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Discover the unique beauty of Quan Ba Ha Giang sky gate, a fairy-tale place

Ha Giang is the land where there are majestic stone plateaus in the mist every morning. For those who have gone to Ha Giang and can not ignore the location of Quan Ba heaven gate. The place is considered Da Lat in the north. Wander in the loss range is the natural feng shui here.

Discover the beauty of Quan Ba Ha Giang sky gate

Road to heaven gate

The sky gate with the name seems to be taking visitors a step up the clouds to reach the sky that many people want to conquer. Usually a very far and high place where the sky and the land meet. In addition, it is a place where convergence of good vitality and reception converge.

This is a famous landmark of Ha Giang with an altitude of more than 1500m from Ha Giang city about 43 km. The sky gate is located between the two peaks and low enough for a road to run through and is also the beginning of the road of happiness, the first gateway of Ha Giang. Standing on the mountain, you can enjoy the panorama of Northwestern mountains.

Quan Ba heaven gate has a majestic natural beauty

The sky gate has an extremely favorable position far and far in front of you, the image of Co Tien mountain range dimly in the fog and the rays of the sun to welcome the new day. Standing at the top, the misty mountain clouds swirled together to create a scene like a fairy-tale place. It can be said that this is a great place for you to admire the whole majestic picture of nature. You can choose the hotels in Quan Ba district to facilitate your visit!

cổng trời quản bạ

The view of Northwestern view from the sky gate (Photo Collection)

Ha Giang is famous for its specialty roads. So you have to go through a crooked, winding, twisted, winding road halfway through the sky to be able to get the Heaven Gate. On one side of the road are rocky mountains in the middle of the sky, on one side is an abyss.

Hình ảnh núi đôi trong sương mù (ảnh Collection)

Images of twin mountains in the fog (Photo Collection)

The higher the path, the higher the foggy gate will be. You also have to overcome narrow bends, new steep hills to the top. To explore the beauty of the heavens, you must climb up the stone steps.

Đường lên cổng trời Quản Bạ khúc khuỷu (ảnh Collection)

The road to the sky of Quan Ba bend (photo Collection)

Due to the road, Ha Giang’s sky gate is very difficult to go, so you need to choose the days with nice weather without rain or fog because the road is very slippery at this time. You should go on sunny days because then the fog clears and moves very easily and more safely.

Những bậc thang cuối cùng dẫn lên cổng trời Quản Bạ hà Giang (Ảnh Collection)

The final stairs lead to the sky gate of Quan Ba Ha Giang (Photo Collection)

Quan Ba Ha Giang Heavenly Gate is associated with spiritual history and culture

Quan Ba Heaven Gate is not only a beautiful place to check in but also a place associated with historical sites, stories, historical landmarks. Over many years, this place still exists with time, still attracting a large number of tourists to visit.

Cổng trời như một chứng tích lịch sử (Ảnh Collection)

Heaven Gate as a historical vestige (Photo Collection)

Quan Ba sky gate is associated with the beauty of the people living here

Images of the sky gate are also associated with the lives of ethnic minorities here. Through the sky gate, you can visit and experience to discover the typical characteristics of daily life of ethnic minorities.

Nơi ghi dấu bước chân và văn hóa dân tộc nơi đây (ảnh Collection)

Place footprints and ethnic culture here (Photo Collection)

You will realize that it is a peaceful and simple life in the middle of a natural forest without noise and bustle of the city.

If you want to fully enjoy the natural beauty of this Northwestern mountains, do not forget to visit Quan Ba Ha Giang sky! Hopefully, the article shared above will help you with the experience of experience in Ha Giang.


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