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Discover the tourist submarine Nha Trang

Nha Trang is easy to come by, because there are countless beautiful scenes waiting for visitors to explore. If you have enjoyed swimming on the beautiful beaches in Nha Trang, exploring every corner of the amazing Vinpearl Land paradise or visiting all the magical islands here, why not try changing the wind in the area Submarine tourism Nha Trang .

Khu du lịch tàu ngầm Nha Trang là điểm đến mới hứa hẹn sẽ thu hút rất đông khách du lịch trong thời gian tới. Ảnh ST

Nha Trang submarine tourist site is a new destination that promises to attract a lot of tourists in the near future. Photo ST

Where is Nha Trang submarine resort

Although it has only been opened for a long time, this place has been evaluated as one of the hottest destinations in 2020. Visitors can visit the Nha Trang submarine resort, provincial address 3, right at the intersection of Phuoc Dong cemetery and intersection with National Highway 1A. Although not far from the downtown area, but this place does not have an exact address, but it is quite easy to find and you just need to say the name of this resort to the driver if taking a taxi in Nha Trang city, they will transported to the destination pretty quickly.

Đường đi đến khu du lịch tàu ngầm Nha Trang. 

The way to Nha Trang submarine tourist area.

For those who want to explore Nha Trang by motorbike, just follow Tran Phu Street towards Vinpearl Cable Car, meet the junction to Hoang Dieu Street and continue on Nguyen Duc Canh Street. Continue straight towards Nguyen Tat Thanh Boulevard, then go straight through Binh Tan Bridge and turn right onto Phuoc Dong Street. Here you can ask for directions to the area of Suoi Lung, Cu Hin Mountain in Phuoc Son Village, Phuoc Dong Commune, Cam Lam District will be easier for people. The road to Nha Trang submarine resort sounds difficult, but the road is quite simple, only 12km from the center of Nha Trang city, so it only takes you more than half an hour to get here. You can also search the resort name on google map application to get directions the shortest way. A little note that if you ride a motorbike you may have to go through Phuoc Thuong Bridge a bit dusty so be careful.

Ticket price for Nha Trang submarine resort

Entrance fee of the resort is also quite reasonable, 100,000 VND / ticket / 1 adult and 50,000 VND / ticket / 1 child for children from 1.1m – 1.3m, for children from 1.1m or less will be free. The operating hours of this place are quite special, opening at 14pm and closing at 22pm so you should pay attention to the time to take the initiative to have the most comfortable playing.

What to play in Nha Trang submarine resort

The resort is divided into many separate areas including restaurant bars, walking streets, ancient and modern Nha Trang structures, spiritual areas, calligraphy, stone parks … If you plan to go out all day at Here you can slowly explore each area then round to the restaurant to rest, eat, chill a bit at the bar and leave is the most reasonable.

Toàn cảnh khu du lịch nhìn từ trên cao. Ảanh: Zingvn

Panoramic view of the resort from above. Photo: Zingvn

If you are a fan of Vietnamese traditional and historical beauty, the “Nha Trang old and present” area is the destination for you. At the hands of skillful sculptors, lifeless cliffs are blown into a new breeze to recreate Nha Trang’s 50-year historical journey. The most unique images in this area are 3D images depicting outstanding historical monuments of Nha Trang such as Dien Khanh Gate, Nha Trang Stone Church, Long Son Buddhist Temple or Ponagar Tower – people mother of the land.

Hình 3D khắc hoạ lại hình ảnh của ga Nha Trang. Ảnh ST

3D image depicting the image of Nha Trang station. Photo ST

The garden of the 12 animal statues is also a unique point that shows the talents of artisans. Each animal here is considered to symbolize an independent individual who have strengths and weaknesses unlike anyone but deserve happiness, peace and luck.

Con gà - con giáp thứ 10 trong 12 con giáp theo truyền thống người Việt. Ảnh ST

The chicken – the 10th animal of the 12 animal according to Vietnamese tradition. Photo ST

You can return to the ancient space of Vietnamese countryside with images of buffaloes, stubble, traditional thatched roofs that day. This place is like a childhood garden full of memories through images of children sitting on buffalo playing flutes, Tet cakes are very clearly depicted. The statues replicating the old Ho army soldiers wearing ragged hats and guns holding the guns on their way to regain independence for the country have reiterated the heroic historical communication of our nation.

