Hon Ba Nha Trang – A Seriously Chill Check-In Spot That Captivates Travel Enthusiasts

July 15, 2020 6 mins to read

Hon Ba Nha Trang is a familiar and alluring destination for avid wanderers, trekkers, and lovers of off-the-beaten-path adventures. This place boasts a poetic and majestic beauty that captivates the soul, making it impossible to look away, even for a fleeting moment. Let’s delve into what makes Hon Ba Mountain so impressively unforgettable!

If you find yourself in Nha Trang and enjoy trekking and independent travel, you shouldn’t miss Hon Ba Nha Trang – the “Second Da Lat” with its mild climate and centuries-old pristine forests. Hon Ba has recently become an enticing destination for many adventure-seeking travelers.

Where is Hon Ba? Pinpointing the Coordinates of Hon Ba Nha Trang

Located approximately 60km southwest of Nha Trang city, the Hon Ba Nha Trang tourist area sits between the Khanh Phu commune (Khanh Vinh district) and Suoi Cat commune (Cam Lam district). While relatively new on the Nha Trang travel map, Hon Ba has successfully drawn many domestic and international tourists each year.

Upon arrival, visitors are greeted by the pristine and rarely-seen grandeur of Hon Ba, adorned with a diverse array of native plant life. This is also where the French physician and explorer Alexandre Yersin chose to live, research, and cultivate rare medicinal plants since 1915.

Con đường lên đỉnh Hòn Bà quanh co khúc khuỷu

The road to the top of Hon Ba winding bends (Photo collection)

The Ascent to Hon Ba

The journey to conquer the summit of Hon Ba can sometimes be more of a challenge that thrill-seekers want to experience rather than the mountain itself. With an elevation of nearly 1600 meters, the road from the base to the summit is steep, narrow, and winding, with numerous sharp bends that pose dangers. This is especially true during the rainy season, foggy weather, and when rain hampers visibility for drivers. Therefore, it is advisable for those with steady driving skills and experience in tackling mountainous roads to take the wheel.

Best Time to Explore Hon Ba

Hon Ba is beautiful throughout the year, with relatively cool and pleasant weather at any given time. However, Hon Ba experiences an average of 252 rainy days per year, so be prepared to face rain and wind during your trip. To be on the safer side, it’s recommended to avoid visiting during the rainy season. In Khanh Hoa, the rainy season typically occurs from October to November.

During the rainy season, the rocks become slippery, making the ascent to the summit even more challenging. If, unfortunately, you encounter this situation, “adventure enthusiasts” should consider not proceeding to the summit but instead stopping at the Suoi Nguon tourist area, approximately 19 km from Hon Ba. Wait to assess the weather conditions the next day for a more favorable exploration of the remaining part of Hon Ba.

Explore the Fascinating Hon Ba Nha Trang Tourist Area

Presently, the summit of Hon Ba Nha Trang is closed for tourism. However, visitors can freely explore places like Dr. Yersin’s house, Suoi Dau hydropower lake, pristine forests, and beautiful waterfalls.

Check-in at the Magical Suoi Nguon Tower

On the way to Hon Ba and about 19km from the mountain peak is the Suoi Nguon Tower, a favorite spot for many. A large waterfall with protruding rocks and clear, cool water awaits here. Pausing here, tourists can admire the panoramic view of the sky, mountains, and water, immerse themselves in pure water, set up a camp by the shore, or take stunning check-in photos.

Khung cảnh thiên nhiên xanh tươi của hồ Suối Dầu khi nhìn từ đỉnh Hòn Bà

The lush natural scenery of Suoi Dau Lake when viewed from the top of Hon Ba (Photo collection)

Visit Suoi Dau Lake

Suoi Dau Lake is located right at the foot of Hon Ba Mountain and is another unmissable destination in exploring this tourist complex. Suoi Dau Lake is an artificial reservoir built to support irrigation for the surrounding residents, also known as the Suoi Dau industrial zone.

The 37km road from Suoi Dau to the summit of Hon Ba features winding bends, satisfying the adventurous spirit of thrill-seeking drivers. At each temporary stop, tourists can freely gaze into the distance and admire the majestic natural panorama of the Dien Khanh and Cam Lam regions.

Sương mù bao phủ Hòn Bà quanh năm

Fog covers Hon Ba all year round (Photo collection)

Explore the Rich Flora and Fauna System

In addition to the memories associated with Dr. Yersin, Hon Ba Mountain captivates visitors with its pristine and majestic natural beauty. According to scientific surveys, the Hon Ba Nature Reserve is home to about 592 high-level plant species (bamboo, track day, redwood, mun, etc.) and 255 animal species, including 59 rare species listed in the red book, such as black-shanked douc and silvered langur.

Therefore, tourists coming to Hon Ba are often nature lovers, adventurers, and photography enthusiasts who contribute to creating a magnificent natural symphony amidst the vast forests, rustling winds, and bird songs.

Some even stay overnight to fully experience the untouched and mysterious beauty of the mountain forest, enjoying the chilly mountain dew as night falls.

Những vạt rừng già xanh thẳm

The deep, primitive green forest flats on Hon Ba (Photo collection)

Visit Dr. Alexandre Yersin’s Residence

When talking about Hon Ba Nha Trang, Dr. Alexandre Yersin’s house is an essential mention. The house was initially constructed in 1863 for researching and cultivating Cinchona trees to treat malaria. Later, it was restored as a conservation site to commemorate Dr. Yersin’s contributions.

Today, visitors to Hon Ba Nha Trang can still see Dr. Yersin’s two-story wooden house with an 11.4m x 8.7m, along with features such as ancient tea trees and horse stables. These are part of the “Hon Ba Nha Trang Tourist Area.”

Ngôi nhà gỗ của bác sĩ

The wooden house of Dr. A. Yersin was restored on the top of Hon Ba (Photo collection)

The small, lovely two-story wooden house visitors see on Hon Ba was restored in 2004, with intact traces like ancient tea trees and stables … Visitors come here to learn about The history, life, and achievements doctors have devoted to Vietnamese medicine.

Indulge in Rich Mountain Cuisine

Staying overnight here primarily involves camping independently or renting homestays. If you are physically fit and can endure the cold, you can try camping overnight to fully appreciate the beauty of Hon Ba throughout the day. In the morning, when the clouds cover the area, and in the evening, as the sun gently sets, the scenery becomes uniquely beautiful, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

In addition, unlike the seafood-centric specialties of Nha Trang, which mainly consist of fresh seafood (lobster, crab, shrimp, fish, etc.), Hon Ba offers visitors mostly mountain specialties such as pork, chicken, and stream fish. These mountainous dishes can be savored at local homestays around the Hon Ba Peak.

With its mystical charm and breathtaking landscapes, Hon Ba awaits daring adventurers and nature enthusiasts. The winding ascent, challenging yet rewarding, leads to a sanctuary where the legacy of Dr. Yersin and the untouched beauty of the ancient forest converge. Whether captivated by Dr. Yersin’s historic abode or entranced by the diverse flora and fauna, Hon Ba promises an unforgettable escape. So, gear up for an expedition where every twist and turn narrates a tale of exploration, resilience, and the enchanting allure of Hon Ba’s untamed wilderness.

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