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Discover the tourist destination of Hon Ba – a foggy land in the heart of Nha Trang coastal city

Nha Trang is like a Da Lat with cool air, wandering mist and hundred primeval forests. Tourist destination that named Hon Ba, now a lot of tourists look to visit.

Road to the top of Hon Ba – a tourist destination in pristine Nha Trang

Hon Ba is located about 60km southwest of Nha Trang city center. To get to this tourist destination, visitors need to follow Highway 1A through Cat stream (Cam Lam district) and turn into a small road near the foot of the mountain next to Suoi Dau lake. After that, visitors continue to travel about 37km from Suoi Dau to Hon Ba.

In the section of Dau stream, the houses began to be sparse, so the steep mountain roads gradually appeared and the shadow of people gradually lessened. The road to the mountain is winding and winding along the slope. From a distance, you will think of a giant snake wrapped around the ridge.

Con đường lên đỉnh Hòn Bà quanh co khúc khuỷu

The road to the top of Hon Ba winding, bends (Photo collection)

The road to the top of Hon Ba Island in Nha Trang has many sharp bends, challenging the courage of tourists, especially those who love adventure. From the resting points on the way to Hon Ba, visitors can zoom far to admire the beauty of the whole natural area of Dien Khanh and Cam Lam.

Khung cảnh thiên nhiên xanh tươi của hồ Suối Dầu khi nhìn từ đỉnh Hòn Bà

The lush natural scenery of Suoi Dau Lake when viewed from the top of Hon Ba (Photo collection)

Hon Ba is also a nature reserve with quite a rich flora and fauna. According to the study, this place currently has about 592 species of higher plants, 255 species of animals, including 59 species of animals and 41 species of rare plants listed in the Vietnam Red Book.

Natural beauty atop Hon Ba

Hon Ba is located at an altitude of more than 1500m above sea level, the higher it is, the cooler the temperature. The wild nature with the sound of wild birds, the sound of streams and murmuring peacefully under the immense forest canopy still retains its pristine beauty hundreds of years old.

Tourists will easily catch the clouds of wild clouds wandering on the treetops, forests, mountains. All create a vague and dreamy space that makes visitors feel extremely excited.

Sương mù bao phủ Hòn Bà quanh năm

Fog covers Hon Ba all year round (Photo collection)

Tourists in Nha Trang will especially love the atmosphere in Hon Ba, where 2/3 of the time of the year is rainy day. Therefore, the weather is always cool, the humidity is high, the plants grow extremely rich, that’s why Hon Ba is also like a Dalat in Nha Trang.

Tourists come to Nha Trang Hon Ba to feel a pristine nature, explore the primeval forest with the deep green forest. In the deep forest, there are shaggy old tree stumps that are always bustling with birds chirping and countless colorful forest petals.

Những vạt rừng già xanh thẳm

The deep, primitive green forest flats on Hon Ba (Photo collection)

Hon Ba is most beautiful in the early morning when the clouds descend low to cover the roads, treetops, grass bushes … yielding to the first rays of sunlight through each leaf. At this time, visitors will feel like you are lost in a dreamy fairyland.

Hon Ba is also very beautiful in the afternoon, when the sun gradually sets behind the top of the mountain, the remaining rays of sunlight are scattered on the grassy edges of the grass.

Whatever the time, Hon Ba also makes visitors love and feel this is a very interesting tourist destination in Nha Trang .

The site of the remains of Dr. Yersin

At the top of Hon Ba Island, visitors can also visit the wooden house relics of Dr. A. Yersin, who discovered the way to Hon Ba in the early 20th century.

On top of this Hon Ba, Dr. A. Yersin built a wooden house as a resting place, studied and cultivated medicinal plants and from there found a way to prepare malaria medicine from Ky Ninh.

Ngôi nhà gỗ của bác sĩ

The wooden house of Dr. A. Yersin was restored on the top of Hon Ba (Photo collection)

The small, lovely two-story wooden house that visitors see on Hon Ba has been restored in 2004, intact traces like ancient tea trees, stables … Visitors come here to learn about The history, life and achievements that doctors have devoted to Vietnamese medicine.

Schedule a trip to Hon Ba to feel the wild beauty of your trip to Nha Trang , watch the misty fog all year round and find peace in your soul.


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