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Discover the idyllic beauty of Hon Sam Island in Nha Trang

Hon Sam is a relatively new tourist destination in the coastal city of Nha Trang. But this is a place that owns its very own beauty that surely you will be surprised when you have the opportunity to set foot in this place. The landscape on the island is quite wild but probably because that makes a difference and attracts visitors.

Along the National Highway 1A, through the territory of Vinh Luong commune, the scene that appears before you is Hon Sam with a green color of forest trees that further enhances the beauty of the island in the midst of nature. To get to the island, you move to Da Chong port in Vinh Luong, Nha Trang . Then buy train tickets to Hon Sam. Tickets to visit the island quite cheap. Only 30,000 VND for adults and 15,000 VND for children. The above ticket price includes transportation and sightseeing fees of Hon Sam.

Tàu di Hòn Sầm (Ảnh ST)

Ships moving to Hon Sam (Photo ST)

Từ đây bạn cũng có thể chiêm ngưỡng cảnh đẹp của Hòn Sầm (Ảnh ST)

From here you can also admire the beauty of Sam Sam (Photo ST)

Hon Sam has a relatively small area but is considered a beautiful island. On the island is also home to extremely diverse vegetation. The Creator gave this place a very unique look, two ends of which are two small mountains connected by a fine white sand band. This special sand strip is also an attractive entertainment place for you when coming to this place. With this location, the beach in Hon Sam will look towards Nha Trang, and on the other side are shaggy rocks facing Hon Thi.

Một mặt là bãi đá của Hòn Sầm (Ảnh ST)

On the one hand is the rocky beach of Hon Sam (Photo ST)

Bên còn lại là bãi tắm rất đẹp (Ảnh ST)

On the other side is a very nice beach (Photo ST)

With about 8.3 ha of area, Hon Sam is surrounded by lush year round trees. One thing that is quite interesting when you come to the island is that there are many longan and orange trees here that make you feel like you are walking in an orchard with many attractive fruits. What an interesting thing. By the season of flowering, every tree is heavy with fruit. Because the trees here all grow wild, so they don’t eat very well, but this orange is best for washing your hair. It will help your hair shiny, along with a soothing aroma. That said, but to preserve the scenery on the island according to its natural features, you should not arbitrarily pick them.

Hòn Tầm Nha Trang (Ảnh ST)

Nha Trang Islet (ST Image)

Hon Sam has a relatively low mountain, with all kinds of green trees growing. You are free to explore the interesting things in this place. There are quite a lot of rock niches or shrubs woven together to form domes, it will be an ideal stop for you after hours of walking and visiting this place.

Not only that, with the terrain surrounded by many large and small islands such as: Hon Nua, Hon Thi, Hon Lang or Monkey Island gives Hon Sam the pretty obscure spots, which is considered a safe beach for tourists. calendar. Under the hot weather of summer, immersed in the clear blue water, cool down is really great. Interestingly, the sand here is full of thunderstorms. So, coming here you will have another fun that is the thunderstorm.

Bãi biển lặng gió ở Hòn Sầm (Ảnh ST)

Calm beach in Hon Sam (Photo ST)

Chinh phục Hòn Sầm với trò chơi chèo bè (Ảnh ST)

Conquer Hon Sam with a rafting game (Photo ST)

Although newly put into exploitation of tourism, a number of attractive sea games are also here. For example, you can stroll around the island by canoe, paddle to Hon Thi, drive a water motor, or scuba dive to see the coral … The coral around the island is beautiful, still quite intact, so you will be able to enjoy the beauty of it. their splendor when participating in scuba diving.

Lặn ngắm san hô quanh đảo (Ảnh ST)

Snorkeling and watching corals around the island (Photo ST)

On the island, there are also quite a few rafts. Here you can manually choose your favorite seafood and then take them to the restaurant for them to process according to your request. Next, it is time for you to enjoy fresh seafood dishes, watching Hon Sam in the coolness of the sea breeze here. A feeling of relaxation and comfort, isn’t it?

Du lịch Hòn Sầm Nha Trang (Ảnh ST)

Sam Sam Island Tourism (Photo ST)

Sam Sam Island attracts visitors by the pristine beauty that rare places have. This is also a destination for those who love the peace, no noise, bustle, to forget the fatigue of living, and from there, can enjoy their vacation.


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