đại

The idyllic beauty of Binh Dai waters (Photo Collection)

Around the coast, there are also many entertainment activities taking place, which attract a lot of visitors to participate such as surfing, kite flying, volleyball, beach football, … If you love the quiet atmosphere, the activity Fishing, squid fishing will be very suitable.

Tham gia hoạt động câu cá tại Bình Đại

Participate in fishing activities in Binh Dai (Photo Collection)

In addition to having fun at the beach, visitors also discover and experience a simple life. sketchy of the people of Binh Dai. Early in the morning walking along the coast of Binh Dai, watching the rays of sunlight behind the coconut trees signals a peaceful new day begins like the scenery here.

Cuisine of Binh Dai beach area

Thưởng thức hải sản tươi ngon tại biển Bình Đại

Enjoying fresh seafood at Binh Dai beach (Photo Collection)

Du lịch biển Bình Đại tận hưởng những đặc sản thơm ngon

Binh Dai cruises enjoy delicious specialties (Photo Collection)

As mentioned above, as a district near the sea, the seafood is very fresh. The famous seafood dishes here such as crabs, crabs, shrimp, … are all processed according to typical regional recipes, making the dish more delicious and attractive.

Mãng cầu Thới Thuận

Thoi Thuan Soursop (Photo Collection)

Dưa hấu Cửa Đại

Cua Dai Watermelon (Photo Collection)

In addition to seafood, visitors can taste delicious fruits in Binh Dai. Including pumpkin Gieng Gieng (Thanh Phuoc), Thoi Thuan custard, … Especially Cua Dai watermelon has been awarded certificates of merit in fairs.

Places to visit near the Binh Dai Beach

Chengde Sea

Vẻ đẹp hoang sơ tại bãi biển Thừa Đức

The wild beauty at Thua Duc beach (Photo Collection)

Bắt ngao cùng người dân tại biển Thừa Đức

Catching clams with people in Thua Duc beach (Photo Collection)

This is considered one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in Ben Tre. Every weekend, this beach welcomes a large number of tourists to have fun. Because the name of Binh Dai Ben Tre beach tourism is still quite new and not familiar to many people, the number of tourists coming here is still quite small. However, you should come here once to see all the rustic simplicity of the Thua Duc beach.

Tan Hung Temple

Du lịch đình Tân Hưng Bến Tre

Tan Hung communal house in Ben Tre (Photo Collection)

Tan Hung Temple is one of the spiritual tourist destinations that many tourists choose when coming to Binh Dai land. The communal house is divided into 3 rooms with ancient architecture, the columns are painted beautifully in gold. Each room is worshiped a god related to the lives of the people and the village tutelary gods. The upper part of the communal house roof is built in the style of yin and yang clay bricks so the original colors are preserved. If you have the opportunity to visit and travel Binh Dai Ben Tre remember not to miss this point.

Ba Lai sluice

Tham quan cống Ba Lai Bến Tre

Visiting Ba Lai Ben Tre sluice (Photo Collection)

This is an irrigation category built to serve human life such as using irrigation, keeping fresh and preventing salinity for about 90,000 ha of agricultural land. The drain has a beautiful design and the scenery here is very spectacular. In addition, at this site visitors can visit crocodile farms, wild boars and snakehead fish farming model along the Ba Lai River.

Relax at Binh Dai beach

Nghỉ ngơi tại các khách sạn Bến Tre

Rest at Ben Tre hotels (Photo Collection)

Because Binh Dai is still quite wild, resort activities here are few. Therefore, tourists can relax at the following hotels and motels in Ben Tre:

  • Hotel 33: 33, Hamlet Binh Hoa Thi Tran Binh Dai, Binh Dai District, Binh Thoi, Binh Dai, Ben Tre.
  • Tay Do Hotel: DT883, Binh Thoi, Binh Dai, Ben Tre.
  • Mango Home Riverside: Hamlet Nghia Huan, My Thanh Village, Giong Trom, Ben Tre.
  • Charming Hometown Charming Coutryside: Nhon Thanh, Ben Tre, Vietnam


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