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Discover the road to the unique island at Hon Ba Vung Tau

About 3 hours drive from Ho Chi Minh City center, Vung Tau has long been considered a famous tourist destination, attracting tourists by its natural beauty. During the trip to Vung Tau , you definitely cannot miss Ba Vung Tau – a famous tourist destination with a walking path to the island, both romantic and unique.

Overview of Hon Ba Island

Hon Ba is a tourist destination in Vung Tau , about 200m from Nghinh Phong cape with an area of about 5000m2, also known as Ba Vien Bullet Islet or Archinard Islet. Walking on Ha Long Street or Thuy Van Street in Vung Tau, you can see a small island in the middle of the vast blue sea, the white foam waves. On ebb tide, this place reveals a stone path connecting the island. Travelers who love adventure and experience the feeling of walking in the sea can go to the island to visit and explore.

Vung Tau Islet (Photo Collection)

Hon Ba – a small island, white water waves fluttering all year round (Photo Collection)

History of Hon Ba Island in Vung Tau

On the island of Ba island, there is a small temple called Mieu Ba, built by a believer in Ho Quang Minh in Central Vietnam in 1881.

Ba Vung Islet temple (Collection photo)

In 1939, Archinard – a French officer intended to shoot down the temple with 3 shots. But only one hit on the corner of the temple, so no major damage. Shortly thereafter, the officer died here due to carelessness when using a gun. The French colonists named the island Archinard but people still called it Hon Ba .

In 1971, a man named Thanh Phong in Tra Vinh province came here, mobilized people to repair the temple. Currently, the temple has a height of 4 meters, inside there is a shrine for the gods. Underneath is a basement with a length of 6m and a width of 3m, formerly a secret operation base of patriotic compatriots.

Each year, Ba Vung Tau islet temple offers four rituals based on the country, including January, April, July and October of the lunar calendar.

How to get to Hon Ba Vung Tau

Travelers who want to move to Hon Ba Island in Vung Tau can go in two ways: boat, boat when the water is big or walking when the water recedes.

Visitors can go to the island by boat, boat or on foot on the sprint days (Photo Collection)

On the day of rising water, you are required to go on boats and boats to the island, but on the 14th and 15th of the lunar calendar every month, when the sea level recedes, you can experience walking to visit Ba temple. . A view is separated from the sea, the road appears to lead visitors to the adventurous experience but very interesting and memorable.

The path of turning the sea as a guide for visitors to explore and experience

Quite a lot of people choose to experience walking to the island

The sea water here is clear, reflecting the shimmering sun and rocks of all sizes and shapes. Especially at dawn or dusk, the island of Ba Island is dazzlingly beautiful with light, not dazzling, intense light but very lyrical.

The clear sea reflects the shimmering sun, creating beautiful scenery here (Photo Collection)

The note when traveling to Vung Tau Hon Ba

Travelers who want to experience the feeling of walking to the island should learn about the island’s drawdown schedule to have the most reasonable schedule.

– Because this road is deeply submerged in the sea, there are many oysters, creating sharp angles, craggy stones are obstacles when visitors move. You should move carefully because the sharp oyster shells can tear your feet if you accidentally stumble.

The road is rocky and quite a lot of oysters with sharp shells so visitors should be careful when moving (Photo Collection)

Coming to Vung Tau without experiencing the feeling of walking to the sea is a big mistake. Hopefully, with the information that VietNampeace.vn shared above about the unique walking path to the island at Hon Ba Vung Tau will be a really useful travel luggage for you.


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