Hình ảnh những anh bộ đội cụ Hồ trên đường hành quân cứu nước. Ảnh Nha Trang Today

Photos of Uncle Ho’s soldiers on the way to save the country. Photo Nha Trang Today

The most special is probably the image of Vietnam S-shaped strip designed on the roof with two archipelagoes of Hoang Sa and Truong Sa islands as a strong affirmation of national sovereignty. On the doorstep, there is a poem written with the heroic national poem “Nam Quoc Son Ha” of “Ly Thuong Kiet”: “Having a beautiful and unified country with rich cultural identity as today is thanks to our fathers.” hard work to nurture, preserve for all our lives, we must always remember that … ”. Love for the country, the pride of the nation is found on every piece of land, every human being built and designed this resort, and at the same time inspires to inspire every visitor that must not be forgotten. glorious national history filled with hardships that day.

Hình ảnh đất nước thu nhỏ với đầy đủ hai quần đảo được tái hiện trên mái nhà như một lời khẳng định tuyệt đối về chủ quyền Việt Nam. Ảnh: Nha Trang today

The image of a miniature country with full of two archipelagos is reproduced on the roof as an absolute affirmation of Vietnam’s sovereignty. Photo: Nha Trang today

After walking around, it’s quite tiring to go, definitely going to mud bath, isn’t it. Natural mud is considered a very good way to relax, you can relax, beautify the skin, very good for the circulatory system of the body. Just soak in the water just suck the fresh natural air all your stress fatigue will suddenly vanish only. This is also an area that attracts quite a lot of tourists to relax but you should also be quite crowded!

Tắm bùn là liệu pháp trị liệu tự nhiên rất tốt cho cơ thể đấy nhé. Ảnh St

Mud bathing is a very good natural therapy for the body. Photo St

One of the main focal points of this tourist area is the restaurant area built and designed in the shape of submarines, warships and aircraft in the mountains. The model is simulated almost completely like the 636-kilometer military port submarine kilo 636 Cam Ranh. The vessel is made entirely of concrete, with a length of 70 m and a width of more than 10 m. The details from the color, length, equipment are made in the most sophisticated and meticulous way, making many people mistakenly believe that this is a real ship.

Tàu ngầm được mô phỏng lại hoàn hảo đến mức khó tin. Ảnh St

The submarine is perfectly simulated. Photo St

The interior of the ship is made of poly silica designed to allow guests to eat, drink and rest inside. The furnishings are also extremely delicate and unique, making you feel like you are watching the scenery under the real sea. In particular, the inside also has a display space of a wine model with famous wines, but the most outstanding is still the brandy wine – a representative representative of Vietnam.

Nội thất bên trong tàu được bài trí độc đáo và tinh xảo. Ảnh St

The interior of the ship is nicely and exquisitely decorated. Photo St

You can dine both inside and outside the train. Sitting outside, you will have a chance to admire the mountains, feel the cool natural atmosphere and the unique reconstructed landscapes. The dishes here are mostly dishes with bold familiar homeland flavors but beautifully decorated and very delicious. Enjoy the melodious melodious music, watching the delicate decoration in every detail of the cabin will also be interesting experiences.

In addition to the submarine, the bar restaurant area is designed in the shape of a very impressive and monumental warship across the mountain. Around the submarine are images of cars carrying rockets, tanks and weapons during the epic battle of the nation. Surely you will have extremely unique virtual life pictures that make your team admire.

Mô hình xe chở tên lửa cực ấn tượng tại khu du lịch. Ảnh ST

Model car carrying missiles extremely impressive at the resort. Photo ST

The resort has an area of up to 15ha, so it takes you all day to explore, but do not worry because there are many resting places along the way so you will not be tired. However, you should still prepare a few snacks, drinks to avoid tiredness, making the fun not perfect.

Some notes that you can refer to when visiting the Nha Trang submarine tourist area

  • The resort does not allow food and water to drink, so you can visit the culinary restaurant at the first stage to buy along spring water, snacks to ease along the way not too exhausting offline. Remember to dispose of garbage at the prescribed place and do not discharge along the way.
  • The tour starts at 2pm and ends at 10pm, so if you’re planning to visit all day long, you should prepare a hat, sunscreen and a jacket to avoid the sun in the afternoon and keep warm at night.
  • The road to the resort is quite difficult to travel on some rocky roads, through some waterfalls and small bridges so if you go with a small group of people by motorbike and there are no indigenous people, you should arrange to leave early to make sure security
  • Around the tourist area, there are Lung streams and Sin mountain very interesting that you can explore. For more convenient access here, you can search for hotels around this area to be guided by people on the simplest and safest way. Some suggested hotels that are suitable for you such as Banyan Villa Nha Trang, Diamond Bay Condotel – Resort Nha Trang, etc. See more at Vntrip to get more suitable suggestions.

The coastal city of Nha Trang is not only the sea but also many other attractive attractions. Do not forget to follow Vntrip to pocket right away the most impressive tourist destinations of Vietnam.


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