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July 15, 2020 6 mins to read

Khu du lịch tàu ngầm Nha Trang là điểm đến mới hứa hẹn sẽ thu hút rất đông khách du lịch trong thời gian tới. Ảnh ST

Nha Trang submarine tourist site is a new destination that promises to attract many tourists shortly. Photo ST

The Nha Trang Submarine Tourist Area is designed to replicate various coastal landmarks and local attractions. This project is also known as the “Nha Trang Mud Tunnel.”

Nha Trang tourism is often associated with picturesque coastal areas. However, by visiting the Nha Trang Submarine Tourist Area, you will have the opportunity to witness firsthand many wartime symbols with cultural and historical significance. This tourist area promises to offer unforgettable experiences for both domestic and international visitors.

Learn About the Nha Trang Submarine Tourist Area’s Location

The Nha Trang Submarine Tourist Area covers a total area of 15 hectares. It stands out with distinctive designs representing the coastal city, such as submarines, mountain churches, and sea vessels. Here are the specific details about the Nha Trang tourism location:

– Location: Suoi Lung area, Phuoc Son hamlet, Phuoc Dong commune, Cam Lam district, Khanh Hoa province
– Opening hours: 7:30 am – 8:00 pm
– Ticket prices: Adults 100,000 VND/turn, children 50,000 VND/turn

Đường đi đến khu du lịch tàu ngầm Nha Trang. 

The way to the Nha Trang submarine tourist area.

How to Get to Nha Trang Submarine Tourist Area

The Nha Trang Submarine Phuoc Dong is conveniently located approximately 12km from the city center, making transportation quite accessible. You can follow the route from Tran Phu – Hoang Dieu – Nguyen Duc Canh – Nguyen Tat Thanh Avenue – Binh Tan Bridge – Phuoc Dong Street. From there, you can inquire with locals about the Nha Trang Submarine Tourist Area for directions, and the travel time usually takes about 30 minutes.

Ticket price for Nha Trang submarine resort

The entrance fee of the resort is also quite reasonable: 100,000 VND / ticket / one adult and 50,000 VND / ticket / one child for children from 1.1m – 1.3m, for children from 1.1m or less will be free. The operating hours of this place are pretty unique, opening at 2 pm and closing at 10 pm, so you should pay attention to the time to take the initiative to be the most comfortable playing.

Review of Nha Trang Submarine Tourist Area

If you’re wondering what to do in Nha Trang, head to the Nha Trang Submarine Tourist Area in Phuoc Dong. Your experiences here are sure to be delightful:

Toàn cảnh khu du lịch nhìn từ trên cao. Ảanh: Zingvn

Panoramic view of the resort from above. Photo: Zingvn

Perfect Combination of Ecotourism and Cultural History

At this tourist area, you’ll explore numerous models uniquely combining ecotourism and cultural history, such as:

– Imagery of rice plants, bamboo shores, drum sets, zithers, or traditional cakes like banh chung and banh giay, all intertwined with Vietnamese folk tales and childhood memories.
– Portrayals of Truong Son soldiers through jungle hammocks, conical hats, and artworks depicting Ho Chi Minh’s marches.
– A map of Vietnam, including the Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelagos, uniquely designed on the rooftop. It showcases the pride of Vietnam’s unity and the rich cultural heritage preserved throughout the ages.

Hình 3D khắc hoạ lại hình ảnh của ga Nha Trang. Ảnh ST

3D image depicting the image of Nha Trang station. Photo ST

Historical Architectural Structures of Khanh Hoa Vividly Illustrated on the Rock Walls

Visitors to this location can also explore the “Nha Trang Then and Now” space. Here, the 50-year transformation of Khanh Hoa is vividly depicted, along with historical relics through 3D paintings of landmarks like the Dien Khanh Gate, Mountain Church, Long Son Pagoda, Ponagar Tower, and Nha Trang Station.

Con gà - con giáp thứ 10 trong 12 con giáp theo truyền thống người Việt. Ảnh ST

Chickens are the 10th of the 12 animals according to Vietnamese tradition. Photo ST

In addition to this area, there’s a garden featuring wax statues of the 12 zodiac animals, recreated in a lively manner. Visitors can relive childhood stories and legends, such as the tale of Mai An Tiem and the Hundred-Egg Area.

Hình ảnh những anh bộ đội cụ Hồ trên đường hành quân cứu nước. Ảnh Nha Trang Today

Photos of Uncle Ho’s soldiers on the way to save the country. Photo Nha Trang Today

Hình ảnh đất nước thu nhỏ với đầy đủ hai quần đảo được tái hiện trên mái nhà như một lời khẳng định tuyệt đối về chủ quyền Việt Nam. Ảnh: Nha Trang today

The image of a miniature country entire of two archipelagos is reproduced on the roof as an absolute affirmation of Vietnam’s sovereignty. Photo: Nha Trang today

After walking around, it’s pretty tiring to go, definitely going to a mud bath. Natural mud is a perfect way to relax; you can beautify the skin, which suits the body’s circulatory system. Just soak in the water, and suck in the fresh, natural air all your stress fatigue will suddenly vanish only. This is also an area that attracts quite a lot of tourists to relax, but you should also be quite crowded!

Tắm bùn là liệu pháp trị liệu tự nhiên rất tốt cho cơ thể đấy nhé. Ảnh St

Mud bathing is an excellent natural therapy for the body. Photo St

Submarine – A Highlight of the Nha Trang Submarine Tourist Area

The central area of this project features a model submarine, aircraft, and warship, replicated based on the Kilo-class submarine at Cam Ranh naval base. The 70m-long, 10m-wide concrete submarine is intricately decorated, creating the illusion of a real submarine.

Tàu ngầm được mô phỏng lại hoàn hảo đến mức khó tin. Ảnh St

The submarine is perfectly simulated. Photo St

The ship’s poly silica interior allows guests to dine, drink, and rest comfortably. The furnishings are delicate and unique, giving you the impression of being submerged in the depths of the sea. The interior also features a display space showcasing famous wines, the most notable being the brandy wine – a representative drink of Vietnam.

Nội thất bên trong tàu được bài trí độc đáo và tinh xảo. Ảnh St

The interior of the ship is nicely and exquisitely decorated. Photo St

Mô hình xe chở tên lửa cực ấn tượng tại khu du lịch. Ảnh ST

Model cars carrying missiles are awe-inspiring at the resort. Photo ST

The resort covers an area of up to 15 hectares, meaning it may take you an entire day to explore its entirety. However, there are plenty of rest stops along the way, so you don’t have to worry about getting tired. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to bring snacks and drinks to energize you and ensure an enjoyable time.

Some notes that you can refer to when visiting the Nha Trang submarine tourist area

  • The resort does not allow outside food or beverages on the property. However, you can always head to the on-site restaurant to grab some snacks or bottled water to refresh you during your visit. Please remember to dispose of your garbage only in the designated areas and not along the way. He designated the area and avoided littering along the way.
  • The tour starts at 2 pm and ends at 10 pm. If you plan to visit all day, bring a hat, sunscreen, and a jacket for warmth at night.
  • The road to the resort can be pretty challenging, with rocky terrain, waterfalls, and small bridges. Therefore, if you plan to travel on a motorbike with a small group of people and without the company of any locals, it is advisable to leave early to ensure your safety.
  • Some interesting places to explore around the tourist area include Lung Streams and Sin Mountain. To access these places conveniently, you can search for hotels around the area and ask the locals for the safest and easiest way to get there.

The coastal city of Nha Trang is the sea and many other attractive attractions. Do not forget to immediately follow Vietnampeace to pocket Vietnam’s most impressive tourist destinations.

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