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Discover the idyllic beauty of the Con Son Can Tho tourist area

If you want to have a new experience of life in the West, Con Son Can Tho is a great attraction for you and your family, friends on weekends, holidays that you should not miss. Let’s explore the simple and simple beauty and enjoy the peaceful and free resort space.

Cồn Sơn Cần Thơ

Traveling to Con Son Can Tho (Photo: Collection)

How to move to Con Son

This location is 5-10 minutes from the mainland by boat, you can catch the boat to move to the river. Here, there are many trips to serve the travel needs of people as well as domestic and international visitors. The boat seats from 10-15 people, the ticket is 10,000 VND / time / person.

Cồn Sơn Cần Thơ

Transportation to Con Son (Image: Collection)

If you travel to Con Son ferry terminal by motorbike, you can take a bigger ferry to the top of the dune, but it will be quite far away from the end of the dune. But according to experience when traveling to Con Son Can Tho , it is difficult to drive a motorbike because the road is quite narrow, it is best if you do not travel by motorbike on the dunes, you can send the car at the ferry station before coming to Con Son .

Cồn Sơn Cần Thơ

Photo: Collection

Features of Con Son Can Tho

A special thing here is that you can visit the stork garden, see hundreds of white storks, black storks flying in flocks at the top of Con Son in the afternoon. What is more wonderful than watching a peaceful scene and a break between the cool and quiet space of the countryside of Can Tho.

Cồn Sơn Cần Thơ

Con Son stork garden (Photo: Collection)

About the people here, their lifestyle and activities are quite different from the bustling and hustle life of people in Can Tho city, they are very affectionate, close and create a sense of comfort for the union. Tourists want to buy what they want, do not drag, push prices and offer to buy and sell like other tourist destinations.

Cồn Sơn Cần Thơ

Peaceful life in Con Son (Image: Collection)

There is also an experience of the life of farmers such as fishing, crab hunting, catching snails, … interesting for visitors and immediately enjoying the great countryside dishes such as grilled fish, banana peel, snails Grilled,…

Cồn Sơn Cần Thơ

Experience interesting fishing activities (Image: Collection)

Cồn Sơn Cần Thơ

Visit Con Son Binh Thuy Can Tho fruit garden

With quite fertile soil, cool climate, the orchards in Con Son Can Tho tourist area are lush all year round, popular trees such as rambutan, grapefruit, breast milk, jackfruit, … You will Hand picked and eaten right in the garden, you will feel full of delicious taste, fresh.

Cồn Sơn Cần Thơ

Fruit orchards of all kinds of fruits (Photo: Collection)

Cồn Sơn Cần Thơ

Most people on dunes are mostly gardeners, combined with tourism for the past few years. Entrance fees to the orchards are quite cheap only from 15,000 VND / person. Visitors can buy fruit directly at the garden as a gift for loved ones.

Cồn Sơn Cần Thơ

Visitors can pick it directly at the garden (Image: Collection)

Visitors to Con Son will experience and immerse themselves in the daily life of the people here. For those who are familiar with the life in the city, you will be very curious and interested in the activities here.

Learn how to make a cake

Cồn Sơn Cần Thơ

Con Son specialty cakes of all kinds (Image: Collection)

Con Son is surrounded by gardens and trees. If you want to visit the orchard or want to learn, make your own famous cakes of the Western people such as: khot cakes, sandwiches, cakes, … then you can ask people to the garden houses have be able to organize, prepare and guide you.

Cồn Sơn Cần Thơ

Cồn Sơn Cần Thơ

Special gifts of Con Son Can Tho (Photo: Collection)

Cồn Sơn Cần Thơ

Visitors can participate in all stages from preparing ingredients, kneading dough, manually processing the delicious, beautiful cakes with bold Southern characteristics.

Cồn Sơn Cần Thơ

Cồn Sơn Cần Thơ

Experience making cakes with people (Image: Collection)

Cồn Sơn Cần Thơ

Con Son Can Tho – a unique attraction, with wild and natural beauty, offers wonderful relaxation moments for you. If you have the opportunity to travel to Can Tho, do not forget to visit the Con Son tourist area full of interesting and unexpected waiting for you to explore.



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